Californication Review: "Freeze-Frame"

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Things between Hank and Abby got interesting on "Freeze-Frame," as she revealed how she wrote a novel at one point.

However, after her then-writer boyfriend crapped on it, she shredded the it and applied to law school. The chemistry and exchange between these two was quite entertaining and Abby’s description of Hank as a charming man with a lot of dark stuff running through his head was right on point.

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Elsewhere, The Queens of Dogtown covered Alice In Chains’s “Would," the lyrics of which were poignant for a number of characters. Has Hank run too far to get home? We know he has made big mistake after mistake, but can he get anyone to see it once his way?

I liked the scene where Ben met Hank and told him not to be that guy. He is not susceptible nor has his judgment been jaded by Hank’s charm.  Hank was visibly upset, but made a nice move by not tagging along to the post-show dinner with Karen. It was clear she did not want him there and he at least granted her that desired space instead of selfishly inserting himself as the third wheel.

Charlie had the same abrasive doctor that took care of Hank after his accidental over dose and learned from him that the doctor who did his vasectomy recently had lost his license. Loved how he described him as “Weenie Todd the demon urologist of the West Side.”

Marci realized that Charlie could very likely be the father of her child.  I have thought that they would get back together at some point. I think the odds of seeing them together again are greater than seeing Charlie get to the one hundred mark in the bedroom.

I really enjoyed the conversation Hank had with Mia on the ledge where he reminisced about going back to 1994, the year he met Karen and Becca was born. Clinton was in the White House, Nirvana was on the radio, blow jobs were free and he had yet to screw up the best thing that ever happened to him. Hank told Mia they both needed to forgive themselves because no one was going to do it for them. He was speaking the truth.

The final scene went from almost being an amazing threesome to a TMZ wet dream, as that punk snapped a picture of Hank and the girls on the bed. I was already feeling the anxiety over the media bashing that most assuredly awaits Hank in the next episode. Until then, enjoy a selection of quotes I noted from this great transitional episode.

Sasha: She's really f**ked up, Hank. I can't wait to play her. | permalink
Mia: Some weed, some wine, some vicodin. I feel like I'm under a wet warm blanket. | permalink
Hank: It looks like a button on a fur coat. Well look on the bright side Charlie, it may be short but it's thin. | permalink
Abby: Hank, you might consider smiling a little more often, it uh, got me kind of wet. | permalink


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This season, I realized, was going to be dark. Lots of broody Hank and nobody does that lost, lost, lost look like Duchovny. As the ghost of Lew Ashby says, "It's all about her." - so the big hole in the season is Hank's non-relationship with Becca at this point, more chilling than Karen (and Karen: Grow up. Be alone - don't go from dysfunction with Hank into arms of another GUY, that really diminishes you IMO). Love the confession on the balcony between Hank and Mia. They are truly kindred f-ups and it shows Hank's basic humanity (it's there/it's gone)by talking gently to her. That's a side to the character that I enjoy, mostly because it makes the comedy of his polar opposite aspect funny and tolerable.
My only complaint is the sort of schizophrenic nature of this season, as Hank being only marginally capable of brining on the funny, we have to rely even more on Charlie and Marci for the whacky. I dunno, maybe it's me, but can Runkel GET any more repulsive? Finally the girl that is Sasha. What is it about her? I just really enjoy this character - love her whipsaw approach to life, sympathetic one second: "I'm worried about Mia" and ambitious the next: "I can't wait to play her!"


No comments here, I assume, because it was boilerplate Californication. Hank tries to do the right thing. He's hampered by his unrestrained Id. Charlie does stupid shit to himself. Marci talks unrestrainedly about everything, and people are inordinately cool in every situation. Everything you like about the show was in this ep. The drama about the two girls with hands down Hank's pants is easily surmounted. Hasn't it been two or three years since Hank mistakenly bedded Mia? Wouldn't that put her squarely "of age"? And he has two witnesses to say that he didn't threesome it up with the ladies...It's a tempest in a teacup. Carla Gugino is a great foil for Hank. What's the Mario Van Peebles copycat guy's name? A little too smug for my tastes. I'd have kicked the crap out of him. It seemed fillery to me, didn't really move the ball forward...But I enjoyed it anyway. "The White House" is capitalized to distinguish it from other homes that are white. No one proofs this stuff? Also, your cast list is suffering.

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