Gossip Girl Photo Gallery: "Empire of the Son"

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February 28 marks the final Gossip Girl episode before a six-week hiatus. In "Empire of the Son," Ben’s mother comes to town, causing issues between Ben and Serena.

Russell Thorpe is determined to destroy Chuck Bass' family legacy, but risks alienating Raina. Meanwhile, William van der Woodsen makes his return to the Upper East Side.

What many GG fans are wondering, however, is where the episode will leave Dan and Blair, especially with mysterious set photos and reports of a Dair cliffhanger ahead.

What do you think will transpire in the next two weeks before the break? Click to enlarge these photos from "Empire of the Son" below and share your comments:

Dair Moment
The Lady With Red
Lily of the Upper East Side
Countess D
Big Night For Dan
B Gets an A
Rufus and William
Dearest Daniel
Icy Relations
Long Live the Queen of the UES
Brooklyn Boyz
Eric's Two Dads
A Lily and Serena Photo
Miss Waldorf

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sexi photo


Dair actually looks interesting. They're funny as friends and I hope they keep that squabbling/witty chemistry up, even if they develop into more. I'm traditionally a Chair fan, but euurghhhh it's killing me how now Chuck seems to fall in love with anything that walks through the door. It was awesome when Blair and his love was exclusive, but now it just seems that Blair did all the hard work and all these other pathetic girls reap the rewards. What is up with that? And come on, he fell in love with Raina just because she lived in a hotel too? Also you'd think his hiding place would have been the roof wouldn't you, not some corner in a kitchen!!!! I liked the idea that he was using Raina better then that he had any feelings for her. What happened to true love???? And who he heck is doing make-up/hair for this season?? Blair hasn't looked like her usual immaculate self forever, she's just looking washed out. And again why does Chuck just wear boring black suits!!!?? What happened to his unique fashion sense and bright colours, guess it's gone out the window with his exclusive love for Blair. The show has picked up though, and right now Dair is pretty interesting, so is Chuck and Lilly's tiff. I hope they bring a bit more family/friendship/romance into the show, instead of more irrelevant guest characters with bad plots. And I hope they make Chuck super jealous of Blair if she does go out with Dan, or at the least make him care a little!!!!


I can't wait for Blair and Dan! I love the story of how they hated each other and have become friends. Please make them fall in love with each other!!


I always loved chuck and Blair but I definitely think Blair and Dan have wonderful chemistry. I can't wait to see them evolve and see chuck suffer !


After seeing the V'day episode. I must say I'm in love with Dair, they're platonic and perfect. The chemistry is so good between Leighton and Penn. Great thing the writers put this love team up. I just want to see Blair happy. BTW, I hope 417: "Empire of the Son" will be the last episode for Ben Donovan, he really does not fit for Serena. I am hoping for Serena and Nate to reconnect. Their was no conclusion for them last season. I still feel Serena still has feelings for Nate. :)


Dear writers, producers, etc: I have loyally shipped Chair to the point of obsession up until I saw It-Girl Happened One Night.I realized that Blair deserved better--Dan. That scene was pretty much Oscar worthy (the one with Blair and Dan hiding). I think that Chuck is a jackass; he was willing to sacrifice his business for his "sacred" Raina, yet he was willing to sacrifice Blair for his business. Blair and Dan are soulmates. I like how they hated each other but grew to be friends. This is how real life is. Please make Dair endgame. And make Chuck a miserable old miser (or dead).


Blair is beautiful as always but not her hair. It has lost volume. Her hair was beautiful,wavy,bright in season 1 and 2.


I am seriously dying here!!!! I can't wait until the next two episodes air! Dair all the way, I absolutely adore them they are sexy, fun and hilarious together. They have such amazing chemistry its just ridiculous and the Valentines Day episode made me smile so much I think my face is going to cramp. Anyways Love Dair can't wait for more episodes to air the six week hiatus is killing me just thinking about it.


Is it just me or is anyone else happy about the possible Ben and Serena breakup.


yay, dair!

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