Gossip Girl Spoilers: Dair Cliffhanger Ahead!

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Some want them to hook up. Others do not. But most Gossip Girl fans can agree that watching the Dan-Blair dynamic evolve in recent episodes has been a real treat.

Dair's not going anywhere, either. In fact, expect the pair to remain front and center throughout this month, with a "doozy of a cliffhanger" coming on February 28.

After that, according to TV Line, the show goes off the air for six weeks until mid-April, prior to a season-ending run of episodes carrying us into the middle of May.


What do you think this Dair cliffhanger entails? Share your theories with us below, and if you haven't done so already, tell us if you think Dan and Blair should get romantic:

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DAIR all the way, they are finally making the show more exciting to watch for me! I truly hope they are kept together to grow as a proper couple!


Dair ROCKS! I love them, they have chemistry and their love/hate relationship is so funny and interesting to watch. I think it's the first time i've seen growth with two GG characters. If they remain friends or get romantic - they will always have those cute fights. They are the only reason I'm watching the show this season (I skipped season 2 and most of 3). I saw the potential for Dair since season 1 in that ep, where Serena was on a photoshoot for Blair's mom I think and Dan talks to Blair since he sees that she sometimes falls in the shadow of Serena. And that fight they got into in that party where they were each trying to get the job at the magazine was hilarious. I can't get enough of them.


Dair haters get the fuck outta here nobody is listening to you obviously. oh and learn correct grammar before you talk shit on the two most decent characters on the show. k thanks :)


If Blair and Dan get together... EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Just gross, is it just me or am I the only one that thinks that no one on this show has any decent morals??? Everyone is getting with EVERYONE!!!! Like seriously, can't people have boundaries of staying friends.
Dair could be the worst couple yet for Gossip Girl, I've enjoyed their hate/love friendship but them getting together to me just says lowest way possible to get ratings up.
Worst couple ever.
I agree with another comment with Dan/ Serena and Dan/ Chuck together.


I really don't like Dair. It has as much potential as Chenny or Dan and Vanessa. I'll watch GG again when they give Blair a proper man to date, someone with charisma, real wit, someone new on the show, who can really compete with Chuck. THAT would be interesting. Dair? Just a green twig and a soggy match...


I NEVER wanna see chuck with blair EVER again, they have no chemistry, they are actually such a bad couple, and they were the reason I didn't like the show that much. DAIR OMG....YESSSS! Chuck and Blair, are something of the past...let's keep it that way PLEASE!!!


DAIR!!!! :D


Personally I'm just so sick of everyone hook up. Can't anyone just be friends. I mean they've all had each other. Nate (Vanessa, Blair, Serena, Jenny)
Chuck (Blair, Vanessa, tried Jenny, tried Serena)
Dan (Serena, Vanessa, now Blair)
Serena (Everything with a pulse) I think you get my point. I guess the only thing Blair and Vanessa have in common is their men.


OMG, Dan and Blair NEED TO BE TOGETHER!!!! That is the ONLY reason me, my friends, and my family are still watching the show. They are perfect for eachother and we all know in the end, chuck and blair will be with eachother but for now, I'm all for DAIR!!!!!


I love Blair with Chuck and I think they belong together. I don't care that they are apart for a while and I'm willing to accept other relationships but Dan and Blair have no chemistry. They are funny together and make good friends but they can't do anything romantic together. They have no spark and I, personally, could never buy that relationship. Blair wouldn't do that to Serena and she would never date anyone who is best friends with Vanessa, Surely....

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