Bones Review: "The Daredevil in the Mold"

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It was the episode B-squared 'Shippers have been waiting for - but that may have been the only good thing to come out of "The Daredevil in the Mold," as Bones rolled out a mediocre installment.

From the clips released this week, I expected more emphasis on what the show opened with: Booth and Sweets discussing the prospect of getting married. Instead, we got Fisher the intern coping with his uninhibited bouts of depression, and the bizarre internal decapitation of a BMX biker. While I suppose the latter added a new manner of death to the Bones repertoire, the murder investigation itself was particularly lackluster.

Though, I have to say, the shout-out to GW engineers was pretty nice.

Hodgins and Brennan

I was pleased that we finally got back to the proposal storyline, even though it only dominated the final 20 minutes. Shell-shocked by the price of an engagement ring, Sweets bowed out, deciding he’s not ready, and leaving Booth to pick the largest ring he could find to propose to Hannah.

It seemed kind of random and lacking substance that Sweets, perhaps the most reflective person of the group, would immediately cop out over the price of the ring. It was certainly unexpected, and the whole thing simply didn’t feel true to his character.

On another note, while I have accepted that Hannah would be semi-permanent addition to the cast, I long ago became tired with where the relationship between her and Booth had been going. The fact that Booth proposed to her was surprising, though I think it was mostly a reaction to Sweets' confession.

I think part of Booth was truly committed to the idea of proposing to Hannah, however. I was only disappointed in Hannah in that moment of rejection when she suggested they start over. Apparently Booth was, too, which is why she promptly suggested that she move her stuff out.

Their break-up was a welcome development, even if I liked Hannah as a person and wished it hadn’t ended quite like this. Kathryn Winnick played the moment well; reluctant enough with the prospect of them breaking up, but keeping the slightest hope that maybe it wasn’t completely over. You almost felt sorry for her character, didn't you?

I also appreciated that Booth professed his anger to Brennan in a rambling mess that revealed the depth of his vulnerability. I think they both have had moments where they just needed the other to listen (see Brennan, in "The Doctor in the Photo") and now this moment for Booth. Props to David Boreanaz for executing Booth’s breakdown in a graceful, yet powerful, way.

I have to say, I was a little sad he threw that rather nice engagement ring into the water. I kept thinking: Why didn’t he just keep it for Brennan? Then again, who would want proposed to with a recycled ring, whether they knew it was recycled or not? Plus, there would be emotional ties to it that Booth didn’t need reminded of on that day down the road - fingers crossed!!! - that he proposes to Brennan.

Unfortunately, the strong emotional subplot was the only thing that saved this episode from becoming a complete wash, and me from completely losing my interest in the rest of the hours. Where is the sniper at? When is he coming back?

What did you think of Booth’s proposal? Has Hannah departed for good? Has her departure cleared the way for Booth and Brennan to get together? Do you want them to?


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an like that. Well, as far as relationships are concerned, anyway.
I will just conclude by saying that the show has been a disappointment to me in the sixth season so far, and after I saw this episode last night, it finally hit me why: I used to laugh out loud watching it before, and so far season six has not even made me smile.


I will follow on Samantha's lead and post even though the topic is old - but I'm only watching the show now, and need to vent my opinions. :-)
So, I must say that my opinion of Booth really went down the drain after this episode. His behavior was a huge disappointment. Of course nobody expected his relationship with Hannah to last, but the way he just went from supposedly being madly in love to completely snubbing her when she didn't behave the way he wanted - that was just awful. And then he practically kicked her out of his apartment in the middle of the night. What a bully indeed. And even though I cannot say that I get what she meant by "I'm not the marrying kind", the fact that she pointed it out to him multiple times and he still went ahead and proposed... What did he expect, that she would do a 180 just because he popped the question? Shows great stubborness and immaturity of character. If I were Brennan (or any other woman, for that matter), I'd run as fast as I could from a man like that. Well, as far as relationships are concerned, anyway.
I will just conclude by saying that the show has been a disappointment to me in the sixth season so far, and after I saw this episode last night, it finally hit me why: I used to laugh out loud watching it before, and so far season six has not even made me smile.


an FBI agent. LOL oops I dozed off for a sec and submitted my comment before I finished my sentence. See below for beginning of statement and srry for bumpin this old thread.


