Blue Bloods Review: "My Funny Valentine"

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This week’s Blue Bloods didn’t give me a lot of confidence in Danny and Jackie’s ability to handle a kidnapping. 

On "My Funny Valentine," the kidnappers specifically said if they saw any police they would kill Chloe. Having what appeared to be half the police force in their living room seemed like it would cause a lot of attention. If anyone had been watching their home, it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t have noticed.

A Reagan Dinner

Even worse? When Danny and Jackie followed the guy who just picked up the diamonds at the ransom drop. 

Danny’s gold shield was clearly visible on his belt as he ran. If the guy turned around, he would have caught the sun gleaming off of it. Not the stealthiest operation. Then, they tackled the man because he was going to open the thermos. So what? Why would everything fall apart if he opened it?

Of course, this guy was just some junkie who was paid $100 to pick up the ransom. The kidnappers didn’t want to risk getting caught themselves  Good call. It’s scary to think that a couple of teenagers who spent the weekend watching movies could get away with as much as they did.

But “My Funny Valentine” wasn’t all about this plot. Erin and Rosselini had some nice banter, which Erin’s daughter noticed. Then, Nicky made a questionable call: she invited Rosselini to their Valentine’s day dinner. I really liked that Nicky went to Frank when she started to second guess her decision and I love how Frank handled it. 

He admitted he didn’t like the guy, but that his feelings weren’t the point of this conversation. I was thankful that Nicky told Erin about the plan. I like Rosselini and Erin together, but if he had shown up unexpectedly at Valentine’s dinner, it could have been extremely awkward.

At the Reagan Sunday meal, Jamie pointed out that holidays such as Valentine’s Day just make lonely people feel lonelier.  Sad but true. Yet in classic Reagan fashion, they all leaned on one another.  It was heartwarming to see all of the unattached Reagans having Peking Duck and toasting to “better luck next year.” 

With a family that pulls together like this, I’d say they’re already fairly lucky.


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Once again Virg is a moron.


How did My Funny Valentine end. Recorder omitted last half hour. Do not care for Rosselini and Erin together.


I thought I was the only one who would have noticed his badge. So much for undercover. Danny and Jackie usually do better than that.


Love this show and the Sunday dinners.


I kept hoping this show would change and be more than a waste of great acting talent (Selleck). Doesn't look like it is going to does it.


Hard to believe you missed what I thought was the highlight of the episode, Frank "not getting" involved with the investigation into the arrest of his cleaner's son. The surreptious nature of his visit with the detective and his explanation as to why. I also thought it was great when he ordered his detail to go and get a cup of coffee only to have them standing at the door of the pastry shop when he exited. Tom Selleck delivered his line so wonderfully dead-pan, "What a surprise." Abigail Hawk does an excellent job as Baker and delivers her lines well. I really thought this "c" storyline made the show.

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Renzulli: But Valentine's Day. That's when I go all out, Kid.
Jamie: What's all out for you Sarge? Two for one Mondays at The Pig & Whistle?

Valentine's Day. Ugh.