Bones Review: "The Daredevil in the Mold"

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It was the episode B-squared 'Shippers have been waiting for - but that may have been the only good thing to come out of "The Daredevil in the Mold," as Bones rolled out a mediocre installment.

From the clips released this week, I expected more emphasis on what the show opened with: Booth and Sweets discussing the prospect of getting married. Instead, we got Fisher the intern coping with his uninhibited bouts of depression, and the bizarre internal decapitation of a BMX biker. While I suppose the latter added a new manner of death to the Bones repertoire, the murder investigation itself was particularly lackluster.

Though, I have to say, the shout-out to GW engineers was pretty nice.

Hodgins and Brennan

I was pleased that we finally got back to the proposal storyline, even though it only dominated the final 20 minutes. Shell-shocked by the price of an engagement ring, Sweets bowed out, deciding he’s not ready, and leaving Booth to pick the largest ring he could find to propose to Hannah.

It seemed kind of random and lacking substance that Sweets, perhaps the most reflective person of the group, would immediately cop out over the price of the ring. It was certainly unexpected, and the whole thing simply didn’t feel true to his character.

On another note, while I have accepted that Hannah would be semi-permanent addition to the cast, I long ago became tired with where the relationship between her and Booth had been going. The fact that Booth proposed to her was surprising, though I think it was mostly a reaction to Sweets' confession.

I think part of Booth was truly committed to the idea of proposing to Hannah, however. I was only disappointed in Hannah in that moment of rejection when she suggested they start over. Apparently Booth was, too, which is why she promptly suggested that she move her stuff out.

Their break-up was a welcome development, even if I liked Hannah as a person and wished it hadn’t ended quite like this. Kathryn Winnick played the moment well; reluctant enough with the prospect of them breaking up, but keeping the slightest hope that maybe it wasn’t completely over. You almost felt sorry for her character, didn't you?

I also appreciated that Booth professed his anger to Brennan in a rambling mess that revealed the depth of his vulnerability. I think they both have had moments where they just needed the other to listen (see Brennan, in "The Doctor in the Photo") and now this moment for Booth. Props to David Boreanaz for executing Booth’s breakdown in a graceful, yet powerful, way.

I have to say, I was a little sad he threw that rather nice engagement ring into the water. I kept thinking: Why didn’t he just keep it for Brennan? Then again, who would want proposed to with a recycled ring, whether they knew it was recycled or not? Plus, there would be emotional ties to it that Booth didn’t need reminded of on that day down the road - fingers crossed!!! - that he proposes to Brennan.

Unfortunately, the strong emotional subplot was the only thing that saved this episode from becoming a complete wash, and me from completely losing my interest in the rest of the hours. Where is the sniper at? When is he coming back?

What did you think of Booth’s proposal? Has Hannah departed for good? Has her departure cleared the way for Booth and Brennan to get together? Do you want them to?


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Don't anyone underestimate how often "incredibly handsome, good men with...qualities that women jump at" are attracted to women who they can't have in the way that they'd like...and women's inability to take a good man seriously.
There's something about wanting what you can't have, for men and women alike.
This episode was engaging, but I found myself wondering if the cast was being rushed or what, since they didn't seem all that "into" it.


Thank Goodness Hannah is finally gone. I have disliked her character from the beginning. It did not help that her acting was rudimentary, at best. I really think adding a serious love triangle threw all of the fans off from what we REALLY want to see when we sit down to watch the episodes: a fascinating case and some really great chemistry.


Most of you are missing the beauty in last night's episode... and the show in general - it's realistic. The fact that the fire between Booth and Brennan flickers, dies, reignites, and repeats is not to dull the situation, but to make it feel real to us viewers!

Amy jackey

I had tears in my eyes at the end. I think on the vday one brennan is going to be dating someone.


Did anyone else think Booth was going to give Sweets the ring to propose to Daisy with???


I think the "Moonlighting" curse has set in for me. I don't know if it's the writing or what, but I'm not feeling the chemistry between Booth & Brennan. I kind of think the show missed its chance to get these characters together. Beginning of the end?