I know this is a really old forum to post in but I just watched the episode and I agree with Elena- I totally thought Booth would give the ring to Sweets to propose to Daisy with. It severely irritated me that he threw it into the water there. Just bc he can't return it doesn't mean he should trash it. Even if he didn't give it to Sweets, there are plenty of people who are madly in love but can't afford a nice ring, or even a ring at all! Booth could have given it to someone like that, or sold it for like... really cheap to someone who needed it. LOL moot point I guess cuz it's an old episode plus they prob wouldn't have bothered to show all that on the show they really just didn't have to show him chuckin that ring like that. It was overly dramatic and completely unrealistic considering the salary of


Sorry but that proposal sealed the deal for me.Booth proposing to Hannah knowing how Brennan felt about him and him being so devastated over Hannah's rejection show clearly that Brennan means nothing to him anymore.Brennan deserves better and I didn't want them together after that.Brennan shouldn't be the rebound girl.I hope they will allow her to move on with someone else and not accept to be Booth rebound girl.But given what happened at the end of the seaosn,they ruined everything


I cant help but feel like it should have been Booth who leaves Hannah. The way that the writers did the break-up it now seems like when he does end up with Bones she will be second best. He choose Hannah over her in "The doctor in the photo" and I think it would have been more meaningful to have him realize that is a mistake and choose Bones when it comes down to it but instead he cant have the woman he really wants (Hannah) so he gets Bones. Should have been done differently I think. Though David rocked the hell outta that last scene.


I agree with a lot of other viewers. Either get Booth and Bones
together or end the show. This story line is getting old. I
think putting them together would improve the show and give it
another dimension along with looking at nasty bodies every week.


I must say that I am relieved that this whole Hannah - Booth farce is finished. I distinctly disliked feeling as if I were being manipulated by the writers into grudgingly "liking" the character of Hannah. I mean, up until this episode she was so (impossibly, unrealistically) perfect that you would have to be incredibly inflexible / hooked on the BB relationship not to allow that Hannah (or at least the idea of Hannah) is cool. But anyone who cares about the relationship portion of the show (which comprises about half of the show, even when the cases are "cool") couldn't have really been rooting for Hannah and Booth to be in it for the long haul. I mean, it would be impossible for Booth and Brennan to have their zing-y chemistry while Booth was married to Miss "Saving the world, Sponsored by Maybelline" without the show getting into some really seedy out - of - character turf. Hence, my frustration at the writers for manipulating us in such a drawn out manner, and with such a one-sided (and therefore mostly boring) character whom we had almost no choice but to "like". I found Hannah's refusal almost as annoying as Booth's character did, but for a different reason. I know the writers had to find a way to make her refuse him. The way she did it was actually pretty cold if you think about it: I know she "warned" him that she didn't want to marry, but who moves in with some one / repeatedly proclaims their love/ acts protective over their boyfriend /makes a point of bonding with the kid... without the intention of staying together long term? The coldest part about it was the way she spoke of their parting as if she was planning all along to make a swift exit at the least opportune time. She said something along the lines of "I thought we had more time before we got to this" - "this" meaning a proposal, which would imply that Hannah's potentially strung other guys along until they've proposed before. That strikes me as pretty cold and calculating. Of course, this could all be a grand allusion to how little Booth really knew Hannah. All of which brings me to my disappointment with Hannah's refusal: we see the first glimmer of something interesting about this "perfect" character in her... departure scene. All of this time invested in this character, and it turns out that the most interesting facets of her personality (i.e., the parts which aren't predictably perfect) are revealed just as she skedaddles. I hope that the writers to bring her back and dig into this aspect of her personality a bit so that her character (who we were pretty much forced to concentrate on for some time) won't have turned out to simply have been the literary equivalent of a multi-episode BB speed bump. Bones generally does such good work with character development, and I would hope that the writers wouldn't waste such an inordinate amount of time on a prop character. Sidebar: I have read numerous comments implying that Bones has lost her head for love, and that she has allowed herself to become a doormat since Hannah has come on the scene. In my opinion, while Hannah was around she was behaving in the only way that was acceptable - and the only way that would not preclude her from having a relationship of any kind with Booth. In this, her actions and reasoning were impeccable insofar that they allowed her to effectively achieve her goal of having a relationship with Booth. Forcing Booth into making a choice (an ultimatum which Bones would likely have lost) would have played against Bone's character: her choice would not have been motivated by a rational plan to most effectively achieve her goals, but emotions - and petty ones too, like jealousy and revenge. In my opinion, the course of action she took, while perhaps a bit upsetting to watch at times, fits into her character (given her character's recent realizations about love) more adequately than any other course of action.


I think it was just heartbreaking to see Booth so devastated. Although I was determined to dislike Hannah from the start she was such a nice and lovely person that I really became attached to her and so did Brennan which was both weird and sweet. Of course we wanted her gone, but to have it end in such a bad way was just sad for both of them.
But I think that though Booth loved Hannah he felt a little bit more for Brennan and was more confused than he let show when she told him about her feeling. Why else would he propose to Hannah when he knew that she would never accept? Obviously she had pointed out that she wasn't the marrying kind of woman.
He took a way to break up with her, that would make sure that she was to blame for it which is kind of cruel, even if he didn't knew his subconsious reasons...


I know I'm in the minority but I actually liked Hannah but I think Booth's proposal was a reaction to Sweets comments and a way to show Brennan that he doesn't need her. His heartbreak felt so real at the end. He's cared for three women and they've all turned him down. That's got to hurt.
Now if they don't get B and B together by the end of the season I can't imagine why anyone would continue to tune in. The cases have gotten repetitive and boring. A little romance might make things more interesting.

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