Fortune Footage: WTH Happened on Smallville?!?

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Clark and Chloe, dressed like a bride and groom?!? In an acronym: WTH?!?

That's the exact reaction these two have when they awaken on "Fortune," fresh off a spiked bottle of champagne. The culprit is Zatanna and the result, as seen in this clip, is a retracing of steps for the pair that doesn't yield a single memory.

Settle in, watch the sneak peek now and return to TV Fanatic soon after the episode airs for a detailed rundown of events:

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I love the character of Zatanna :) She needs her own show where she grants people's wishes, and they all go awry!


@Michael: I totally agree, I cannot believe this is the end!


YES!!! Chlark (sorta) lives. :) I know it will go nowhere but its nice to see these two in scenes again :)


Sweet These Season Rocks can't believe its the last one


Oh dear & this season was going so well.