Family Guy Review: Down with Twilight, Nazis

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Family Guy delivered a weak, jump-the-shark installment with "German Guy," due to the introduction of Nazi Franz. 

The episode started out promisingly, with dirty allusions to Chris’ extracurricular activities. We watched as he stumbled upon Franz and his puppet shop with his family’s insistence that he find a different hobby.

German Guy Scene

While it’s always entertaining to see interactions between neighborhood pervert Herbert and the object of his affection, Chris, "German Guy" quickly regressed into a filler episode in which the main cast has absolutely no part. 

Franz was a throw-away character, neither memorable nor very funny, and the fight scene between him and Mr. Herbert actually seemed like an attempt to make the episode last longer.

The highlight came when Chris essentially summarized the essence of the Twilight series with Edward and Jacob puppets, discussing their love for Bella. But that was about it. Below, we have managed to find a few Family Guy quotes from the episode worthy of publishing:

Edward: I'm a vampire, and I'm in love with this unattractive girl.
Jacob: I'm a werewolf, and I am also in love with this unattractive girl.
Edward: Boy, she sure can act though, can't she?
Jacob: Nope. | permalink
Herbert: You know Chris, all my life, I've wanted to see you locked in a basement. But now that it's happened, all I want to do is get you out! | permalink
Chris: How do I know which one to shoot? How do I know which one's the real dad?? | permalink
Peter: You're not going to get away with this, Mr. Google Search! | permalink
Lois: I'm pretty sure our washer machine is pregnant! I'm not even sure how that's scientifically possible! | permalink


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This show is dead to me. It has been dying ever since the sixth season, and now they finally put it out of its misery. Some may shed a one or two tears, but if we're honest, we all have to admit we saw it coming.
Now we can finally carry on. And the song that Franz sings when he first meets Chris isn't even german.

Reese williams

probably my most hated episode yet.
season 9 is falling to my least favourite season looks like :\


For some reason it reminded me of the movie apt pupil..can't remember the ending though if they're the same.


Hi, does anyone know if the scene where Franc is falling down is taken from another movie? Any ideas what movie could it be?


Zell, that was not at all what that joke was about. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.


Jeremy, they weren't making fun of the Holocaust. They were making fun of how very little things can be viewed as torture. I hate ignorant people like you that don't examine jokes before you talk about them.


Classic episode, just when you think they can't go any further they go where no man (at least no tv cartoon) has gone before. Some day they will drive away all their fans (so long, Jeremy), and I am wondering when it will be my turn. I thought the fight was so funny. Like what she said (Brad). First it was funny. Then it was kind of boring and almost aggravating. And then it became hilariously, ridiculously funny. Like spit your drink / shoot your load funny. Also: what was that movie this episode was based on? I think it was with Matt Damon or something...


The fight between Herbert and Franz... It was so funny. But then it got sort of aggravating. But then it just got ridiculously funny again. Esp, when Franz fell of the porch in slow motion. And the thunder thighs part was great. Everyone hates Meg!


I found this episode so offensive and upsetting at the spoofing of a concentration camp, that I turned it off. There is NOTHING funny about Jewish persecution. Will not watch again.


This episode wasn't that great but the scene when Chris had to shoot tue Nazi but didn't know if it was his dad or not made me die laughing!!! He's so dumb! Lol

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Family Guy Season 9 Episode 11 Quotes

You're not going to get away with this, Mr. Google Search!


I'm pretty sure our washer machine is pregnant! I'm not even sure how that's scientifically possible!