Connor Paolo Calls Out Taylor Momsen Critics

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Gossip Girl star Connor Paolo has his fellow cast member's back.

Speaking to TV Line, the actor who plays Eric delivered a message for critics of his embattled co-star and on-screen sort-of-sibling, Taylor Momsen: Just back off!

“She’s 17 years-old,” Connor said. “I don’t think anyone has the right to say anything negative, being that she - as mature and self-possessed as she is - is still young."

"It’s not fair. No one has a right to attack someone of that age.”

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Paolo didn’t single out any particular Momsen detractor, her most high-profile critic is arguably Project Runway‘s Tim Gunn, following his Gossip Girl cameo last fall.

Gunn tore into Momsen for her lack of professionalism on set, while The Pretty Reckless singer has also drawn fire for her wardrobe and controversial comments.

Despite still being billed as a series regular, Momsen has been in just four episodes this season, and Jenny Humphrey has yet to appear on Gossip Girl in 2011.

At least one cast member will welcome her back with open arms.

“I miss her dearly,” Paolo says. “I see her as much as I can, and make it to [as many of her] shows as I can. She’s one of my best friends. It sucks not having her around.”

Paolo insists she’s still part of the show, too: “Jenny’s always lying in wait,” he says, laughing. “She could pop out of the bushes with her machete of eyeliner at any time.”

It's nice to see someone come out and defend Taylor. Do Connor's comments change your perception of her at all? Do you want to see Jenny back on Gossip Girl soon?

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I LOVE Taylor Momsen!


I am a fan of the Pretty Reckless and Taylor Momsen. Of course she does stupid things, almost every teenager goes through a phase of utter idiocy. I have. Definitely. During everybody's teenage life there has been screw ups, mistakes and lets just say DUMB choices. No teenager has ever had a perfect life without crashing. If there is somebody who hasn't I am going to say "Your blind".


a waste of time*


Hey, @Amie ,you think you are so funny? Who are you to judge Taylor Momsen when you, yourself aren't even mature??? If you hate her so much, attack her all you want. But now even attacking her fans? "her 13yerold fans" huh?!? I guess you really don't have the talent for music. Taylor Momsen's band is the best rock band in these few years! Whatever, it's such a wait of time to argue with you. I'm 25 and I fucking love Taylor Momsen. And my mom whos in her 60s heard Taylor's music on my iPod and loved it.


go Taylor Momsen!


as long as vanessa is gone i dont care if jenny comes back


I want her back on the show so much! ugh!


I agree jenny was always fun even though she was really pissing me off in season 3 she is an interesting dynamic to the show. The Nate/Jenny romance is a little much but I could see it happening it in the future.


she looks so pretty in that photo, i really liked her before she turned all scungy and gross! :(


I think now would be a good time to bring her back, as much as she used to annoy me. They could finally get a grip on the whole Nate-Jenny LoveStory. The producers said in Season 2 they kindof stick their toes into that but that the time wasn't right. Last season Nate was too obsessed with his eternal Serena crush but now that that seems to be over, they might actually give it a shot.
However, they need to do something about her character first. She should be different, so that Nate actually has a reason to wanna be with her instead of only her clinging onto him. Just MHO.

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