How I Met Your Mother Review: "Oh Honey"

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Leave it to the Canadian to screw up a hot dog. On "Oh Honey," the gang cleared out of the kitchen with their foiled franks like the cast of Friends did after they tasted Rachel’s English Trifle.

I loved how when Ted revealed his plan to never see Zoë again, Robin took a page out of Public’s Enemy’s book and told Ted to take his feelings for Zoë and "Shut ‘em Down" rather than cost her a new friend. Shut ‘em, shut ‘em, down!

Katy and Company

Robin’s moments were limited, but it was great when she teased Marshall about being “so Minnesota” because he refused to be rude and ignore the call waiting. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, though. “So Minnesota” can’t be that far from being “So Canada,” can it?

Barney, despite looking like The Professor on Gilligan’s Island as he stared at Mary Ann’s coconuts, was responsible for the lone moment of sadness this week. I felt a touch of sympathy for him as he lamented to Honey about not knowing his real dad, but then she started listing off all the reasons why his father would be proud of him and, presto, our boy was back!

I mean, who wouldn’t be proud to call Barney his son, what with the airline, the three... no, sorry, the four Nobel prizes and playing for the Yankees?

Interesting to see he switched to disposable phones, or “burners,” like Avon Barksdale and his crew used in The Wire.  A smart move for a bachelor like him trying to elude would-be clingers, but I fear this bit of strategy may have cost him the chance to meet his father. Instead of giving him his work number, could it be Barney gave the man his cell phone number by accident? The same cell number he threw away when he switched to the disposable phones? We shall see soon enough.

Meanwhile, it was great to see the Eriksen family enjoy a happy moment together once again, as they high-fived and rejoiced at the news that Ted and Zoë were kissing.

Marshall’s mom and brother were amazing, listening in on his phone conversations and adding their insight. Great choice by Marcus, also, when he asked his mom to pick him up some Bugles from the store. Love me some Bugles. The scene where he used the character cards from Clue to explain the situation between Ted, Zoë and The Captain was vintage Marshall.

Zoë won me over, too, I have to admit. The stunt with the fridge full of ketchup was legendary, as was her line about having time for the beer Ted was about to offer her. Moreover, this exchange of cell phone calls between her, Ted and Marshall was one of the better scenes in the show’s history:

Zoë to Marshall: Yes I am, yes I am. He is? Bye.
Ted to Marshall: She is. She is. Marshall, I gotta go.

Great episode overall. The characters each were in their element and the delivery was spot on in every respect. Katy Perry performed a nice cameo, as she delivered her lines well and didn’t overact.

Quote of the episode went to Lily when she told Marshall to get on board with hating Ted or the "sexting" would stop. Until next week, enjoy that quip and others from this week’s episode:

Ted: What kind of name is Zoë? What is that short for Zoseph? | permalink
Lily: We hate Ted now. Get on board or the sexting stops!
Marshall: Ted's a son of a bitch! | permalink
Zoë: Hey, I was in the neighborhood and I thought I'd take you up on that beer you're about to offer me. | permalink
Ted: I'd say hump her brains out, but somebody obviously already has. | permalink
Barney: It was actually pretty noble of him. He fell on his sword, so that she could fall on mine. | permalink


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Why do you write "Zoë" when in the show it's clearly written as "Zoey"? Otherwise great episode!


i don't like zoey and i kinda hate ted but that last szene was really cute =)


first of all, the friends reference put this solidly in the awesome camp for me. "mm. im going to finish this in the bathroom" thank you chris for noting it. i totally missed the color-coded clue characters. and wait, just to be clear, NPH was not actually a teenage ER doctor with a cutting edge computer-diary?!?! im stunned. as always a great recap. the only one to read.


Really great episode, I like when Barney is not the center of attraction... Like the end. More of Zoë please (miss her in House anyway).


-Greg Kinnear isn't gay.
-C. Thomas Howell isn't black.
-Charlie Sheen never did a tour in Viet Nam
-Bruce Willis isn't capable of diving off a building tied to a firehose
-Terence Stamp isn't a cross dresser
-Jon Voigt isn't Dwight D. Eisenhower
-Jon Favreau is NOT 'money'
-Neil Patrick Harris isn't into chicks. Suspension of disbelief is the cornerstone of entertainment. Without it Shia LaBeouf wouldn't have a career as an action hero. And I agree, Barney is one of he greatest womanizers in the history of the medium.

C f ohara

PAG...did you really think NPH was a doctor? Darn good show though that Doogie Howser. We watch TV to escape reality. Who cares what his orientation is he is a fantastic actor and his work as Barney Stinson has been regarded by many as, well..."Legendary." One of the best and most comedic womanizers of all time in my opinion. He is a true talent and very versatile in his art. If you can't subscribe to Barney, I'm not sure why you even watch the show to be honest.


it cant be zoe..she wasnt that girls room mate!!


Katy Perry's character was adorbss! Srsly. I KNEW Zoe and Ted were gonna hook up as soon as I saw them! I mean, it was pretty obvi but anyways.


Frankly I don't understand how anyone can watch this show and belive Neil Patrick Harris being a womanizer. I know it's a TV show but there has to be some sense of reality included.

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I'd say hump her brains out, but somebody obviously already has.


I just had a great TV audition, behind the KFC where the producer works on the weekends. Long story short, I'm going to be on LOST.