Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: "While You Weren't Sleeping"

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As the producers teased, Blair Waldorf has a lot on her plate in next week's episode of Gossip Girl. Between work and sabotaging Chuck, she's stretched really thin.

Things don't get any easier for her when her interns up and quit, complaining about Queen B's management style. Hey, if you can't stand the eat, get out of the kitchen!

It's getting serious, though, as her W superior warns of B's potential job loss if she can't pull it together. That's when her newest "intern" walks through the door.

See who it is in this clip from "While You Weren't Sleeping" ...

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"Interns, STEP IN!" Haha.


Nope that's not jenny.. That's serena.. Look at the video closely.. They show ben and serena sitting opposite eric.


Any one notice that Jenny is back in this episode? It's her raggedy weave that you see when eric is talking about being a drug mule. Vanessa and Jenny back in the same episode!!!!!! God help us.


I think the nicknames are annoying dair? why not just call it dan & blair? and chair? Why not chuck & blair and this prince louis from france is meant to be coming back so that should be good as blair is rely stressed out and needs sumthing to happen which will make her happy and look healthier hopefully this way the will also be more drama between chuck and blair too I love them two together but thers no spark but once they are both ina relationship and know they can't be together they will want to be xoxo


@BBGunLvr1012 : i couldn't agree with you more :)


Blair and Dan just have to be a good friends !!!
Blair is Queen... she never takes Her Friend's Ex!
yeahhhh Blair is definitely with prince louis !!
VOTE FOR prince Louis to become a regular cast of GG season 5 !
Gossipgirl Season 5 must re-change the regular character which is not Damn Important..
first Vanessa !! throw her far far away from GG! just let her become guest star.


I like dair it feels fresh and I'm still a chair fan and think chuck will be completely jealous when he finds out because he will know Blair isn't just with Dan because he is a prince or she thinks he will improve her social standing or whatever. He will know she is with him because she likes him which will be brilliant to see.


I feel the show has lost it's spark!
Before I used to be so excited to watch it.


DAAIIIIIRRRR! Honestly, I think Dair is the only reason I'm watching the show at the moment. I really want these two amazing kids to be end game.


I have noticed that too! Blair's hair used to look so flawless and healthy. Part of me wonders if they are doing it on purpose because of how stressed and busy she is. @BBgunlvr1012: When you say Chuck has 3 relationships, who is the third? I remember Eva and now Raina, but I can't think of who else...am I having a brain fart?

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