Gossip Girl Instant Reaction: Discuss "Empire of the Son"!

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Wow. Gossip Girl fans sure have plenty of talk about after this episode.

We had been promised major cliffhangers, huge secrets and various plot lines reaching tipping points this week, and for the most part, "Empire of the Son" delivered.

Did you like Monday's episode? Do you approve of where the show left things headed into the hiatus (mid-April)? What struck you most about this mid-mid-season finale?

Discuss in our Gossip Girl forum and by leaving comments below!

Rufus and William

Our review, quotes, music list, future Gossip Girl spoilers and Round Table will be live soon. Right now, Gossip Girl and TV Fanatics, we give the floor over to you. Weigh in here ...

What did you think of "Empire of the Son"?

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OMG I was SO SO HAPPY with this eppy!!
with DAIR!!
I have been a CHAIR addict since day 1 but when they broke up for the final time and stopped being together I kinda gave up hope.
And now dair has happened FINALLY!!
I STILL LOVE my CHAIR but I wanna see dair now. we all know chair IS endgame but its time for dair.
and serena messed with dan ENOUGH ben then nate SHE DOESNT DESERVE DAN.
or anyone.
especially dan.


I DO LOVE DAIR, but the kiss, for me, was just TOO SHORT and the freezing crap, horrible. I tought that HE would be the one that "forced" her, for Blair is the one that has more to loose. For her it was just a bussinnes and that sucked. They made it feel award, and I hate that. I do think, however, that they are a great couple. Please don't make a fool out of Blair. She's a smart, confident woman. With Chuck she's just mean and weak girl. He bring out the worst on her, whereas Dan does just the opposite. GO DAIR!


The secret was that Bart Bass could have potentially killed someone (Raina's mum) I think it's good that Chuck gets a little dose of his own medicine in the sense that Blair isn't going to wait around forever. It'd be awful if she just suffered while he slept around. Beside comically Blair, Dan, and Dorota carry the show...it makes for good light hearted t.v. Lily's plot is going to be interesting one, CC attempting to avoid scandal, who will take the reins of the Humphrey/Vanderwoodsen/Bass family meanwhile? Rufus? William? CC? Serena?


I lOVED this episoooode ~!||! WOW DAIR!@!! ITS ON! but i just got confused with 1 thing what was the huge secret?


That dair kiss was so lame and awkward aslo forced the whole freeze kiss was stupid the limo scene with cb in 1x07 pawns any dair kiss anytime.


O.M.G. that's all I gotta say. I CANNOT wait until the next episode! Gossip Girl is once again at it's finest. I love that Chuck' first reaction was to turn to Blair! Hoepfully he will learn not to take her for granted. I hope that Dan sparks some jealous in him, he needs to work for Blair! But I REALLY hope Blair kissing Dan makes her realize she's truly in love with Chuck. I'm an ardent Chair fan forever and always. As for Lily and the whole jail thing, it's getting intense! 6 weeks... I'm going to die!


Thank you, writers, for redeeming Gossip Girl. Who could have thought that Dan and Blair would save this sinking ship? Coming from a former Chair shipper, I think it's refreshing to see Blair genuinely happy without having to play any games. I apologize, but towards the end of their relationship, Chuck was just downright horrible to her. I know the promo took it out of context, but the moment when Chuck said something along the lines of, "I found out who she kissed," I couldn't help but get angry. I sincerely hope he's not going to get unreasonably angry with Dan and Blair when he's been going around falling in love with the ever-so-"sacred" Raina and such. Apart from that, I'm looking forward to some decent development for Chuck's character, but I don't want him with Blair anymore. I think it's laughable to believe that Chair is so "epic" after all of the crap that Chuck has done and said to Blair. It's time for Blair to be with someone who genuinely cares for her well-being. Knowing the writers, though, they're probably going to set up Dair as a tool for Chair. Here's to hoping that they won't lean in that direction and instead portray a healthy (but nevertheless beautiful) relationship on this show for once.


Liked it. Like it a LOT. Thank God, GG. Way to get back on your feet. The new Dan/Blair dynamic is excellent and I would have never guessed in a million years that I'd be rooting for a Dair hookup. Before I would have been like gross, no way in hell, Chair until cancellation do us part. Now I'm turning into a hardcore Dair shipper. How does that even happen?!? I love April 18th's trailer though. "I found out Dan and Blair kissed." Oh my GOD! Not a kiss! ANYTHING BUT A KISS!!! Then he proceeds to take his limo to Brooklyn to confront Dan Humphrey...? How am I supposed to wait a whole month and a half for this stuff?!?!?


I really hope I'm not jinxing anything, but it feels like Gossip Girl's got it's groove back. I've missed the suspense in episodes, the storylines that make us go OMG. And I feel like it's definitely come back this season. The Dair relationship was hilarious to watch and I'm so excited to see if they hook up. For the first time though, I was actually interested in the whole Lily affadavit affair. I'm glad she confessed so that everybody can move forward, and as much as I hate Vanessa, what little screen time she had was actually useful, so I didn't mind her returen too much. The revelation about Raina's mother was unexpected, though that might just be because I was expecting the worst (I thought that she was Russell's ex or Chuck's mom-it's the sort of thing I've grown to expect from this show) and watching Chuck's BSOD was heartbreaking. The ardent Chair fan in me loved that he immediately thought to find Blair, and I do wish she could comfort him like always, though I hope the exprience of losing her when he needs her will teach him not to take her for granted. It might be the thing we need to see for them to become a couple again. And based on the promos for the next episode, I really hope he doesn't try to inflict too much bodily harm on Dan!


OMG...things are gonna get really complicated now...two men fighting over Blair!!?? Awesome episode, but making the kiss a cliff-hanger? NO FAIR! Never seen an episode end in the middle of a kiss...Oh Gawwdd! Can't it be Monday again, right now??? Can't wait to see Chuck barging in on the Dan-Blair make-out scene, and waking up to the fact that he loves her, and loves her bad!!!! As for Serena, she may as well end-up feeling that Dan is truly the one for her!! Lol, nice turn of events!! Thanx GG, XOXO


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