Gossip Girl Round Table: "It-Girl Happened One Night"

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Welcome back to the weekly TVF Gossip Girl Round Table, where our panel breaks down the previous night's episode (see our review from earlier this morning).

Below, lead Gossip Girl writer Mister Meester joins esteemed editor-in-chief DANdy and TV Fanatic CEO Gossip Guy to discuss "It-Girl Happened One Night" ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night?

Gossip Guy: I'll give an honorary and rare gift to the Captain after the poor guy lost his job with, "Wall Street didn't need a sequel. In theaters, or in my life." Long live Gordon Gecko's legacy.

Mister Meester: I loved Dan asking what Blair did to Epperly, with a hint of concern that B had her whacked, and her response, which didn't dispel that notion. I also liked this one from Gossip Girl: "Roses are red, hydrangeas are blue. Chuck's given his heart away ... But guess what, Blair? Not to you." Seriously? What does that even mean? Kristen Bell is phoning it in these days.

DANdy: Blair: [to Serena] "It's okay to date below the line. Madonna and Julia Roberts paved the way for girls like you." Burn.

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2. Harder to believe, felon edition: Nate's dad stealing those passwords, or Ben assuming Serena would think less of his catering gig when she dated a guy with that same gig, and after Ben just got out of PRISON?

Gossip Guy: Oh this is even more fun than the Felon edition of Trivial Pursuit! Going forward, I'm giving the entire Ben storyline the "harder to believe" title every week.

Mister Meester: The Captain. Thorpe would change the passwords instantly, and would just nix his access electronically rather than requiring the physical card (which he'd probably notice the name of a gym on). Unless this is just a plan to trap Chuck trying to hack the system. Damn, Russell. Always a step ahead. Begrudging respect.

DANdy: Ben. Serena dated a guy from Brooklyn, remember. Brooklyn.

3. Which character would you most like to see a W magazine feature on?

Gossip Guy: Vanessa. Hah! Got you. No, seriously, I would have totally gone for that Serena one. Maybe a nude photo shoot in the vein of Kim? Yum.

Mister Meester: Blair! All I could think of while she helped coordinate the "It-Girl" feature was that the best candidate was working right there at W.

DANdy: Jenny. Wonder what she's been up to in Hudson.

B the W Intern

IT GIRL: How come W didn't just suggest Blair?

4. Rate this week from 1-10 on the Rufus Uselessness Scale.

Gossip Guy: Wait, Rufus was in this episode? I thought that was just a really big purse on Lily's arm. 10.

Mister Meester: 9. His role was basically one scene in a sweater at breakfast with minimal dialogue. That's tough to top, even for the new Vanessa.

DANdy: 8. He's one spinoff pilot and ascot away from becoming a founding member of the cast of The Real House Husbands of the Upper East Side.

5: Will Dan and Blair hook up next week?

Gossip Guy: Maybe not next week, but I have a feeling it's happening. I don't want to give away too much, but we obtained this exclusive photo.

Mister Meester: Not so sure about next week. Blair has too much going on, if you haven't noticed. I feel a Dair cliffhanger coming February 28.

DANdy: I see what you're doing, Round Table question writer. But I don't have any spoilers of my own, so just click on my colleagues' links.

6: What is Damien's plan?

Gossip Guy: Hopefully wear more skull caps. It was a good look for the man.

Mister Meester: He's upset that his dad's got him under a microscope, right? That can only mean revenge against Ben, the reason for that scrutiny.

DANdy: Probably unlimited calling, text messaging and data on his iPhone. The man lives on his phone dealing drugs for a living. It makes sense.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

Steve Marsi is the Managing Editor of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Google+ or email him here.


*Are Vanessa and Jenny out? that was my question! LOL


Is Vanessa and Jenny out of the picture for good? I'm curious.. :)


1 - Dan: "Oh, God what di you do to her?"
Blair: "She's in a better place. She's in Bali doing downward dogs with some british wally named Pratt or a prat named Wally."
Amazing! 2 - Seriously, the guy just got out of prison, did Serena just expect everyone to know he was not guilty and just accept him to tutor their children? Well, that is Serena after all, but she should have known. Haha. 3 - Blair Waldorf. Smart, perfect, gorgeous, stylish, rich, tons of connections, isn't that all W looks for to write a cover story? 4 - Who's Rufus? Oh, you mean Lily's butler! 5 - Maybe that's why Blair wore two different shoes, she had to run to make it to the party after waking up next to Dan. But, nah, not next week. 6 - I guess he's trying to get revenge on Ben until Eric realizes that Damien CAN'T really threaten him (for the reasons New York Magazine listed on their Reality Index), and then he'll go to Switzerland to date the Prince of Bellfort - oh wait, that's Georgina. Where's she, by the way?


