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For once, this actually wasn't preachy!!
The pledge they took in the end was less about a moral and more about focus!

This review sort of sucks.
It spends three paragraphs whining bout how it's like a PSA, and barely a sentence on each song.

TV Fanatic needs to spend more time reviewing the music on Glee cause hell, that IS the show.

And Don't You Want Me was AWESOME. Lea and Darren singing together! Finally! And not a predictable power ballad, but a catchy song. Loved it :)

I think the music overall was ace. Damn, Heather Morris can sing.


Not their best effort. Honestly, I fastforwarded through half of it. Parts were entertaining, but as per usual with Glee lately, the message they were trying to send fell flat and I just didn't care. And for the love of all that's holy, PLEASE, PLEASE give Rachel someone decent as a love interest. Not a gay guy, or a jerk that's gonna stab her in the back the second it's turned, or...well, that pretty much sums up who she's dated, actually. On the bright side, Gwyneth Paltrow's coming back, so yay!


For a few months once I lived in a cheap hotel in Florida off season where there were a lot of different groups of us offbeat types personalities, including a group of gays who all worked at the dinner theater in town. Nice guys all.

One-guy-I-got-to-know-pretty-well's roommate was all of a sudden not only NOT exclusive, but went out with girls or anyone. His whole thing was sex, and taking advantage of opportunities as they presented themselves -- but it wasn't the state of things when the two moved in together and the one guy who was pouring out his unhappiness to me, because he was so much more invested in the relationship, had very much the same kind of attitude as Kurt, saying about the same things. He was really hurt, but believed his slut boyfriend would come around to the same final conclusions as Kurt thought Blaine would arrive at.

That is, the Rachel-Blaine-Kurt thing seemed real enough to me. Keep in mind, Rachel and Blaine already had a lot in common (Kurt and music, for instance) and probably would have a lot of fun going out. The drunken kiss just opened up some other possibilities / opportunities.


I didn't feel like it came across too much like a PSA -- they undercut the message by admitting the kids wouldn't actually stop drinking. Check out my full review here.


okay... this episode was very different. I did like how they handled the underage drinking problem, it was fun and entertaining. Did noone notice the kiss between coach Beiste and Will? Is that leading somewhere or are they just good friends?


Well frankly, my only problem is the reviewer having such a damn problem with the word "preachy" and using it whenever Glee might tackle a serious issue. Yes, in past episodes it has been a little over the top, but i've never felt they were "preachy" or like a "Public Service Anouncement" and i was actually worried the reviewer would say something like this when i saw the preview because, yes, they did an episode on Alcohol, whic a lot of teen shows do...but hey, guess what? Teens do drink a lot and the only sense of a public service announcment is when Will was telling them how bad drinking was and all that. But Will annoys me anyway. I have to say i like drunk Will much more than sober Will.


Didn't really love this episode either but the songs and performances were wonderful.


this epi was soooo funny!!! :D i love Pucker and Artie song hahaha


as far as the Kurt, Blaine and Rachel scene, actually many young people ARE going thru this and are confused and searching. I actually thought it was cute and handled in a good way.


I thought this was the funniest episode yet!!!!

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