Family Guy Review: "Friends of Peter G."

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Welcome back, Death! 

Unfortunately, this character's return was the most interesting part of a Family Guy episode that featured one good song and a valuable lesson for Peter and Brian. Let’s break it down.

A Sermon by Peter

With their drinking hitting new heights, Brian and Peter are sentenced to 30 days of AA meetings. Deciding that the meetings are dull and the people uninteresting, they devise a clever way to make the gatherings more lively: beer.

When Joe comes to investigate, the entire AA gang break into song about the evils of alcohol. This is all for show, of course, and while drunk driving back home, Peter dies in a car accident.

Enter Death. He shows Peter, due to his infinite wisdom and space-time altering skills, that it’s all about moderation. We get to see Peter as a 50s-sitcom dad who looks like he came straight out of a Dilbert cartoon strip. 

Overall, a slower episode, but let's toast to Death with the following Family Guy quotes:

Death: You members of the human race have the power to send a man to the moon and make Justin Long a movie star.
Peter: We did it with Justin Long didn't we? America said no but we kept at it! | permalink
Peter: You know what? I was so drunk, my ghost is drunk. | permalink
Peter: Alcoholics... transform! | permalink
Stewie: She slams us against the monkey bars but none of us have the language skills to call her on it. | permalink
Brian: Uh no... uh I'm going to meet Jenny's cats.
Peter: What are you talking about? You hate cats.
Brian (gritting his teeth): I'm... going... to... meet... her cats... | permalink


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And that thing about religion did not make sense Religion was around long before jesus came


Just another awful episode. I giggled (to say I laughed would be very generous) at the absurdity of the sock puppet and the few lines Stewie had, but the rest of the episode was just a waste. The Mr. Booze song was barely decent, but it was way too long. And I guess Joe is now cool with being in the car with Peter drunk-driving down the waterslide even though he busted him before and told him "I'm a cop first and a buddy second. So don't think I wouldn't throw your drunk-driving ass in the slammer!" I know it's nit-picky, but if I was busy laughing at the episode I wouldn't have time to be that critical. The show quality is just crap anymore. Maybe American Dad should get the 9pm slot since lately that has been the better show.


i agree - i was shocked to see this episode list as 'NEW' ... i swear we've seen this 'family guy' before. (i am a sucker for a fg-song, so i enjoyed that... but the rest of was just rehashed...) we might be facing the end of the road pretty soon.


It sucked the premise was stupid and at no point did I laugh. I am not one of these film school dropouts who ruthlessly criticizes the show since its renewed popularity, however, how many jokes about drunk driving can you make before it gets stale.

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Family Guy Season 9 Episode 10 Quotes

She slams us against the monkey bars but none of us have the language skills to call her on it.


I see you have something new going on this week but there's a new teacher in pre-school who deactivates the camera and hits us.