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Warning: Do not follow the jump if you wish to remain surprised regarding one of Gossip Girl's more controversial, buzzed-about plot lines in some time.

This exclusive photo may confirm a dramatic development for two characters whose future has become a subject of heated debate among the fan community.

Or, it may hint at a romantic moment involving only one of said parties.

Check out who our staff member spotted kissing on the set ...

Dan and Blair Kissing on Gossip Girl!

Is this proof that it's on for Dair? If so, anyone who saw last night's episode can't be too surprised. The chemistry is there, and their feelings have been building for weeks.

And, from all indications, there is a major Dair cliffhanger set for February 28. But this isn't necessarily a scene from that episode, opening up a range of other possibilities.

The impending return of Prince Louis, for example.

Reactions? Comments? Theories on what finally brings Blair into Dan's arms, and whether this embrace will be but one of many - or if Humphrey is even the lucky guy here?

Sound off on this photo right here, right now ...

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I love this ship! Team Royalty FTW!


Apparently it had been confirmed on another website: the guy kissing Blair is definitely Louis! I'm really happy for it might means that Dan and Blair will just be a mistake and not a relationship. I love the idea of Blair with someone new. It's refreshing and trully interesting. I'm a Chair fan because despite all the hate that is thrown toward this couple and despite Chuck's terrible actions, I think they are made for each other in this show. No other character can match their chemistry, flaws and banters. But because Chuck need to earn Blair's forgivness, he has a long way to go and a lot to proove. And I'm happy that a relationship between Louis and Blair give him the hell of a hard time! If Dair happens, I won't watch because I really can't stand this pairing for many reasons (and still I've kept on watching when other pairing I didn't like were made before, but this one is too much for me to buy its credibility). If any other guy enters the picture, well, my interest will grow very fast! Come GG, bring the French prince :D


Chuck and Serena would be the quintessential American couple - the guy is all into money, power, sex and she is the superficial blond "thing". Dan and Blair, on the other hand, have evolved in a completely different direction - there is depth, sensitivity, intellectual pursuits. Chuck and Blair were perfect for each other in high school, Dan and Serena were the typical high school crush. No good anymore.


but please, is it not obvious that they are just bringing Vanessa just to make Blair jealous and Louis to make Dan jealous!? I'm a guy from Sweden and I'm in a relationship and she loves Gossip Girl and I have to unfortunately watch this with her. We have seen all the episodes together and it is not until now who I think it's getting good, but that's because Dan and Blair.
I told my girlfriend that they would match well together in the very first season, as usual, she thought I was wrong but guess who came to my side now. :)
Chuck is not good for Blair and if I had only done half of what he has done to Blair, I had been single when I writes this now, can not understand why people like the idea of Chuck and Blair to be "endgame" or get back together again . As a guy I can say that Chuck is an ass and a normal thinking girl had not been with a guy like that. He has been unfaithful, has pimped her and has taken her for granted. Dan is a guy I can compare myself with and I hope all the guys who do this are here and writes, but I'm probably the first LOL :) Have a good weekend to you all!


DAIR 100% :X love it !!


I think whats causing the low rating is people are tired watching each character hooking up with another character. This useless rotating hook ups just for the sake of creating drama, and Dair is one of them! Why cant they just stick each character with who they are meant to be....Dan-Serena, Chuck-Blair, Nate-Jenny, thats how it should be!


Im am really hoping its Dan and Blaire. They're unlikely friendship that is developing is one of the best and funniest ideas the writers have come up with. I think that if they do get together (fingers crossed) they will be a cute couple, no games but will continue with their funny banters to keep their relationship exciting. I think if the writers play it out right, Dan and Blaire could be a lasting couple that so many fans of Gossip Girl have been dying to see.


@wicked couple....i've got to laugh that you think CB is an interesting couple, and ummm if you haven't noticed...they we're low even when CB were together....fact! get over CB that are the shittest couple TV could ever had created... and they DID NOT carry out the show i can assure you.....had it not been for the whole serena drama with her father, and all the other little drama's it would have been a disaster. and guess who'll be laughing when their not endgame..... hahahahaha.....don't feel bad for us, we feel bad for you, because you can see their perfect for one another.


U know what get over it. Whether it dan or louis doesn't matter don't you guys want blair to be happy even if just for a while. How come you keep on moaning you want chuck and blair the show needs to explore everything if chuck and blair were together all the time. Their love wouldn't be epic it would be boring. You want the show to succeed like I do then y all the anger I love whatever they come up with because I'm a loyal fan can you say that about yourselves. So GG fans stop this and support the show do you really want it to end. If you want that then your really selfish asses. Anyway that's my comment. Blair needs a new love I want her to be happy not pinning over some old flame that doesn't care about her. And falls inlove with anything in a skirt.


I honstly think it looks more like chuck then dan maybe just because i want to and they are standing outside a limo( which is always chuck) so i hopefully im right for my sake atleast

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