Last night’s episode of Bones was (like most of the episodes since the 100th episode) disappointing. The only good thing about the episode is Hannah is now gone. The case itself was only average and I was not impressed with the relationship aspect. David Boreanaz’s acting in this episode was good but I don’t think it was his best performance to date (as was stated on one of the sites). His emotional state at the end of the 100th episode was more evident and both Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz turned in their best work of the series during that episode. I found it anti-climatic and a bit stupid that it would be Hannah who would not want to marry Booth simply by saying she’s not the marrying kind. I felt that it should have been Booth who had an epiphany and decided that it was Brennan that he loved best and then he would dump Hannah. To have Booth not be the one in control of the situation diminishes his character. This is twice that he has listened to Sweets and his actions based on Sweets’ advice have been an emotional disaster. The writers are creating inconsistencies in the characterization of Booth in that sometimes Booth can really read people but when it comes to his own personal relationships he seems to be blind – (Hannah telling him she had told him several times she was not the marrying kind but he just wasn’t listening). Also, if Hannah was not a consolation prize and he truly loved her then why would he be giving Bones loving looks as he did at then end of the Sin in the Sisterhood and tell her that you may love many people in your life but you’ll always love one the best. When Brennan responds what if they got away and Booth tells her that they’re going nowhere to me would mean that the door is still very much open for Brennan and that he still loves her (perhaps more than he loves Hannah). So to have him buy an engagement ring for Hannah in the very next episode doesn’t make sense. It also doesn’t make sense that if Booth and Hannah are living together she would not want to marry him. Aside from being incredibly handsome Booth is a good man with a lot of qualities that most women would jump at. For the writers to have him be rejected by the three women he loves reduces Booth from strong and self-assured to an angry, bitter man. The producers and writers of Bones may think that playing up Booth’s dark side is the way to go to create interest and drama; however this fan thinks it might end up being another nail in the Bones coffin. I would not be surprised if the series was not renewed and this would be a shame because it could have been prevented if the producers and writers had not played devil’s advocate with Brennan/Booth chemistry.


The only really interesting episode this season has been the Bullet in the Brain. Does anyone else find themselves sitting through the other Seasons 6 episodes, waiting for the boring murder investigations to end, just so you can get to the "good" parts between B&B?? Is that what this show has become? I miss the old days when the murder investigations were creative, interesting, even funny. Now, they seem like trumped-up backdrops to the real drama of the show, the endless dragging out of the relationship between B&B. People worry that getting B&B together will kill the show. I respectfully disagree. It's this dragging-it-out that's killing it for me. I'm tired of waiting. I want to see them together. And not in a dream sequence, or some other creative illusion. I want to see them together, happy together, working together, and starting a family together. It can be done. Once they're together and all the fans are happy, we can get back to focusing on the crime drama aspect of the show, while we enjoy B&B in their life together. That's what I'd like to see. Last night's episode was just okay for me. The investigation part was, again, boring. The only reason I sat through it was to see if Booth would really propose to Hannah. I'm a bit disappointed that he did. I thought maybe, he would buy the ring, then realize the only reason he was thinking of proposing was because Sweets made him feel like a loser for not being married. Then he might recognize that his feelings for Hannah, while genuine, have never been as strong as they were for Brennan. Then he'd understand, he still loves Brennan. And therefore, Hannah must go. I was disappointed that he actually went through with the proposal, as if he's really gotten over Brennan and wants to marry someone else. Because I am one of those fans who, deep down, hopes he still loves Brennan (and that Hannah is really just a consolation prize after all). Now, we wait some more. I think Hannah's going to be around a little longer, in one or two more episodes, then gone for good. I wouldn't be surprised if she and Brennan have some meaningful conversations about Booth, that will open Brennan's eyes some more to her own feelings for Booth. To contrast her from Hannah. Hannah may not be the "marrying kind," but I think in the next few months Brennan will realize that she (Brennan) is, if it's with Booth. I think it'll take till the end of the season for Booth to move on from Hannah, and recognize that he's belonged with Brennan from the start. Hopefully they'll together in the season finale. Then we'll get to wait some more to see what their relationship looks like ... I don't enjoy all this waiting, but if the writers do it right, it'll be worth it in the end.


I didn't like the Hannah storyline from the beginning, but it was so obvious she was a good character -- even won Parker over. Of all the scenarios I envisioned to break them up, this was one that didn't occur to me. I also thought Booth shouldn't have thrown away the ring, but maybe he has one of those charge accounts that insures your purchases against loss... I don't think I would mind a recycled engagement ring, but then I received my ring 43 years ago. 8)


I thought that the episode was so-so, but we were all waiting for the end, weren't we? I'm so happy that Hannah is gone, but wish that it had gone another way - she should have refused based on the fact that she knew that B&B love each other, and he should see it too. Obviously she feels that way, as she sent Bones to him at the bar. And I think that the amount of hurt that we saw Booth in last night was not because of Hannah. Yeah, he may have fooled himself into thinking that she was THE ONE, but she was really just a rebound and he was out of character throughout his entire short relationship with her. Obviously neither of them listened to each other, and I have to admit, I was never a fan of Hannah's, but I got even more ticked off last night with her whole "I thought we'd have more time before this...". Who moves in with someone, says they love them, and doesn't see it going in a certain direction? But she's now gone and will not come back and Booth is finally angry and grieving for Bones rejecting him in episode 100. But Bones did the right thing - right then, she only had 2 options, leave or stay and be a friend. And she made the right choice. I don't think that Booth meant that as a permanent there are only 2 choices, I think that was what he needed from her that night. And from this, hopefully they can start their friendship again and let it finally grow into something more. I firmly believe that bringing them together in a romantic relationship would not ruin the show. I think that it would be so entertaining, and it doesn't do the show justice to compare it to Moonlighting and those other shows. This is a show about relationships, and that includes the staff of the Jeffersonian and how they all interact. Making B&B a couple could make for some very entertaining TV.

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