Gossip Girl Instant Reaction: Discuss "Empire of the Son"!

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Wow. Gossip Girl fans sure have plenty of talk about after this episode.

We had been promised major cliffhangers, huge secrets and various plot lines reaching tipping points this week, and for the most part, "Empire of the Son" delivered.

Did you like Monday's episode? Do you approve of where the show left things headed into the hiatus (mid-April)? What struck you most about this mid-mid-season finale?

Discuss in our Gossip Girl forum and by leaving comments below!

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Our review, quotes, music list, future Gossip Girl spoilers and Round Table will be live soon. Right now, Gossip Girl and TV Fanatics, we give the floor over to you. Weigh in here ...

What did you think of "Empire of the Son"?

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i think everyone is underestimating the lily storyline...seriously. she could potentially be up for some serious jail time, hopefully the writers make sure that doesn't happen though. the UES already has its convicted parent (ehem..captain archibald, anyone?). and thorpe lied, orange is NOT lily's color at all. dan and blair were okay, but it was DOROTA who brought the lolz this episode. what happened to damian coming to thorpe to turn in lily because of ben? honestly, the writers need to tie up all these strings! i did appreciate them coming back to the bart bass plot line (which, i might add, went unexplored in season 2), but it made me sad to see chuck doubtful of himself and his father once again. raina...go back to chicago with your dad, nate and the UES do NOT need you. im glad chuck realized he needs blair, but im more glad that blair now has her share of options now- make him work for it! with the unavoidable spoilers of prince louis coming back to town and the obvious dair interaction from this episode, i think the 3 should end up vying for her attention. blair deserves it-she's the head bitch around here. 6 weeks i will die.


OMG! I don't know what to say... I have mixed feelings :S I know Chuck has been a jerk, selfish, cruel, mean and a lot of bad things to Blair but I do love Chuck, I found him vulnerable after all the Rusell Thorpe said to him even if I don't understand how easily Chuck believed on Rusell...whatever, I love his twisted mind and almost pretty sure all the Raina thing was a fake to save Bass Inc.
But, I like how Dan turns Blair into like a little girl, Dan brings a fun side of her, plus Dan is cute, tender and lovely but no fireworks... it kind of reminds me like Nate and Blair.
I want the kiss at this episode and spoiler kiss from next only lets Blair find out that Chuck is her only true love but this kiss makes Chuck wake and fight for her... I don't know what to believe, I'm sure know that writers plays with us on all this spoilers, whatever is going to happen, I want Chuck and Blair together again :) A part of me found the Dair thing a kind of gross... Chuck slept with Jenny, now Blair kisses Dan, come on! both lovers sharing bodies with the brothers Little J and Lonely Boy? What's next? I want to think that maybe writters wants pair the motives on Chair. Well, I don't find cute Chuck kissing another girls but I don't like the way he treated Blair on last episodes, in a certain way he throw Blair into another man's arms and Dan was just there.
Can't wait to 4x18!! Chair forever!


Solid episode! I definitely can't wait for April 18th!


This episode was excellent. Considering how skeptical about this whole Dair business, the story line is being handled excellently. I can't wait to see what happens next. It's going to be AWKWARD when Serena and Chuck walk in on them.


Great episode. I'm disappointed that Dan and Blair could be over before they even started. They honestly had great potential, but this episode and the promo seemed like it was the ending of their friendship, or even the possibility of a relationship between them beginning.


@Jen I think it was "don't wait" by The Duke Spirit if I remember it correctly :) the others I didn't pay much attention to but the info will be out soon enough I guess!


@Robyn I agree with you. DB are cute but CB are endgame and this episode reconfirmed that. DB seem like a huge prop right now.


Anyone know the song they used when Dan and Blair we're about to kiss? And also, if you know any of the other songs too? Thanks! They weren't on CW


DAIR!!!!!! OMG!!!! I am in love with them I think this is the most interesting paring they have ever come up with! The funniest thing is I never in a million years would have put these two together. I mean like in my head I was like " I know for a fact that the one couple that will never be together are Dan and Blair. I mean that would just be weird?" but now I can't stop thinking about how bad I want them to be together. Thank you Gossip Girl writers for making me excited to watch this show once again and please don't stop DAIR from being together.


I admit that the whole Dan and Blair thing is cute...for now, especially if it make Chuck suffer. I mean, I really want Chuck and Blair together, but I do hate how much he takes her for granted, and how she's always just expected to be there for him. I will continue to ship "Chair," however. Dan and Blair are cute. Chuck and Blair are epic.


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