Gossip Girl Caption Contest 143

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Welcome to the 143rd Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is gailramage. Nicely done!

Honorable mentions go out to Peewee92003 and Brazilian Girl. The winning entry appears below. Thanks to all for playing and best of luck again next time!

We're Not Looking at the Text

Serena was far from amused by the Dair spoilers being sent to her phone.

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Gossip Girl text reads: Gossip Girl here, seems like our Blair Waldorf has been too busy with her career and has forgotten her desires to takeover the UES. So I am challenging you Blair to use your power for the greater good and claim your throne. Just think of all those lost little lambs out there in need of direction... Manhattan is not Manhattan without Blair Waldorf!! your island awaits B XOXO.


serena: Blair, look at this message...It says I'm a devil child
Blair: Well, Lily is your mother.
Serena: Oh, God.. I am a devil child!
Blair: woman...woman, not child!


Gossip Girl : Spotted, Dan and Blair together at the theatre watching "Ae Fond Kiss". Seems like it happened more then just a kiss..
Serena : "Blair, how could you do that to me ?!
Blair : What ?! This isn't what you believe it is. It's.. Nothing.. ever.. It never happened !! It's just one more wrong twisted gossip.. again.. Remember, just like the one she said you had STD !!
Serena : Well that was true actually..
Blair : Ok bad example !!


Serena: Blair can you take a photo of my boobs with this i want to send it to Ben? they look HOT!!


gossipgirl: Hello Upper East Siders!
Spotted: S bought a new dress at SAKS that makes her look like an escort girl,
I think you all know where the toe pinch.
How would you react if you knew that her pride was fake?
Well, What can I say? It´s true, she has done a boobjob!? Now the whole world knows...
Looks like a socialite doesn´t fall far from the plastic surgerys after all.
This was my gift for you!
Sleep tight S.


@The Yalier Oops, sorry!


Serena: Be honest, does my phone draw away from my cleavage!


Serena: Blair theres something I need to tell you... Im gossip girl.
Blair: Hah yes ofcourse you are *Rolls eyes*
Serena: No seriously heres proof look!
Blair: Oh it seems you are, But then why would you spread that rumour about yourself having an STD?
Serena:Why not? I do have a Slinky Tight Dress... infact I have loads theyre my uniform.


Serena: I hate spoilers, almost as much as I hate my storyline being overshadowed by 'Dair'


Serena: See Chuck even Gossip Girl says you wear too much purple

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