Gossip Girl Instant Reaction: Discuss "Panic Roommate"!

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Well? What did you think of tonight's Gossip Girl?

Damien stirred up drama on the Upper East Side, while Chuck was torn between business and pleasure and Blair's plan to win over Epperley ... well, would you say it worked?

Did you enjoy "Panic Roommate" and the events taking shape for our favorite New Yorkers? Discuss now in our Gossip Girl forum and/or by leaving comments below!

Winning Over the Boss

Our review, quotes, music list, future Gossip Girl spoilers and Round Table discussion will be posted ASAP. Right now, TV Fanatics, we give you the floor. Weigh in here ...

What did you think of "Panic Roommate"?

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What was the song right at the end of this episode?
PLEASE ANSWER I personally thought that this episode has improved on the entertainment side, I think that this whole 'back-and-forth' thing going on with Chuck and Raina is becoming a bit more interesting. Ben is boring me and Serena is going to realise it in time!!


This episode was a lot better than the ones before on the entertainment scale. Raina and Chuck were slightly more interesting, and Nate kind of had a sl! Ugh.... Ben needs to go away! He's so boring and his sl is definately over. Serena is stupid. She's so conceited and full of herself. I have no respect for the girl anymore. As for Damien... I'm so sad that he's not going to be around anymore. I really enjoy his sl's. I hope that someday he'll reform himself and get back with Jenny, since she doesn't go with anyone else. Overall the episode was frusterating, but ineteresting nonetheless.


@Chair Lover
I feel you....but there's a good news! Raina is going to be with Nate starting from 4.16...I've seen the filming pics and there are pics of her and Nate holding hands and kissing. So no worries just 1 more episode to endure :)


thank you so much :D:D:D:


oh man.. when i saw the scene raina and chuck were kissing.. i was gonna press the button ''stop''..


Didn't Ed just say in an interview that Blair is Chuck's "true love" and that Blair will be hurt due to a mis-understanding? This interview was only yesterday!
About Dan. I'm not a fan however, now more than ever I believe he's a good shoulder to cry on and after seeing Blair and Louis filming today, I'm on cloud nine! Bring it on! I can't wait for a jealous Chuck.....


I think that Panic Roommate was really good, much better than last 2 episodes. Let's start with Eric, he is the most annoying thing at the moment, he is such a cry baby or better say STUPID, Eric said that Ben is bad and wants to hurt Serena, but at the same time he thinks that Damien is god and his best friend, BUT HE IS NOTHING BUT A JUNKIE!!!! NATE, hahahhahaha he is the funniest and the moment, It just seems to me that in every episode Nate is in Chucks suite and drinking and playing games WTF!!?? i would like to see more of Nate!!


The band is not 'The young and famous' it is 'The Naked and Famous', just to clear that up. They're from New Zealand.


Poor Eric has no friends
Hard to believe Blair got that job
Serena is such a sap


I just cannot stand tonight's episode. According to reliable source Raina is going to be there for the entire season, and I just don't know how much more I can take it. First of all, just a couple episodes before, Blair and Chuck had this "I love you" "I love you too" moment, and then suddenly, this chick came out of nowhere and became "the lady who knows him better than himself" it is just unnatural whatsoever. If Blair is not there, and if Chuck and Blair have not been through so much together, I actually can see why Chuck will fall for Raina. After all they have very similar childhood story and they are both heir/heiress of a vast company. However Chuck already had Blair, they already had so many stories and moments before this, so this Chuck's sudden "passion" looks so forced and just unacceptable to me at this moment.... And just to imagine the rest of the season with Raina lurking around! Er!!! The saddest moment of the episode was when Blair looked at her phone, and had this lonely/hurt expression, after she called Raina to explain how "Chuck really felt about her". I mean Blair, the one who loves Chuck, called Raina, the new girl that occupies Chuck's attention, to tell her that he has feelings for her!! I can even feel that pain! Next week's episode is going to be a heart wrenching one. I know it already. We have all been waiting for some more Chair moment, but looks like they just won't have any good luck for the rest of this season. I really hate those writers right now!!


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