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Bones Spoilers: Booth and Brennan Teasers, Spinoff Details, Return of the Sniper & More!

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After the dramatic introduction of the sniper a few weeks ago, and an all-time episode last Thursday, where does Bones go from here as season six roars on?

EW has some details on this coming week's installment and beyond:

Be her Valentine: This Thursday, Booth and Brennan spend Valentine’s Day together. Neither has plans, or buys into the whole romantic nature of Valentine’s Day. They wind up somewhere you'd never expect as a result. Could it be here (see below)?

Bones and Booth Pic

The sniper returns. March 10 marks the second episode of Arnold Vosloo's guest arc. Booth is determined to go after him in this episode, but is "struggling with the demons that accompany being a sniper himself," executive producer Stephen Nathan says.

Booth internalizes the anguish and uncertainty of something he felt was noble.

The spinoff will begin filming next week, which Booth and Brennan traveling to Florida to meet “The Locator” (Geoff Stults) and his partner (Michael Clarke Duncan).

The pilot of sorts is scheduled to air April 21 as a regular episode of Bones.

May 5 marks an episode in which Brennan, who has never cared much for motive, has to examine a live person to find out why they killed someone else. Really.

"It’s an episode unlike any we’ve done before. Most of the analysis and the forensic anthropology is on a live person. They don’t cut her up though,” says Nathan.

“As cool as that might look for visual effects, I don’t think it’d be nice.”

Don't hold your breath for Hannah's return. Despite leaving the door open for her to pop in again in the future, don’t expect it to happen this season.

“I really do believe that for as many people who are hollering about [Hannah], there are just as many who loved having Hannah on the show,” Nathan says.

“They might have been frustrated, they enjoyed that frustration because they wanted it to change. They’re invested in the ups and downs of the rollercoaster.”

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The show is awesome keep up the good work, need more than just one new episode every like 3 weeks people want more than that, All in all i watch the show every chance i get i love learning new thing everyday keep up the good work an ill keep watching :) P.s. Awesome graphics on the dead bodies they look so real


@yv, If she comes back next season, that would ruin the show


hmm! No hannah THIS season, wtf, will she return in the next one I noticed in the ep that she said something with 'for now' Bwaaahh i dont want her back hahah