Gossip Girl Spoilers: Huge Secret to Be Revealed

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Monday's Gossip Girl is the mid-mid-season finale, according to the producers. In their weekly preview, Joshua Safran and Stephanie Savage reveal some interesting info.

In "Empire of the Son" ...

  • The Dair story line continues to unfold.
  • Ben's mother returns, as does Serena's dad.
  • The entire direction of Lily's character will change.
  • Raina finds herself torn regarding her feelings for Nate.
  • Most significantly, a huge secret from the past, something that has been brewing not just for episodes, but seasons (plural) will be revealed. What could it be?!

Any thoughts on what that mega-bomb will consist of? How do you predict the show will leave things regarding Dair and everything else up in the air? Comment below!

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omg thats so sad about chuck (if this is true)
but that would be a very dramatic storyline, i kinda love it!


Something that has been brewing for seasons.. none of the characters are safe from even the tiniest mention... I'm almost sure this has to do with Blair & Jack bc that storyline seems to have been forgotten.. what do you guys think?


I hope that the secret has something to do with Blair and Chuck. I don't think its about Dair because they stated that its something thats been brewing for seasons, and Dair has just begun to develop in this season. Something about that pregnancy scare that Blair had would be coool. Or something about her Bulimia, they've never really discussed that on the show! Which I think they should address it.
These spoilers that I've been hearing about Louis proposing to Blair, and Chuck going to jail, I'm really hoping that they're not true! For me, Blair and Chuck are endgame. I like Dair too., but come on, they'll never have what Blair and Chuck had. I would just like to see Chair get back together at some point!


I for one will just be really disappointed if they build up all this suspense and it ends up being a failed OMG attempt :( I hope that it will be about Blair that wakes up Chuck. Always been a Chair lover. Would love to see them together OR just apart for good because it's becoming (nope, it IS) pathetic what they're doing to Blair's character; pining for Chuck and always getting hurt by him. That SL is so overdone and so two season ago. I miss the Chuck and Blair scheming and their witty banter. I miss the old Gossip Girl.


I think that the big secret will have something to do with Blair and Chuck. From S1 so many things have been hidden about their relationship. When B took the pregnancy test is S1 she looked sad. Maybe she was pregnant and had a abortion or miscarage. The secret will be reavled and we all know how C feels about having a family. XOXO


Maybe Dan and Blair had an affair while he and Serena were together????


Anyone else notice that Blair was wearing odd shoes last week because she gave one of the shoes from one of the pairs to the Prince at the art museum at the beginning of the season? :(


and if josh will do dan and serena, then he does not care there if rufly have one or two lovechilds!! josh would do dan and serena if he want.


@Mrs J. Wasn't the "Dair" comment in the voice-over for next weeks promo clever? I know what you mean. I will be endlessly disappointed if the D/B awesomeness comes to nothing. But I'm still trying to prepare for the worst. I figure the blow might be easier that way.


cbjen: i dont care what she says. she is one from the haters. so i said this words lalala..

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