Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: "Not Responsible"

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Tonight on Grey's Anatomy, Meredith begins to develop problems with her eyesight, ones which reportedly stem from her fertility treatments. This obviously puts her in a tough spot.

Meanwhile, Mark makes it clear to Callie and Arizona that he takes his role as a father-to-be seriously, but that can't help but cause complications on the relationship front.

The sneak preview below shows just how tenuous their arrangement is. After an issue with the baby emerges, Mark and Arizona clash over the best course of treatment ...

Think the baby will be alright? Can Calzona's relationship survive Mark's unusual role?

Follow the jump for two more clips from "Not Responsible," both featuring Meredith. When Alex takes a look at her eyes, he can't pinpoint the source of her vision impairment, but the fact that she's having trouble seeing certainly isn't lost on her longtime colleague:

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@Boston, absolutely not I would not feel different if Arizona was a guy.


I bet they will name the baby Cam Sloan Torres, or Mac Sloan Torres. Mer and Alex are hilarious. "squinting gives you crows feet, I'm good a plastic, I can help with that" Mer and Alex are like brother and sisters bickering.


Mer and Alex are made of awesome! Love them. More of them and less of the CAM crap.


It is Mark's child, but he does need to understand when to not get into Callie and Arizona's relationship. If something happend the ultimate decision would come down to Mark and Callie, as the parents, but i'm sure Arizona would have a say in it Love Alex and Mer's friendship:)


@kanpat1185: yep I also see that this storyline is predictable but we just have to deal with it. And maybe some things will surprised us.
For my part, I'm looking forward to Mer's storyline!


@Boston#1: Even with my previous comment, I also agree with you. And yes, I would react the same if Az was a guy. I was pointing at Mark's rights to answer to previous comments who said that Mark should let this baby alone. I agree that Arizona has also something to say but legally, she's not in yet because Callie & Az are not married, right? (I don't remember if they are...)
I just wanted to say that it was not inappropriate for Mark to be included, that's not because he could have others children that he has no rights on this one.


I wish that Arizona would just leave the situation. She is so much better than this!!! Even though I love her with Callie I feel this storyline is ruining the character. I am a HUGE Mark/Lexie fan and really wished we got more than a 2 second reunion. But at least Lexie reacted the way we expected her to. I would have HATED to watch her be another 3rd wheel in this.


I don't know about anyone else but I'm finding this Callie/Mark/Arizona baby drama predictable. They are going to find something wrong with the baby, then they call Addison who is coming in episode 18. Mark becomes devastated and Lexie decides that she doesn't really care if Mark has a baby with Callie and takes Mark back. Then Mark, Callie and Arizona have to make a decision on whether or not to save the baby or Callie. Addison has her emotional turmoil while trying to save Callie and the baby. Predictable. I saw all of this coming the moment Mark and Callie slept together.


@ Those of you who seem to be coming down hard on Arizona and saying only Mark and Callie should have a say, I wonder: Would you feel different if Arizona was a guy? An example: My parents are divorced and my father is remarried. When I was still a minor, my step-mother had a lot of say in my life, including health and medical decisions. Why? Because she was one of my parents. A step-parent, but a parent none-the-less. I was a special needs kid, so my medical costs impacted her income with my father. Yes, she could have opted out, but since she was married to my father, the state and federal government recognized her income and insurance as part of "my" household income and insurance. Her income was reported on my FAFSA, and she even had a say in the cell phone plan I had with my father. And this was with my my mother still in the picture. I had three parents: two women and one man. And my mother didn't always have a say on the parenting I had from my father and step-mother, because it wasn't her relationship. The big difference being between these two cases is that the State of California and the Federal Government recognized the marriage between my step-mother and my father. They have all of the rights and benefits that come along with that. But Washington State, and now California again don't recognize same-sex marriages. Even though Obama just decided not to enforce DOMA, it is still on the books. If same-sex marriage were recognized and Callie and Arizona got married, Arizona would be in the same-place as my step-mother. As much as I hate this SL, I think the discussion here and the issues it is raising highlights the injustice and homophobia that still persists in this country and abroad, even when it is not overt or unintentional. Arizona is one of the parents, regardless of what the State of Washington or the Federal Government says. The special needs of this kid would impact her too, and she has a real investment in this. It's not just Mark and Callie's baby, regardless of biology. Biology here is not relevant to the issues of life-long parenting obligations. I wish more people understood that.


SuperIdole, and jayla I agree 100%! While yes Arizona is Callies girlfriend, and she can have an opinion, the ultimate decisions, even legally, would not be set with arizona, they would be mark and callie as they are the child's biological parents. Thats just how it is, as odd or unfair to arizona as that may seem. @SuperIdole I ALSO agree with what you said about mark/callie. If Callie really had a problem instead of ordering MARK to rub her feet, she could of sent him back to his apt and had arizona rub her feet. Arizona can choose to laeve at anytime, and have no tie with the baby, Mark and Callie however are parents for LIFE to that kid... With ALL of that being said, its kind of a moot point...because I am telling you, this kid isn't going to live past this season, and I'll be surprised if it lives pass the musical episode...I thought that fromt he beginning and definitely think it now after reading all the spoilers

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