Inside Glee's Original Songs: Listen, Learn Now!

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What can you do when your good isn't good/And all that you touch tumbles down/'Cause my best intentions/Keep making a mess of things/Just wanna fix it somehow/But how many times will it take/Oh, how many times will it take... for me to get it right?

It's no "My Headband," but these are lyrics from "Get It Right," one of the original songs Glee will debut at Regionals.

It will be sung by Rachel, and music producer Adam Anders explained to TV Guide from where the inspiration for the song came:

"I've watched Rachel struggle. She's always trying to do the right thing, or thinks she's trying to do the right thing... and it always gets messed up. 'Get It Right' is her asking when things are going to work out. It's really emotional."

The second original song set to debut on an upcoming episode is titled "Loser Like Me."

Anders describes is as an "anthem" for New Directions: "It's celebrating everyone's differences and saying, 'Look you can say whatever you want about me, but at the end of the day, you're going to want to be a loser like me,'" he continues. "It makes being a loser a cool thing. It flips it on its head.... I kind of saw everyone putting their Ls in the air."

Listen to it now and sound off in our Glee forum: What do you think?

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I'm not very impressed with either songs. For some reason, I think they're very HSM. I think they could've done a lot better.


Loved the first song amazingly sung by lea but the second is just too cheesy and cliche


Neither song is chill-inducing good, but technically they're supposed to have been written by a teenage girl whose song-writing credits include "My Headband," so I don't mind. Also I feel like the presentation of the song will make people love them, or wish they'd never happened.


I actually liked the second song . Its upbeat and paints a picture of what exactly the Glee club members have been going through as well as saying that they're proud of who they are . I like it ! :)


Wow spell check wins again... * don't rain on my parade


@superidole I agree that that was one of the best songs an the only song I like Rachel singing! Cause it's no secret that I hate Rachel! (that stupid bitch) but yea don't RSI ony parade was awesome! :)


As a straight girl, I "fell in love" with Lea when she sang "don't rain on my parade" and I don't think they could do's only for me but in my heart that's a winner song. To bad they can't use it forever^^


the first one is amazing.
Lea is amazing.


I'm not impressed.


hmm... "My Headband" is way better hahaha I personally didn't like either of the songs but wtv xD

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