Ed Westwick Ready to Move on From Gossip Girl?

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A quote attributed to Ed Westwick hints at some dissatisfaction with Gossip Girl of late, as the actor has reportedly claimed that he is ready to move on.

Ed, who plays Chuck Bass, allegedly told Tatler (via Digital Spy, we can't find the original link) he doesn't think he can get anything more out of Chuck.

"It's all about the work, you know," he said. "The feeling you get when you connect to the work. And that's what I had with Chuck Bass in the beginning."

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NOT FEELING IT: Has Ed about had it with playing Chuck?

"I was fascinated by him. But now, to be completely honest, I'm ready to do something else," the UK native adds. "Really ready to do something else."

If that quote is true, do you sympathize with Ed? Has the character run its course, or is Chuck being misused by the writers? Leave a comment below.

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umm...no chuck bass = NO MORE GOSSIP GIRL


Just bought Tatler today. Will read!


no NJBC without Chuck!! no NJBC, no gossip girl! i tink wat he said ws just mis-interpreted!


@reeling: Amen.
Gossip Girl is just so boring this time...


I want CHAIR again!!! without them this show is boring(at least for me)..


There's no Gossip Girl without Chuck Bass.


Truth is this show should've been cancelled a long time ago. Everyone sees it, including the cast.
No wonder he feels this away about this struggling to survive show.


I agree with Ed too. The show is getting boring. I no longer feel the excitement in waiting for the new episode like I used to feel. And it's like the same old tricks that they are showing. And honestly, I only love Gossip Girl because of CHAIR and the fashion. If there's nothing exciting going on that is connected to CHAIR, I get bored. I agree with Madison, the storyline doesn't grab my attention anymore. Sorry but it is how I really feel. And Chuck is getting boring. It's like nothing interesting is happening with his life. No offense, I'd rather see his as a playboy but with a great storyline than him being better guy with a not so great storyline.


@mackenzie Or maybe the show has really forgotten that it was also the actors that made the show? When the show first started, its success depended on the actors as much as the actors depended on the show. I'll have you know that many talentless TV actors have gotten major movie roles thrown at them because they were pretty or marketable. Just look at all the idiots cast in movie roles. Garbage in, garbage out. When it comes to Ed, however, you have no point. Ed was one of those rare exceptions. He was too good for a soap teen show in the first place. Here is a couple of baboon actors: those playing Lily and Rufus. And they are twice Ed's age. Go figure.


Hope Ed doesnt leave! I hope his contract lasts a while!! But i do miss old school reckless party boy Chuck.. :(


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