Gossip Girl Spoilers: Huge Secret to Be Revealed

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Monday's Gossip Girl is the mid-mid-season finale, according to the producers. In their weekly preview, Joshua Safran and Stephanie Savage reveal some interesting info.

In "Empire of the Son" ...

  • The Dair story line continues to unfold.
  • Ben's mother returns, as does Serena's dad.
  • The entire direction of Lily's character will change.
  • Raina finds herself torn regarding her feelings for Nate.
  • Most significantly, a huge secret from the past, something that has been brewing not just for episodes, but seasons (plural) will be revealed. What could it be?!

Any thoughts on what that mega-bomb will consist of? How do you predict the show will leave things regarding Dair and everything else up in the air? Comment below!

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Chair fan

I agree the guys in the photos did not look like policemen. They looked more like really unfriendly guys. If they were kidnappers than it would not happen in day time as the pictures show. I think that that story line with Chuck going to prison is a bit overated, even if I like it, epecially the part were Blair comes to save him. As for the secrect I don' t think its the Ben/Serena/Lily story line reavled to the rest of the upper east side because for the viewers that story has already been reavled. So the produces will get the ratings down. I want Chuck and Blair to be together forever.


well tanky-girl, or what ever is your name.. i have seen your comments and that is enough for me!! rufly stays together, together, lala:-)))


I have to repeat - this spoilers I've left are for the LAST 2-3 episodes, so that can't be the huge secret from the past)
I do not really know about that secret, we'll all learn it today)
There are some more fotos of Blair walking with Louis and his mom and Blair somewhere ... in a deserted place????
Maybe you can share your thoughts about this?
and there is also a foto of Jack Bass coming back:
also Raina and Nate:

Tanky girl

@ruflyundchair I could be wrong--but I think Tanky Girl was just hoping Scott's dad is actually William's son and not Rufus's, making Dan/Serena less(?) related. I don't think she was saying anything against Rufus/Lily. Pretty true.
I just want Derena, I don't care if Rufly are together or not seeing as how it doesn't seem to stop them.

Tanky girl

well rufly stays together, rufly stays together,:-))))), lalala you stupid hater you lost!!! I'm not a hater.
I'm part of the majority which recognises the redundancy of Rufus.


DARE TO DAIR. bring on Dan/Blair they are such an exciting storyline, love them. Not really interested in anyone else.


how can i see @maria's photos? they wont let me click the links.


Well they show Lily with an orange prison suit in one of the preview scenes and that secret with serena and why she was in boarding school sort of just came out to the main characters but not to the public. Perhaps that is the huge secret that is going to be revealed. Someone is going to out lily b/c they also say in the editors preview that lily's character will significantly change.


those aren't police taking chuck away. maybe they're more like fbi detectives or something--or paid kidnappers. who knows. i do want chuck + blair back together, but chuck has got to prove himself in a major way! i wonder if thorpe's vendetta has something to do with the building that bart burned all those years ago...


@maria ... where did u get those spoilers ??
they do make sense right enough but i agree with @cbjen.. this
is a little too much drama even for gossip girl .. i really dont know what the big secret is gonna be im so excited but i dont want it to be too much.. and with that big cliffhanger we have to wait till april so that sucks, i hate long breaks c'mon the winter break just finished and we have to wait again :/

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