Gossip Girl Review: "It-Girl Happened One Night"

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Dan and Blair took a step closer to moving beyond the friend zone and, dare we say, the Bass Industries story line finally got a little interesting last night on Gossip Girl.

The title, "It-Girl Happened One Night," refers to Serena. Or Raina. W wants to follow an “It Girl" on her Valentine’s Day and Blair suggests Raina for selfish reasons.

Serena tells Raina that Blair still has feelings for Chuck, after which she promptly pulls out of the article, setting the stage for vintage Gossip Girl frenemy schemes.

Long Live Queen B

Both Blair and Serena said they’re not celebrating Valentine's Day this year - Blair is too busy at work and Serena is "taking it slow" with Ben, hilariously - but we're skeptical.

Ben is looking for a job but can't get one with the whole felony record thing. Dan, who's penned a story about living with his ex's boyfriend, offers to get him a catering gig.

The Bass Industries takeover comprised the bulk of this episode, but unlike the previous few weeks, there were actual implications, personal and romantic, on top of business.

This being Gossip Girl, Ben ended up catering the party Chuck threw to show Russell Thorpe that his name had cachet. Also at the party, his feelings for Raina were revealed.

When Blair finds out Raina backed out because of what Serena told her, she arranges a run-in between Serena and caterer Ben at Chuck's party. He sees her and is very sad.

Why this matters so much to him, we have no idea. Serena dated Dan, his roommate ... who also worked at that catering gig. Also, Lily is married to the rocker father of Dan.

Speaking of Lily's better half, I'm giving him a 9 on the Rufus Uselessness Scale in our Gossip Girl Round Table later this afternoon. I think he had one or two lines this week.

The Captain tells Chuck about Lily and Russell's past, and that Russell plans to break up Bass Industries. In a bold effort to save Bass, Chuck has Lily bounced from the board.

Of course, that was all Russell's plan, and things go doubly bad for Chuck. With Lily off the board, he can proceed with the takeover and divesting of the company more easily.

Meanwhile, Chuck's plans to seduce Raina go awry when she sees what he did to Lily and no longer trusts him. Blair overhears him confess his true feelings to her and is sad.

As much as I don't buy the chemistry or feelings between Chuck and Raina at all, I'll admit the plot line served a purpose: Dan reaching out to comfort Blair gave me the chills.

Daniel and Blair

Does he want to be more than platonic? Would she ever go for it? We're left with a bit of mystery there, but there was genuine emotion in that scene and those that followed.

Earlier, Dan had tried to sell the article about Ben and Serena (she certainly provides him with enough material) to W, via Blair. She brushed him off, but she secretly read it.

After the hand-holding, we learn she gave Dan’s article to someone at Vanity Fair and actually compliments his writing. We've come so far since her "Dan's a writer?" line.

This week on the Dair front ends with them watching Rosemary's Baby ... in bed! Okay, they were in separate apartments and on the phone. But still, things are progressing.

Did this week change your perception of Dan and Blair at all?

I've enjoyed their banter throughout, but for the first time this year, I find myself on board with the idea of them as a couple, or at least excited to see where we go from here.

Admit it, they're darn cute and they're only becoming more so.

The episode-ending montage is a doozy, too. Serena and Ben kiss at a bar. The Captain gets fired from Thorpe, but kept his access card and passwords, which he gives Chuck.

You gotta love the Captain saying he's "still got it" and proudly admitting he's now an accessory to corporate espionage and who knows what else. Hey, at least he's on our side!

It's never been quite clear why Chuck cared so much about the company, but now that he's been shot down by everyone, it's so on. I smell a NJBC scheme ... business edition!

Finally, Damien lurks in an alley and confronts Eric, who had been doing volunteer work, and blackmails him, threatening to out Lily for perjury over the whole Ben situation.

What Damien has in mind? We'll find out soon enough, but it's Damien. It's gotta be good. Hopefully next week, he gets a story line befitting of a true Gossip Girl villain.

