Desperate Housewives Review: "Farewell Letter"

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A break up for Breith?  A nun with no conscious? And a barefoot wife kicked to the curb?!? Indeed, "Farewell Letter" delivered another crazy day in the life of the Desperate.

Poor Lynette raised two grown sons who can't even make a 2 a.m. omelets for themselves. No wonder Lynette looks so tired. I feel for this woman and her years and years of losing sleep. However tired, though, she is still witty as ever.

Telling her kids that they keep the eggs under the kitchen sink next to the fresh fruit seemed like an appropriate response to a grown man who clearly had not ever opened the refrigerator.

Farewell Letter Scene

Elsewhere, depressed Gaby bounced back after some much needed attention... in a way that can only apply to her. Not sure if I'd recommend a return to the spotlight for anyone else who recently lost a child and is dealing with major daddy issues.

If I had to guess, Gaby is a Leo. Getting attention equals happiness for this gal. Good thing Carlos loves her for it. What a glimmer he had in his eye when he watched her twirl for the cameras.

Now, as for this nun with no conscious, way to represent the Catholic church. At least they did not portray a priest with no conscious.  I think we've seen that one before.

In bigger news, Breith is over! I have to say, it's about time. Don't get me wrong, I liked Brian Austin Green's character on the show, but it was high time for him to move right off of the Lane.  This week, his crying scene put the extra nail in his coffin for me. Clearly, Keith does a better as a hot handyman than sensitive daddy-o. Anyway, I'd rather see Bree get back to tending to her garden.

Poor Susan just can't get a break, and her karma is not getting any better with all of the manipulation she is playing in order to get what she wants.  It looks like it may be catching up with her, though. She will make it to the end of the season, won't she?

Perhaps if her long lost husband actually came home to help this poor lass out, she may stand a chance.  But he's too busy caring for the messed up, attempted murderer that he likes to call "son." Tough break there.

Speaking of Susan: does anyone else think it is a bit ironic that she drives a nice new Volvo even though they had to give up their home and move to a small apartment?  It seems the priorities may be off a bit with these two.  As Renee put it: "I like bad kidney Susan, way better than two kidney Susan." Not sure if I agree.

Finally, Paul Young is single again after kicking barefoot Beth to the curb.  She's right up there with Keith, in my opinion: time to move on, move out.  But where will she go?

Things are just heating up on the Lane.  It looks like one of the lovely ladies may not be gracing us with their presence much longer.  Who do you think it will be?


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I think you meant to say "conscience" instead of "conscious". And I liked Keith. He brought out a side of Bree that even she didn't know she had, a fun, free side that was refreshing to see. I was surprised that Paul didn't somehow kill Beth but then he wouldn't have gotten away with it this time, now would he?


My wife and I have been watching from the beginning. Last two season's we keep asking why. Yesterday's show has sealed it. Have all of the writers form the beginning left? I used to have a girlfriend who wrote for Beauty and the Beast. I remember what that was like toward the end. The good writers know when to leave. I guess they have.


I really enjoyed Gabrielle's story line, especially the part where she confronted the nun. I think more people should see things like that because things like that go on all the time. As for the rest of the episode, it was alright. I'm looking forward to the next episode than I was looking forward to this episode. I agree, I think Felicity can handle much better story lines, and there should be more Mike!


Maybe Bree kill herself


I really liked this episode. I have to say, slightly disagree with your comments about Keith. I thought he was a decent guy for Bree. Look at her past options at least he left walking. Yes, I like him as the hot handyman and the sensitive daddy-o (he was the complete package and honest). Brian Austin Green didn't over play the crying scene, it was just enough and showed how much he truly loved her, hey Bree you should have tried harder to keep him. She suppose to be a DH. Bree will never find a better man than Keith even though he was her complete opposite. I'm going to miss Keith. Brian Austin Green is such an underrated actor and he can play anything. A real shame that he has now left the show. Bring him back ALREADY. Why build a great storyline between Keith and Bree then take him out. They even brought back Orson to the mix and Bree wisely selected Keith now his leaving mmmmmmmm WHY? Amber didn't tell Keith for 6 years that he had a son. She should move to WH and Keith shouldn't be going anywhere but just have the opportunity to bond with his son. After all he doesn't love Amber just wants to get to know his son. My other favourites were Paul, Gaby and Lynette's stories. Those twins are something else.


I didn`t like this episode it seems the end is near they made Lynette all about everyone else but Shes still my favorite. Susan this is like the Lynette cancer thing all over agian. Briee and Keith are ok but its not the same. and two weeks show seems like the pilot all over agian. i love the show but I think its coming to an end


I see an ending to DH's it is getting worn out. And I do love the show. but all good things must end.


Nice review. But I really disliked this episode. I dont understand why Lynette is constantly given fluff storylines in every episode this entire season. Felicity is the best actress on the show and she still sells every scene but her character has had no continuity this season. First its about Renee and Tom, then its about her mom, now its about her kids again, pretty boring and generic storylines. Glad to see Keith go as well, give Bree something to do besides lay in bed with him. The only storyline that I'm really loving is Gabby's (especially that one scene with the nun) but to be perfectly honest Eva Longoria can't always handle the material she is given and she has been provided with the best storylines all season I really think this should have all gone to Lynette. Oh well, not the worst episode but I really hope it improves next week.

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