Castle Review: "Setup"

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I don’t have to tell you what’s at stake.

Castle's much anticipated two part story arc kicked off with “Setup,” an episode that laid the groundwork for what will is sure to be one of the best of the season pay-offs of the season.

This show is no stranger to the extended story, having mesmerized viewers with last seasons’ “Tick, Tick, Tick” and “Boom.” As a loyal Castle fan from the beginning, these two episodes have marked my favorite to date. However, after watching this outing, there may be a new contender.

Adrian Pasdar on Castle

Adrian Pasdar debuted as Homeland Security Agent Mark Fallon. I was never Heroes viewer, but I do know that he was one of the highlights of the series. The guest star settled into this role comfortably and made quite the impression. So much so that there's even been talk of spinning the agent off.

The sensitive issue of a terrorist action in NYC was tackled and handled with class. The writers made a point to account for everyone’s emotions, not just those required for the job. You could feel the nervousness and fear, both hidden under a calm presence. Kudos to the staff for giving viewers the ability to really feel this situation.

This show is mostly known for extravagant investigations that stray far from reality, which is often why it's so enjoyable. But every once in a while, it takes on a case that has the possibility of being real, hitting home for fans in an eerie manner.

A lot of action was packed into this hour: a stripped cab, money laundering, nuclear explosives, a shoot out. We were left with the cliffhanger of who is really behind the bomb: is it the Syrian brothers? McCann, the other driver? What will happen to Castle and Beckett locked in that room?

With all the twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat, the private moment between Beckett and Castle seemed secondary. We got a glimpse of Josh and found out he is headed out of the country. With both him and Gina gone, it looks like the path has been cleared a lot for romance.

So... as we we impatiently wait for the follow up next week, let us know what you thought. Is this two-parter living up to your expectations or do you prefer the more unrealistic arcs? Is Pasdar a good addition to the team?  Are you anxious to see what lied in the balance for our favorite detectives? Sound off now.


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Thought it was a good episode, but not liking the HS agent so much...would not be that interested in seeing him in his own show. We do know they get out of the freezer, since they were in next week's previews. THAT was silly!


Great show! Next week they will froze to dead (almost). Can wait too see these scenes. We got a glimpse of Josh (the Mutant X actor) for a reason : will see him again. Monday is a great night for TV


this is great writing and I love that Castle is sensitive but having seen Fillons kick butt persona in FireFly just shows what a great actor he is !!!


I love Adrian Pasdar, I was so glad to see him guest star on the show. I've been a fan of his since Mysterious Ways! He should star in more episodes on the show, he would be great! I can't wait to the next episode, CASTLE ROCKS!


Castle is drama with a twist of fun. But this episode left me a wee bit shaken. There is a "what if", that people seem to have forgotten. I agree the look on Castle face when he spoke with his daughter and mother, wow, but this upcoming finale will be the best. What would you do if you knew something terrible may happen but were not suppose to tell your family. I'm afraid I would have to get them out of town somehow. And as far as Beckett and Castle stating their obvious "affection" to each other it won't happen this time, but!!!!!


One thing that is bugging me is that refrigeration room they ran into. Beckett looked surprised that instead of coming in after, they just locked them in. I don't know, I just feel like she is smarter than that. But I guess they had to set it up some way...


Like the 3XK episode
this had no real surprises.
So I'll wait for 2nd part
as I'm sure we'll get some then.
Going to use Aaron Sorkin words
to describe Castle. Pussy Boy,
no other words describe this character.
It's getting really hard to watch this show.
It started at the end of S2,
and I was hoping they stop.
Return to the cavalier, confident ,
and successful man; the pilot offered us.
Instead he walks around whooped
and isn't in a relationship. IMO So lets make a wish that Nathan Fillion buys Firefly..

Sue ann

@ Dan Sadly, yes, I must wait for the DVD. I have a dialup modem, which is slower than cold molasses. I cannot watch any video clips online, or youtube, or television programs, or anything. Thanks for saying it for anyone who is able to do that but was not aware of the option, however. :-)


@Novella: I don't think this is gonna happen yet - they will be saved out of that freezer before they can get real with each other.


Castle can't get better than that!!! I loved the whole first part, just awesome! You could really feel the emotions running high, Ryan and Esposito trying to send their loved ones out of town (although I don't think it's much use since the consequences of a nuclear bomb aren't limited to the one city it goes off in) and Castle actually doing it! @Sue Ann You don't have to wait for the DVD to come out, just watch it online (sidereel, @

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