Glee Review: Take This, Dina Lohan!

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Despite the expensive price tag and the endless hype for "The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle," producers insisted: this was essentially a regular episode of Glee.

They were right. The hour was comprised of the typical recent formula for this musical comedy: a significant majority of public service announcing, with a bit of teenage soap opera mixed in to get fans talking.

William High Football

Everything about the plot was predictable:

A feud over how lame it was to sing in choir; an attempt at peace with the football players; a cliche-filled speech from Puck to recruit Karofsky and company back on to the field; a wholly unrealistic ending to the game (no team in gridiron history has lined up in shotgun formation with 11 seconds remaining and a lead); and then a random, unexpected kiss - with no build-up between the characters - to conclude the installment, leaving fans in our Glee forum to debate their favorite couples.

All this said, I didn't even hate the episode.

I haven't come to expect much from Glee in the way of plot development, except for the occasional eye roll over how much it feels to be preaching to its audience on a weekly basis and how lazy it can be in its storytelling (I said it from the outset: making Karofsky gay is a major cop-out in how to handle the issue of bullying).

I mostly watch at this point for the musical numbers, and there was a nice mix on this episode (from an understated Puck/Rachel duet to the elaborate "Thriller" mash-up) and the quotes, of which there were also a few classics (who knew Brittany likes One Tree Hill so much?!?).

There was also the incredible question from Katie Couric to Sue, the one that hilariously took on Dina Lohan and her whining about the show mocking Lindsay back during the Gwyneth Paltrow installment:

Katie Couric: You beat out the following losers: the economy, Mel Gibson, Dina Lohan... and Sparky Lohan, who is Dina Lohan's dog and, apparently, also a loser. How do you deal with that?
Sue: I've been drinking a lot of bleach. | permalink

That exchange practically made the episode on its own. It also opens up an intriguing storyline: how will Sue handle defeat?

What did everyone else think? Are you invested in the ongoing Karofsky storyline? Or does it feel too obvious that he will eventually come out and make things right with Kurt? Also, sound off now: yay or nay on Quinn and Finn?


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Oh I almost forgot. THERE IS NO WAY THAT THOSE GIRLS WOULD HAVE QUIT CHEERLEADING! They want to be popular and no speech would ever change their mind.


I don't even think I can watch another episode of Glee this entire season.
I used to like Will but now he is an ANNOYING character! He preaches, preaches, preaches and it is so annoying. Overly acted too. His facial expressions would work very well in theater but on my television it is to much.
There is no way that the football team would go and join Glee club for the halftime show. Having Karovsky being gay is a cop out I believe as well. Not everyone on the show has to turn out gay. I am so sick of that story line. I am so sick of that everything is a political speech of what you know that the writers/creator stand for. If he joins Glee I will freak out!
Now Puck liking the other girl. NO WAY WOULD THAT HAPPEN!
Not Finn and Quinn again. What about Sam?!? AWFUL writing on that part as well.
What happened to the main characters from last year, who were supposed to go back to this season. Now it is all these new characters. Cool Britney had a Brittany episode, but I could act just like her (a ditz) that is not that hard of a character. Now she is getting tons of screen time. I miss Santana. I miss the Emma. I miss the old Finn.
They want to show all of this stuff that anyone can be a cheerleader or anyone can be in Glee and then they show the hockey team with all mullets. Come on look at any Hockey player right now. Especially in Pros no one has a mullet. This isn't the 70'-80's.
I am going to watch a show where its actually a story and not feeling like I am watching a PSA of what I should and should not accept or how I should feel. I also agree with whoever said that Rachel and everyone else gets bullied but the never show it.


I LOVED THIS EPISODE!! Yaay for Finn and Quinn!


My favorite character since season 1 is Rachel. I like how someone else pointed out that she gets bullied. Everyone has said mean things to her and did things to her that she did not deserve. However, this is a show it isn't meant to be taken so seriously and I must say I will be very angry if Finn goes back to Quinn as another person said she had a baby with his best-friend!!!! Rachel only kissed Puck and she at least told him right after, she was honest... I mean Quinn again cheated, on Sam. I have a feeling She will just end up cheating on Finn again! There making her out to be such a cheater!


