Gossip Girl Promos: "While You Weren't Sleeping"

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Serena: Blair, we need your help with a scheme.
Dan: She can't. [pause] If you take on one more thing, you're gonna break.

Blair becomes so scatterbrained next week on Gossip Girl that she puts on two different shoes. Never thought we'd see the day, but in her defense, there's a lot going on!

Plan the perfect party, take down a tyrant AND sabotage Chuck and Raina?! That's a lot for anybody to juggle, even a Queen. There's multitasking and then there's this.

Also, another familiar face returns to New York ... for better or worse.

Check out this promo for "While You Were Sleeping" to find out who:

What do you think? Follow the jump for an extended version of the same promo and a Canadian version and share your comments. More sneak peeks to come soon ...

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Dear writers, producers, etc: I have loyally shipped Chair to the point of obsession up until I saw It-Girl Happened One Night.I realized that Blair deserved better--Dan. That scene was pretty much Oscar worthy (the one with Blair and Dan hiding). I think that Chuck is a jackass; he was willing to sacrifice his business for his "sacred" Raina, yet he was willing to sacrifice Blair for his business. Blair and Dan are soulmates. I like how they hated each other but grew to be friends. This is how real life is. Please make Dair endgame. And make Chuck a miserable old miser (or dead).


Vanessa? Why didn't Blair vanish her too.


wow anyway Blair Is AWESOME !! the best of the best character of GossipGirl !! love herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr so much!! awwwwww.. anyway, anyone know ? is there any plan poppy lifton is back ?? or georgina sparks ???


Is that Vanessa? THE Vanessa?
Oh crap. When I watched it the first time, I was so excited because I thought it was Poppy Lifton!
Damn you Vanessa!
Hope that car hits her...


Vanessa's still on the show?


I can't believe Lily slapped Chuck! Again! I don't even know how to feel about that, it might actually be a good thing, at least the photos seem to show that things workout at the end between them. Although she doesn't have too much of a moral highground right now, but again neither does he. There was a rumor a while ago that Chuck maybe going to jail at the end of the season. He messes too much with the Thorpes it might come true.


@ viviana b. waldorf-bass she's saying "you're wearing two different shoes" :)


I'm very excited about next weeks episode. I really hope that Blair does not sabotage Chuck and Raina! I hope Dan talks her out of it. Blair is too good for Chuck and she finally has EVERYTHING going for her! I know Chair is endgame {: )} but right now i'm loving Dair.

Viviana b waldorf bass

what does that lady say about Blair's shoes? and OMG why is Vanessa on the top of the UES' list? I forgot... for helping Juliet, correct? :\


Also, another familiar face returns to New York ... for better or worse. Vanessa is returning and I'm guessing that she had better watch her back because she's at the TOP of the UES' list.

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