Ed Westwick Ready to Move on From Gossip Girl?

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A quote attributed to Ed Westwick hints at some dissatisfaction with Gossip Girl of late, as the actor has reportedly claimed that he is ready to move on.

Ed, who plays Chuck Bass, allegedly told Tatler (via Digital Spy, we can't find the original link) he doesn't think he can get anything more out of Chuck.

"It's all about the work, you know," he said. "The feeling you get when you connect to the work. And that's what I had with Chuck Bass in the beginning."

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NOT FEELING IT: Has Ed about had it with playing Chuck?

"I was fascinated by him. But now, to be completely honest, I'm ready to do something else," the UK native adds. "Really ready to do something else."

If that quote is true, do you sympathize with Ed? Has the character run its course, or is Chuck being misused by the writers? Leave a comment below.

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Plssssssssss dont leave!!!!..we really need u!!!.. Chuck adds a tinge to the show..we dont want another Chuck either...Jeez!!i just cant imagine the show without you being Chuck Bass!!!


don't leave! u make the whole charm of gossip girl!with a touch of a humor!


so most of them are getting tired of gossip girl now, well, we still enjoy it so please stay a bit longer.


This will be long. I actually get what Ed is saying- Not only him I personally know many people who are not as charmed by Chuck as they were before. Chuck Bass was the resident bad boy with an edge. He was utterly black but at the end of season 1 he was the one with the most layers in his character. Season 2 chuck was brilliant as we saw actual growth in his character but by Season 3 Chuck was made into a weird version of cynical too mature boring businessman- Not only it caused Chuck and Chair by relation to become boring it was unnatural considering Chuck is 18. He doesnt seem or act 18- they should have kept Lily in charge of the Bass Industries and Chuck in school- I can only imagine the potential that SL had.The J-B-C fiasco has made Chair distasteful in my opinion- I ship Chair but everytime I think of them as a couple I cant accept it because of the IP storyline.
The writers have reached an impasse- they cant move forward without Chair and cant move forward with Chair.I personally think that IP storyline plus Jenny thing should have been dealt differently in season 4- it required delicate handling. Instead we got a jealous B- a meaningless Chair war- some hate sex and a rapid I love u but cant be with u thing - which may have provided episodic fun but ruined the charm of Chair in the long run. They are making Chair distasteful. Chuck is made to the same old things- the daddy issues -the save-my -company issues.I would love it if they actually show a Chuck -redemping himself for IP storyline- not only it has Chair magic it would show actual growth of Chuck.Now Chuck acts like he was so right in selling B so I find Chair unacceptable.


Chuck and Blair .. Blair and Chuck
His character is being tooo boring these days thy r jus playing wth his storyline in a silly way really! thy made him do a horrible thng to B thn he becomes the badboy again thn he gets shot thn bla bla bla... WHN B and C r supposed to be together y complicate thngs!


@90 well said!
the fact that Chuck Bass is so famous (actually I think he's the most famous character among the other GG males), proves how good Ed's acting is. Chuck Bass itself is a character which is not easy to play, and Ed pulls it off.


Whatever, he has become useless this season.
All of his storylines had been boring.
I wouldn't care his absence from the show tbh.


Nooo...i really can't imagine him as another person...Chuck is Chuck...He is great! )


I actually remembered more details about that Wuthering Heights gig. Natalie Portman was cast but later was replaced with another actress, so Ed wasn't going to work with Portman after all. In any case, there was obviously something screwy about that entire production.


There is great reason to believe that this guy won't indeed have to beg for work once GG gets flushed. The recent Hoover movie part was not an isolated freak accident. Let's also not forget that a couple of years ago he was slated to play Heathcliff in the then upcoming remake of Wuthering Heights. A role like that is no small potatoes, you know. And it was going to be opposite of Natalie Portman, who I believe would have put on a great and memorable performance too. I don't know what happened, but the production fell through. I always thought he had the skills to do higher end stuff even four years ago. I'm sure some serious names auditioned for the Hoover movie part. Clearly, the same casting team that picked Eastwood and DeCaprio knew better than the millions of teens when it comes to acting ability. It's all pretty clear. He is not being considered for comedy, some no name gigs, or even typecast in other Chuck-like roles. He is being considered for serious jobs. Everything points to the same thing. The guy is dying to excel, and he has already impressed some people in Hollywood that he is the right man for the job without even having proved himself on the big screen. That's saying a lot. I'm pretty sure that if the show had never taken a turn for the worse, he would have been much more content. Still interested in serious work, yes, but at least content with the current job. Most viewers/fans have a short attention span. Conclusions are made either based on the ending impression, or on the overall impression. To explain, the Chuck character was original and entertaining. Not only the way it was written, but also performed. That impressed people greatly. It turned heads in the industry. The longer the show keeps defiling that initial success of his character, the less the character will stand out as original, making it overall less impressive. People see what's happening and they hate it. He is no different. The role is partly his baby. I'd be annoyed too if I were him. People want to leave on a high note. Piling up trash on that otherwise initial success of Chuck makes for an otherwise less memorable role, and that indirectly translates to his status as an actor. Appearances are everything. He'll do great. In fact, GG is now a waste of his time. It's doing him a great disservice. I'd rather see him do what he does best once every 1-2 years in movies rather than seeing his talent wasted on the now defunct GG.


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