Gossip Girl Spoiler Pic: Blair and Louis!

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Oh Mon Dieu! The prince returns!

Or so it would appear. Check out this behind-the-scenes pic from the Gossip Girl set yesterday (there are tons more here). Could Louis, the dashing European who had a brief royal romance with Blair, be trying to woo her again, this time in New York?

Theories and comments are welcome ...

Blair and Louis on Set!
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I´m so tired of everyone saying Blair and Chuck not are meant to be together. THEY ARE FRIKING MEANT TO BE TOGETHER. I HATE Louis. Chuck has rellay change and if not Chair end up together, I´m gonna hate GossipGirl. I just hate that they never can let Blair and Chuck be together and they are both happy. ANd I also hope that Blair just lies to Louis, and the baby is Chuck´s. Although, I dont se Chuck as a father ;) I also want Serena with Nate, and Dan with Vanessa probably, or someone else. Love Chair-lover


Wow I'm surprised people actually like Louis and Blair together. He is so boring and has a weird mouth and is a wussy who can't even stand up to his mom for Blair. He sucks and I hope that storyline disolves as quickly as it came. Personally I hope Blair and Dan end up together i always loved their chemistry although I was once a hard core Serena/Dan, Chuck/Blair fan that time is long over and I'm done with Chair and Derena so DAIR FAN ALL THE WAY if they don't continue it then they will lose me as a viewer the show sucks without them and everybody knows it.


I agree with some of the comments above. I want Louis to just be a phase Blair is going through and they will reach the wedding day but she won't go through with it because she is still overly in love with Chuck. I want Chuck, Dan and Louis to all fight over her and Chuck to be the most hurt..Blair will then hate Louis and Dan and marry Chuck! Its so perfect


why cant the producers just finally make a change and stick with it?! instead of always going back to the same old storyline b/c theyre afraid of losing viewers...honestly theyre going to lose viewers by always doing the same thing. chuck and blair are not meant for eachother. blair is the reason i watch the show, and its honestly really annoying that they cant let her be happy.


trust me, i used to be blair and chuck's biggest fan, had a screensaver of them, but seriously i just want blair to finally be frickin happy, is that too much to ask for? chuck just ruins her happiness every single time shes almost there, thats not true love. true love is wanting someone to be happy even if its not with you, and lets get real the only reason chuch is all over blair again is cause shes taken now. she was avaialable for months, but he chose eva and renee right in front of her face, of course as soon as blair has someone in her life, oh no shes mine! chuck bass needs to get out of the picture asap!


I was completely on "nine cloud" when I saw Louis come back from Blair. I was soooo sad the last time he met blair. The meeting was perfect and i was just hoping for him to come back and he DID! THANK YOUUU!!!! It was for sure the best ending Gossip girl had ever had. He's face and accent and EVERYTHING is outstanding and I cannot seem to stop looking at both of them! They're such a power couple. Always thought she and louis were perfect for each other and not chuck. Please, if you could please, never break them up! Such an awesome fairy tale. Can't stop smiling :DDD


Anyone but Chuck, PLEASE! I loved them when they first got together, but now it's to drawn out. Let Dan have a shot, or Louis. I actually like him. Give Blair a good ending and stick with it.


The Prince
The Pauper
The Dark Knight Well, we all know who wins in the long run in a competition like that: the Pauper. Always. And good. I was on the verge, like so many others, of dumping this series when Dan and Blair started hanging out. Even though they were only a tiny part of the show at first, I put off dumping the show and they became the ONLY reasons I stuck around. Everything else about the show I continue to detest, especially Serena's godawful boyfriends and anything having to do with Chuck Bass. In fact, I am so exhausted by any Chuck storylines that I just fastforward through them on my DVR (I always start watching 15 minutes after the show has begun so I can erase Chuck and scenes where Serena talks to her latest bland boyfriend).


If Prince Louis could resurfaces on UES for Blair I hope so does Professor Collin for Serena, because they are both gentleman and nice guys . They are what our UES Queens deserve and what the UES is lacking of , good guys .


I agree with the opinion of whenever Blair wears a green coat , there will be a huge news brewing . I love the idea of Prince Louis's coming back to fight for Blair because it's a truly romantic idea and a classy affair /romance for Blair who adores the idea of being a princess ,it's her dream after all. Besides,this plot drives away from Dair's concept . Blair is a UESers at heart ,I am sure she did rather be a princess than be with a hipster slash nyu student slash brooklyn guy . Most importantly , her affair with Louis will rise the conscious of Chuck about the importance of Blair's presence in his life

Gossip Girl Quotes

Life isn't a fairy tale, and happy endings are few and far between.

Gossip Girl

Rita: Luckily, Robin was working with me in New York this week and able to bring along a very special video of Blair.
Tiffany: What is it?
Penelope: A Jack Bass sex tape?
Tiffany: A Nelly Yuki snuff film?