Camille Sullivan Cast as Villain on Hellcats

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Look out, Vanessa. Things are about to get dicey for you on Hellcats.

Camille Sullivan has landed a recurring role on The CW series, as she'll come on board the 19th episode of the season as Red's ex-wife, Emily. What does this have to do with Vanessa?

Camille Sullivan Pic

Sullivan's character blames the Hellcats coach for the dissolution of her marriage. As an important player at Lancer University, Emily will show up with one thing on her mind: payback.

Sullivan most recently recurred on the Canadian TV show Shattered.


can't for red and vanessa to grow closer when red ex wife shows up


I think she is going to make sure Vanessa haves nothing while Red tries to stop her.


After what happened in the last episode it's not surprising that a new installment to Red and Vanessa's story arc would come up. I think that Emily's going to stir up a lot of things between them but it's possible she might just push them closer to each other in the end.


This may mean that red and Vanessa are now a couple, or that this new character to bringing new gossip on the two ex-former lovers and blow up the wedding .....


does this mean Red and Vanessa get together officially??

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