Castle Episode Preview: "The Final Nail"

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Not every episode of Castle can be one for the scrapbook. Our critic could have done without this week's installment, for example.

But "The Final Nail" has serious potential, at least based on the following ABC preview.

Jason Wiles will guest star as an old friend of Castle's... and as a murder suspect. Expect some major tension between Castle and Beckett when she continues to pursue a case against this acquaintance. Get your first look at footage from the installment now:

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I read somewhere that stana and nathan go out in real life and i really didnt believe it but then i saw a video on youtube, where a interview lady asked her if they did and she replied "i cant tell you guys that". the lady said its personal? and stana just said yes... so rite there if there was bnothing going on she could have said simply no...:D


Yea. I have to say I was disappointed last episode. I don't know how they could have just kissed like that and then nothing. Other than Castle checking her out in that dress. But It was like it never happened...So I really hope they get closer, or show that it had happened between them this upcoming episode.


Cannot wait!!!!


I like all the CASTLE episodes. But pleeeeeeeeeeeease, Rick and Kate need to get a little bit closer. This is taking too long!

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Castle Quotes

Oh, absolutely not! You will not and do you know why? Because you're a fighter. What have you always told me? No one will give you anything in this life. You must earn it and look at you. Almost 20 years later and you're back on Broadway. You have earned this.

Rick Castle

Beckett: What am I supposed to charge him with? Being a twin? Castle: Being an evil twin in a magic murder.