What did you think of "It-Girl Happened One Night"? Should Dan and Blair take it to the next level? Will Chuck and Nate take down Russell? Discuss!


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Here's my take on what is going down. I didn't like juliet at the beginning but we need her character to spice things up with nate. His character is really fading. I love the writers u wanna know y coz they want u to hate chuck so much that u start to like this dair thing. When in fact they don't need to do that coz those characters are what keeps us all glued to the screen. F### the ratings u know what whoever stopped watching is really stupid what do u think they'll change the script just for u well guess again. Listen I was a chair fan but season 3 made me think again. Remember even in season1 dan & blair had chemistry. That's only if u watch it like I do. I thought they would have put them together S.1 but it didn't happen. Chuck and raina have no chemistry at all. You know what made me angry last time the watch he gave eva. And now the room he made for raina he never did anything like that for blair I'm so pissed off at that. Serena needs to leave ben she's no longer the IT GIRL of the UES. Does she really need a man to define her as a person. Stop making the women on the show seem desperate. If u all say ur GG fans then don't stop watching its gonna get more interesting just u wait and c. Love and kisses. Wanna comment ur thoughts about GG I wanna vent wanna vent with me only chat about GG let me know my email is buymyauthority@yahoo.com. If u need a real GG friend.


Can chuck pleeeeease fight for blair now, or get hurt from seeing blair with someone else?? Blair is always the one getting hurt!!!! And I agree, the foundation of their love was the fact Blair was the only thing he ever loved, now with Eva and Raina it's not as special!!!!


I really can't stand the Chuck/Raina thing. They have no chemistry as all. I just can't take them seriously. What is Rufus's point in the show other than to stand around in designer sweaters and be a trophy husband?
I used to love Chuck and Blair, but now I really like the chemistry between Blair and Dan. They are so cute together!
Serena and Dan never had good chemistry IMO, but Dair should definitely happen!


-Did the episode change my mind about Dair?-
Heck yeah, I love them even MORE than before!!! The rest of the episode was good as well. The Business Storyline is finally getting interesting with those hidden agendas and personal issues.
And I'm totally on board with a storyline that features Eric a little more. Dude had very little to do lately... Too bad that neither Chuck/Raina nor Serena/Ben have any chemistry whatsoever, but I'm willing to overlook that fact as long as the plot is okay...


I think the fact that DAIR now has the most chemistry and CHAIR used to shows that Leighton Meester is the best actress/actor on the show.


I really thought this episode was going to disappoint me because I absolutely hate Chuck and Raina, but since they broke up, aka ending on a good note for me, I actually really liked it overall. First off Chuck is getting on my nerves!!!! How dare he confess to Raina all those nice things when Blair should be the only one he is capable of saying it to? This is Eva all over again. He said something like “When I care for someone I’m not afraid to show it�, and that made me so mad. Because if we recall back in season 2, it was Blair who went through all the crap he has put her through to get him to show an ounce of affection. Now he’s showing it to people he has zero chemistry with, what a waste. That nice of hotel is an example of a waste, because he decorated it for the wrong person. Second, what he did to Lily was absolutely horrible. Clearly he still has family issues, so I think that is something that could be dealt with in the future. He needs to fix what he did to Lily. What I do like about the Thorbe family is that they are stable. The are the perfect example of a working family. Raina is very loyal to her dad and its obvious her dad loves her very much. Gossip Girl is all about scandal, lies and betrayal, so its good to see for once loyalty and trust between the characters.Therefore, to see the battle of Bass vs. Thorbe is very exciting because the really are polar opposite. And I really want to know what Blair and Chuck did last Valentine. I know she talked about it in the beginning, but I don’t remember anymore. Why is it that Ben only has one facial expression for everything? He has more emotions in him when he was in jail, plotting the take down of Serena than now that he is a free man. Him and Serena are nice together and it’s nice for her to date someone that can keep her grounded but seriously how old is he? We have never established that. Nate, Nate, Nate, wow there really is nothing for him to do anymore huh? His dad who has been in probably 4 episodes so far in season 4 has more storylines than Nate has. But base on the promo, something may be transpiring between him and Raina. I hope so because there’s something he can does that will actually benefit the show and Chuck and Blair will focus more on each other. As much as I hate to say this, Blair and Dan were very cute in this stage of their relationship. Their scene at the end was the best I believe and this is saying a lot from me because I usually say the best scene in episode belongs to Chair. It was very cute and…romantic as well. There is clearly something there and I do believe they will be a couple. I am intrigue to see how this works out. My issues with this episode were that I was hoping to see actual interactions with Blair and Raina. Little banter between them would have been nice. I hope there will be some next episode. Also I wanted more details on the story that Dan wrote. And omg, is that Vanessa I see in the promo? Nooooo.