To be honest: so far, this season has dissapointed me because on many occasions, things happen out of the blue (and with no build-up) and totally out of character. I really hoped that this episode would be as good as season 1 episodes were. I understand that many times they have to be unrealistic to make the story work or to make it fun, like Sue's outburst or the fact that is still football season. I also believe that Finn usually does, let's face it, stupid things and doesn't stop to think what his actions mean, which many times makes him a hypocrit but he's also a teenage boy. I totally agree with Matt Richenthal in that they are only showing one aspect of the bullying, I mean, Rachel gets bullied VERY hard during both seasons and nobody does anything about it? They commonly insult her because of her race, her character, her appearence, etc. They are also bullying a boy in a WHEELCHAIR, and nobody does anything. Those things damage a person's mind, even if they are gay or not. I've loved Kurt and Rachel, both characters who are self-centered and overly-dramatic, since the beggining. But I hated when they make it looke like he's always a victim (like the 'fag' incident, when he was being creepy and stalkerish and trying to put his sexuallity down Finn's throat yet he was the victim) and now where it seems like he was the only one who suffered from strong bullying, something I think, all the original Glee members had to go through. What I try to day is, they are focusing the issue too much on Kurt's homosexuality, when bullying is a much bigger issue. Many girls suffer anorexia because other girls make fun of them, and locking a boy in a wheelcheer inside a port-o-potty would have been a much bigger issue in many schools. I just think that, if they want to send a message, make it in a broad, general way, because not only gay people get bullied.


I loved this episode, I thought it was a good fun time


I think that once the producers/writers were told they were getting the after-the-Super-Bowl spot, they intentionally put together a football-centric episode. Now I see what everyone means about it being out-of-season, but watching it it was (for me) just Super Bowl then story about football. I could be wrong about this, and only guessing by who everyone is sitting with and hugging at awards show, but isn't just about everyone involved in writing, producing, and starring in this show gay? I love the show and love theater and have run across all kinds of stories/articles/suggestions that a lot of theater people are gay, so I mean nothing by asking ... except, wouldn't that explain why the gay issues (with Kurt, with bullying) are so central, so important? Kurt's character wasn't even in the show when it was pitched, so I don't think any of the gay issues were planned, but I do think bringing Kurt's character in gave them a soapbox for some things that are very important to the people making the show.


Sue's outburst near the beginning is not only stupid but unbelievable. Would anyone in the school system really be able to keep their job after that? Music good as always but the most disagreeable, disappointing episode so far.


I do enjoy the Karofsky story line but I see what you are saying about it being a cop out. When we first realized he was gay I wasn't expecting it. The bullying is coming from the entire football team so I am sure many of them are just ignorant high school students who don't know how else to deal with someone who is "different". I think it's interesting that they chose to focus on a character who is actually doing it because he feels the same way and is ashamed/ scared of those feelings. But hopefully they will surprise us and it won't end up being as simple as him coming out, apologizing and having everyone then get along. I am so dissaponited over this whole Finn and Quinn situation. I disagree though that there was no build up for it. Well I suppose there wasn't any build up until now but I thought this entire episode was filled with looks and suggestions that it would turn out that way. It is very hypocritical of Finn to forgive Quinn but not Rachael so I do hope they don't get back together. And I felt that Quinn changed a lot after dealing with being pregnant and she matured a lot throughout season 1. I hate to see her going back to being the girl she was at the beginning of the show.


Having dated a football player in high school who wouldn't come out, it's heartbreaking for me to see how amazing Max Adler is at playing Karaofsky. His eyes tell his struggle and even though the show is a bit contrived, the lines are funny and the music is fun.

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Funny, Karofsy, how you call everyone gay all the time. But you never seem to have a girlfriend.


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