Bones Spoilers: The Fate of Hannah

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Will Booth and Hannah break up in the coming weeks ... or will the show really throw us for a loop and have them get engaged (two proposals are supposedly coming)?

February 10 has been called the tipping point for Hannah and Booth, but the producers have either been very secretive about her fate or legitimately don't know yet.

TV Line's Michael Ausiello has a critical new detail ...

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Katheryn Winnick will be making her final appearance as Hannah within the next two months. Whether she's felled by the sniper or they simply break up is not known.

Still, according to this reliable source, she's outta here. Of course, whether that clears the way for a Booth-Brennan romance isn't guaranteed either. But it can't hurt.

What do you think? How will Hannah depart, and are you happy she will? Will B-squared get together? Sound off on this latest Bones spoiler by leaving a comment.

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After he gave up on her the way he did om the 100th episode,once she told him how She felt,he had the choice between Hannah and Brennan.When he told Hannah about it,he should also have told her that he was confused,if he actually was,that he needed space and time to figure out how he felt and make a choice.And you know what?he made his choice:He chose to propose to Hannah less than a year after he claimed his love for Brennan would last 30-49-50 years….That’s all I needed to know how he felt about Brennan.After 6 years waiting for them to finally give into their feelings,Booth made Brennan his rebound girl.
If he had proposed to Hannah before Brennan’s confession,I would have understood.But he did it after Brennan’s confession,making a clear choice.
Unlike Booth,Brennan didn’t just jump in another relationship when he rejected her.She needed time to heal and land back on her feet before trying to move on.Booth even dated someone,her name was Catherine or something, right after Brennan rejected him and before Hannah.That’s how fast he moved on from his so called love for her.
He tries one time,one time only and he gives up? He didn’t try to break down her walls.So much for his great love for Brennan


that car scene in doctor in the photo was crushing. and was'nt it the writers' plan all along to have a slow romantic buildup between booth and brennan? we all know hannah is going to leave. they are going to break up, but what happens next? are the writers going to leave it at a kiss between the two, or will ther e be an actual relationship? there had better be... or most of the hours watching this show would have been a waste. dont get me wrong, i loved it. but...


I’m really glad Hanah is out of the picture for good and I really agree with @ Josephsen79 . The bad thing is not Hanah but the way they wrote the story. Yes!!! How on earth can Booth get so fast in love with someone else after loving so deeply Brennan and getting rejected. Normammy when you are in this situation you take more care about yourself and your feelings, fearing you may be rejected again! So then the next logical thing would be asking your new girlfriend to marry you??????? Without really having anything in common or a reason to really do that??? Well the only reason was that Sweets convinced Booth to marry her!!! And he was drunk! OMG yes maybe Brennan will confirm her theory about love. You cannot jump from one relationship to another after still loving “the one� and after you told her a week before “Oh he’s not going anywhere� I think he maybe be bipolar! And yes I love endlessly the scenes with B&B and being there for each other. They’ve constructed so much together! With Hanah it wasn’t even a relationship they didn’t know each other really well and everything seemed really forced! EVERYTHING! Bad decision for the writers an HH. I wish they could somehow admit that Hanah was a mistake!


Hannah is great and stuff, but she annoys me she is like a scratch on the ass of "Bones season 6". Sooo Hannah is going bye bye.


I'm seriously tired and bored of shows that base everything on unresolved sexual tension between the main characters. Many think that once you finally put them together then the show is over so they stretch it out for years. Allowing Booth and Bones to have a relationship would not kill the show if done right. They would still have a lot of material since neither has had a lasting romantic relationship and with Bones being so socially inept and Booth her opposite, they could really play around with a lot of issues and hurtles they would face being together. The writers and whoever controls where the show goes needs to grow a pair and do something different because I'm tired of them ruining what was once my favorite show. I've stopped watching this season and don't even want to watch reruns or the dvds of the past seasons I own. What's the point of getting your audience emotionally invested in characters if there's no pay off?


I want booth and Brennan together. Really. Really, really. However once they do the show will lose it's appeal. Without the 'will they, won't they' there's no anticipation. Sexual tension is fantastic, couples are boring.


Im so Glad she GONE!!! ruined the show


If Booth asks Hannah to marry him, he will be violating his own character. The Booth character's critical element is HONOR. Proposing to a woman he does not actually love dishonors her, as well as Booth. He loves Brennan -- that's absolutely clear to anyone who's seen a single episode. Furthermore, asking Hannah to marry him -- after Brennan has declared her own feelings -- casts the leading lady in the role of second fiddle -- and that's just not cool. Of course, Fox ruined Buffy -- so they are perfectly capable of destroying this series, as well. Two other shows I love are in the same time slot -- I'm giving Bones two more weeks to get its act together. If it doesn't, then I'm gone. And while Fox won't notice my absence, I'm not the only fan who feels that way.


I'm seriously tired with the whole Hannah thing. Of course I love drama with my two fave leads like BONES Brennan/Booth, Law & Order SVU Olivia/Elliot, In Plain Sight Mary/Marshall, Burn Notice Michael/Fiona and the list goes on but drama that brings them together and doesn't pull them apart. I genuinely like Hannah as a character but she is breaking up the good old partnership we all know and love. Haven't Booth and Brennan had enough trials? We had the baby, brain tumor, amnesia, Hoover scene, one year separation and now this. I love BONES but this is just getting tiring. So please let them take Hannah of the show and bring us some of the B/B goodness we all know and love. PLEASE!


They're ruining Booth and Brennan with the whole Hannah-thing. On her own, she's a nice character and I even like her, but it's messing with the Booth/Brennan-chemistry. Big time. I don't know, they kinda feel like brother and sister in this season and it's really disappointing. The writers are dragging this out way too long - they should have gotten together last season. They missed out on season 5; definitely should have capitalized on that. I just hope they can fix it before I completely lose interest in an otherwise brillaint crime procedural.

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Booth: I worked really, really hard on my vows, but you know, now that we're here, look, um, hey. Do you remember the last time that we were here? Standing right around in this spot? It was right in the beginning before we really knew each other. I was trying to get away from you because you were irritating me and, uh, you chased me down, and you caught up to me and I said to you 'listen, I just have to get all my ducks in a row' and you said to me--
Brennan: I can be a duck.
Booth: Yeah. You know we had been chasing each other for a long time. Chasing each other through wars and serial killers and ghosts and snakes. And now chasing you has been the smartest thing that I have ever done in my life. And being chased by you has been my greatest joy. But now, we, uh, we don't have to chase each other anymore because we caught each other.

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