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@julia - regardless of age of consent - he is her *teacher* and would at the very least lose his job, not to mention his teaching license which means he wouldn't be able to get a new teaching job.


I don't get it. Why does everyone think it would be illegal if they had sex? Pennsylvania's age of consent is 16! :) Gotta love Ezria!!!


LOVE Ezra and Aria, Lucy Hale and Ian Harding are so cute together. And such great actors


no way they didn't sleep together!


yayaya. i love them together!


TVFANATIC its not the second half of season two, its the second half of season one. And thanks for the skoop


Getting a tad bored with this show seriously the story is being dragged and dragged and dragged out. Ezra is hot but aria is one of those people that gets on my wick kinda smug..


love ezra and aria together!


I absolutely love this couple! So bring the problems, stress, discussions, everything! I just want to see them on screen. And by the way, Ian Harding is so cute.

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