Just a annoying comment, it says on the introduction taht they're commenting on "Panic Roommate".


Favorite line, when Dan says about Chuck, "Wow, he's good..." and Blair says, "Shut up, Humphrey." Harder to believe that Ben was pretending not to be a cater-waiter after prison. Nate's dad could be part of some Thorpe plan, who knows. I'd like to see the W feature on Jonathan. Rufus was completely tragic! Definitely an 11 on the useless scale, capped off with his literally backward retreat with the tray of roses and Valentines for Lily. Wow, she's cold. I hope we don't have a Dair hookup next week. Dan was trying to comfort Blair when she felt bad about Chuck. Maybe this time it should go the other way--Blair might not want to date Dan because of concern about Serena's true feelings for him. But maybe Serena will do even more to demonstrate she doesn't care for Dan and has moved on to Ben, and Blair will try to reassure Dan instead. No hooking up yet! I assume Damien's plan involves getting back into the good graces of his father, or else having them carry on his business, lest he expose Lily? Who knows, but I like it.


"He's one spinoff pilot and ascot away from becoming a founding member of the cast of The Real House Husbands of the Upper East Side."
i totally LOL'ed on that, and i NEVER laugh at things i read so this is a big deal...

Kimberly anne

I really thought this episode was going to disappoint me because I absolutely hate Chuck and Raina, but since they broke up, aka ending on a good note for me, I actually really liked it overall. First off Chuck is getting on my nerves!!!! How dare he confess to Raina all those nice things when Blair should be the only one he is capable of saying it to? This is Eva all over again. He said something like “When I care for someone I’m not afraid to show it�, and that made me so mad. Because if we recall back in season 2, it was Blair who went through all the crap he has put her through to get him to show an ounce of affection. Now he’s showing it to people he has zero chemistry with, what a waste. That nice of hotel is an example of a waste, because he decorated it for the wrong person. Second, what he did to Lily was absolutely horrible. Clearly he still has family issues, so I think that is something that could be dealt with in the future. He needs to fix what he did to Lily. What I do like about the Thorbe family is that they are stable. The are the perfect example of a working family. Raina is very loyal to her dad and its obvious her dad loves her very much. Gossip Girl is all about scandal, lies and betrayal, so its good to see for once loyalty and trust between the characters.Therefore, to see the battle of Bass vs. Thorbe is very exciting because the really are polar opposite. And I really want to know what Blair and Chuck did last Valentine. I know she talked about it in the beginning, but I don’t remember anymore. Why is it that Ben only has one facial expression for everything? He has more emotions in him when he was in jail, plotting the take down of Serena than now that he is a free man. Him and Serena are nice together and it’s nice for her to date someone that can keep her grounded but seriously how old is he? We have never established that. Nate, Nate, Nate, wow there really is nothing for him to do anymore huh? His dad who has been in probably 4 episodes so far in season 4 has more storylines than Nate has. But base on the promo, something may be transpiring between him and Raina. I hope so because there’s something he can does that will actually benefit the show and Chuck and Blair will focus more on each other. As much as I hate to say this, Blair and Dan were very cute in this stage of their relationship. Their scene at the end was the best I believe and this is saying a lot from me because I usually say the best scene in episode belongs to Chair. It was very cute and…romantic as well. There is clearly something there and I do believe they will be a couple. I am intrigue to see how this works out. My issues with this episode were that I was hoping to see actual interactions with Blair and Raina. Little banter between them would have been nice. I hope there will be some next episode. Also I wanted more details on the story that Dan wrote. And omg, is that Vanessa I see in the promo? Nooooo.


1. Either the Captain saying, "I've still got game". WOW. Or, Chuck telling Raina, "When I care about someone I express it." REALLY? Where is the guy from season 1&2??
2. I'm with Gossip Guy, anything pertaining to Ben
3. Blair used to be my "It-Girl" until her hair, make-up and wardrobe team committed suicide.
4. Rufus was an absolute wealth of uselessness this week. 10. (Can we all agree it's a travesty that Vanessa is returning next week?)
5. Prob. not next week...I am a huge Chair supporter, but Chuck is pissing me off so badly right now that I actually want Blair to stick it to him by hooking up with Dan. Ick.
6. I think he wants to hook up with Eric. :)


Chuck's "When I care about someone I'm not afraid to show it" line was the joke of the year..


1. I agree with Dandy
2. Ben because she know you are a ex con so what is lower than that.
3. Blair because she and Dan are the only people worth watching now.
4. I give Rufus a slight 7.
5. No, not next week but soon.
6. Revenge on Ben like Mister Meester said.

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