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Hellcats took a cue from many other shows this week and flashed back. The gimmick provided a chance to see how the squad came together, detailing the history between our favorite cheerleaders.

I thoroughly enjoyed the flashback scenes and stories on "Remember When." Savannah rocked the bleach blonde hair and Alice’s bangs were pretty rough. Being part of this squad has helped each of them in a positive way, showing how they really have become a family. The initiation was a little cheesy, but demonstrated a great story.

It's Marti

In the beginning of the season, I was not a huge fan of Alice, but time after time she has proved that she is just a strong girl who is nothing but loyal to her squad. She choose the team over her relationship with Jake twice during the hour. Pretty impressive.

Meanwhile, it looks like we are finally making some headway with the Travis/Marti being a law student/Bill Marsh story. I am interested to see if this whole setup of an arc will be a let down (a la Juliet on
Gossip Girl) or if the freshman series will succeed with its first major drama.

It was about time we had a sighting of Dan Patch and his adorable southern drawl, even if it was only for a minute. His quick conversation set up the premise that he will be returning for his brother's wedding. Sounds good to me! I'm excited.

Overall, “Remember When” was a solid episode. It set things up nicely the second half of the season. Check out some of the best quotes and sound off on what you thought of the Hellcats before they joined the squad.


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Gaw, it was so good to see Dan back even for a minute getting suited up. I love me a Southern Gent.
Besides that, I saw the 'other woman' plot that's in the 'Fancy Dan' promo a mile off...maybe they're going to drive Marti in someone else's arms.


The episode was pretty solid, except the Marti running part. I mean seriously, you've almost been beat up by two guys the night before and you have nothing better to do than to run around in the dark? I loved the trust test though. That must have been a scary thing to do. My only problem with the back-flashes was that I couldn't quite figure when all that was supposed to have happened. I mean Savannah hasn't been at Lancer very long. It all seemed a little constructed but anyway. At least we'll be seen Dan again soon, hopefully.


I really liked this episode for two reasons. One is because I saw how much Marti learned to value the team and second is because of that last scene when all the Hellcats decided to go into this debacle together. I love how this show portrays so much team spirit and passion.


Cool episode. I liked the flashbacks besides Vanessa's. I want to hug Alice but I'm afraid she'd hit me! I thought it was funny that Hellcats initiations are pseudo-religious.


I usually Hate the Flash Backs Episodes But THIS ROCKS Omg I love Every Single Minute Was Incredible Can't Wait to see Dan Again i miss him and See How The Case Ended


I also cannot wait for Dan to come back. Alice has always been my favorite character since the beginning and Marti is my least because sometimes she gets annoying.


i was happy to c dan he looked really good but he shouldn't have blown marti off like that...that was mean


Happy to see Dan back too I have really missed his character. Enjoyed the episode and can't wait for updates on Red/Vanessa and how Dan's return will impact Savannah.

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