I liked this episode even if it's not the best of GG. I love Dair and I think as someone said that Dan can bring a lot for Blair. She wants to be seen as Queen B, a kind of modern wonderwoman, ambitious, unvulnerable and successful. That's how Chuck sees her and loves her but deep down she's also the girl who can be jealous of her best friend, who suffered the lack of attention of her mother and have been raised by Dorota. She's cultivated, loves arts, etc. Chuck doesn't see this hidden part of her and that's why he hurt her so much in the past. She can really be herself with Dan and he'll respect her. I think B's tireless despise of Dan was a (blairian) sign of interest. They secretly share the same passion for art and cinema and they hang out while everybody thinks they dislike each other, that's sooo cute and sooo romantic!
I'm sad Nate is getting more and more invisible, he has no storyline and he's as useless as Rufus, except that he carries his dad's bag when Rufus carries Lily's.
And I don't buy Serena dating Ben, the guy spent 3 years hating her, he used his cousin to ruin her life and now they're in love??
Can't wait to see the Louis, Dan, Blair triangle and the UESers' jaws hitting the floor when they'll know about Dair!


I absolutely love the Dair build up. They are wonderful. they make sense, and they make each other happy in a healthy way! I love how these two can heal each other and push the other in the right direction.


Preuve, how can you suggest a causal relationship there? Fans are only now starting to see the relationship develop between Dan and Blair. After last night, it seems like more people are warming to the idea of their pairing. That won't be reflected in the ratings right away. In addition, if disgruntled Chair fans are abandoning the show, why would it be because of a Dan/Blair romance that hasn't even blossomed yet? It would have been after the season 3 finale, eh?


nini, you are SO right. Chuck used to be the guy that casually hooked up with lots of girls, but no one girl could ever "catch" him. Blair was the only one he loved. That's why we all believed in Chuck and Blair and their love, because we knew that even if he was bad and couldn't express his feelings for her, they were real and exclusive. Now it seems like he's flopping around from one chick to the next, throwing his heart at anyone who crosses his path. Before, a lot of Chuck's power came from the fact that he was observing everyone from the sidelines, gathering information, and pulling strings behind the scenes. Now he seems grasping and obvious, and keeps saying things that sound so pathetically earnest. There's nothing cynical or sardonic about him anymore, but that's the Chuck we loved! That's the cool, superior Chuck who won Blair's heart. About the only thing they can do to save him, at this point, is to have kind of a PTSD breakdown! He was shot and almost died; he was about to propose to his true love and his own bad actions wrecked it; he has utterly let his father down by letting the company fall apart and be lost; he let someone trick him into thinking she was his mother (and, as we assume, she really was his mother!). Maybe mommy dearest needs to come back, because all of this Thorpe stuff is her second attempt to steal the company from Chuck. If Chuck finds this out, and learns she really is his mother, maybe that's the last straw that will lead to his freakout. Then, and only then, would it seem reasonable for Blair to stick with him out of loyalty and for the sake of their former love, to help him when he's at his lowest. Because apparently Chuck is never going to do anything intentionally to repair his relations with Blair the right way.

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