Gossip Girl Spoilers: Huge Secret to Be Revealed

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Monday's Gossip Girl is the mid-mid-season finale, according to the producers. In their weekly preview, Joshua Safran and Stephanie Savage reveal some interesting info.

In "Empire of the Son" ...

  • The Dair story line continues to unfold.
  • Ben's mother returns, as does Serena's dad.
  • The entire direction of Lily's character will change.
  • Raina finds herself torn regarding her feelings for Nate.
  • Most significantly, a huge secret from the past, something that has been brewing not just for episodes, but seasons (plural) will be revealed. What could it be?!

Any thoughts on what that mega-bomb will consist of? How do you predict the show will leave things regarding Dair and everything else up in the air? Comment below!

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I KNOW THE BIG GOSSIP GIRL SECRET!!! Bart farted in his coffin so toxins enfulfed the coffin and one day it got hot and it blew eveything up because of how flammable it was. my other theory is that,
Jenny humphrey got kicked off the show coz she slept with serenas grandma cici. the producers got angry so they slept with a bowling ball and chuck put a tennis racket in his hole because nate tried to experiment with his sexuality whilst chuck was sleeping. vanessa chopped off milo's balls and put them in the gourme pizza blair ordered last episod so she got sick and vomited in dans pants. plair licked it off then rufus walks in with ben so they start licking the vomit off dans undies. derota finally comes and cleans up the mess. after she gets the duster and shoves it in serenas bum she scream so the police come and shoot her in the phalange. she sues them but lily farts so everyone in the court dies. GOSSIP GIRL IS A COMPUTER THAT DOES THINGS THAT COMPUTERS DO but i am pretty sure it is a sperm cell in dans balls or possibnly georginas baby milo.


Bart couldn't have faked his death because didn't they in that ep after the car crash, show him in the hospital bed dead??


Okay well if you ask me I think the big twist will be.. Chuck and Dan have been secretly hooking up. And that Chuck told Dan to keep an eye on Blair since he still has feelings for Blair. So one night Chuck and Dan are at bar having some sexy time..all of sudden Failnessa shows up wanting to give Dan some info about Ben.. Why you ask? It's because Serena has been ignoring Trollnessa calls. Before Whatsherface? (troll) shows up she spots chuck and Dan having a quick make out session she takes out her phone takes a picture and sends it Gossip Girl. When Blair sees the blast she is full of shock! Dan then confronts Blair about it Clamming that the picture was photoshopped he the ask Blair to kiss him to proof he has feelings for her. I know crazy huh? Some of you people are confused as to why are Chuck and Dan hooking up. Well I think ever since Dan became rich. Chuck has had some urges with Dan. Dan just wanted to experiment with Chuck. Since both only had one guy friend. I think the writers are trying to be faithful to the book bout time!


I don't believe the secret regards Bart's death, it was in the second season...so the "seasonS" tip wouldn't be proper. Maybe it is about the origin of his fortune, that would be interesting...anything not regarding hook ups would be interesting at this point, specialy if it involved poor Nate...




Rufus and Vanessa hooked up!


It can't be the chuck and vanessa hook-up, because the came out in the season 2 finale when gossip girl had the blast. I think the secret is that chuck try to rape serena, because that happen in the pilot and we never so the fallout of it.


I think I know what's Lily's decision. In the promo she's holding a prison outfit, so I guess she has to decide between going to prison or selling Bass Industries to Thorpe or going to jail or sending Ben back to it? I just think Lily will do the moral thing from now on. Regarding the secret, I'm begining to gte clueless, every idea I have seems way too far fetched, then I remember "Hey this is Gossip Girl", then it just seems to blazé... And I think I know Dair's cliffhanger. Dan's gonna ask Blair for one kiss, Blair will look at him, Gossip Girl will say something related to them and the episode will end. If that happens, boy, will I be pissed.


secret? all of i can think of is that thorp is just acting like he is buying bass company for himself, I have a filing that behind all that is jack bass wich'll get bass company and try to destroy chuck and lily, but he couldn't make it, cuz chuck with blair's, nate's and serena's help is kinda invincable.
but the best it would be if blair and chuck would finaly get together!
and one question : do they even go to school anymore? cuz it seems to me that serena, dan, nate has totaly forgot that they are s


It actually just dawned on me that something that happened seasons back and seems to be quickly forgotten is Chuck and Vanessa's little fling. Vanessa is coming back and we are said to learn more about her this season, maybe the secret is that Chuck cheated with Vanessa or Vanessa cheated with Chuck. This would really throw everyone off kilter, especially Blair since Vanessa is one of her last enemies other than Jenny. So Chuck has to tell her before Gossip Girl drops the bomb, but he finds Dan and Blair together. Plus, Vanessa would have no incentive not to keep it a secret anymore considering her life with all the main characters has already crumbled. Just a guess though, could be anything especially with all the new characters entering.

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