James Tupper to Reprise Role on Grey's Anatomy

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Having appeared early this season as psychiatrist Dr. Andrew Perkins, James Tupper will return for multiple episodes of Grey’s Anatomy later this spring, according to EW.

Originally brought in to perform evaluations on the residents after last season’s shooting (and romance Kim Raver’s Dr. Teddy), what brings him back to SGMWH is unclear.

Tupper will appear in three episodes toward the end of this season.

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Any theories on why Dr. Perkins is returning? Which character(s) do you think he will evaluate, if any? Would you like to see him as a regular on the show? Discuss.

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I dont want Andrew to stay. I think in the Finale, Teddy will realise she loves Henry. But... This being ShondaLand, I bet they'll be happy for about 2 episodes before Henry dies. I love Teddy and Henry together, but as Shonda said; unless you're a doctor, there's not a lot for you to do. Then again, Henry is on the Cheif's trial and has some serious illness, so there is actually a lot for him to do. I HOPE HE'LL STAY :) :)


I want Dr.Perkins to stay on the show forever. i love him and feel more excited to see him with teddy more than Henry (sorry henry!) hope to see him again in Grey's Season8 , plsss


Arizona has a car accident!!


I think that something's going to happen with the baby, I don't think it will die, but something's gonna happen. As for Dr. Perkins, I think he's coming back for Teddy but in my opinion? Teddy and Henry are going to fall in love.


I am so excited that he's coming back!!


@ medshowaddict, Meredith did attempt to end her life deliberately in Season 3 so that too has been covered on this show. She damn near drowned when she stopped fighting to get to the surface for air (after she fell in the bay at the ferry boat accident) though she could swim after her mother became lucid and said horrible things to her days before. I do like your idea though and it's a great way to thrust Avery's character in the spot light and show us another side of him. He has suffered in silence and maybe it will come to a head. It would be interesting to meet his parents -- remember, he's related to Harper Avery, the great surgeon -- so he has more pressure on him than we've seen. Great idea.


My thoery is that Tupper will be brought back when the first anniversary of the shootings takes place. That will be a difficult time for the docs. But I can't see this character made a whole lot of difference during his last time at the hospital. He messed up and didn't help any of the screwed up docs. Heal thyself physician


I wouldn't, I think he's creepy.


I would love for him to be permanently in the series.


I loved him on Mercy. Would love for him to be a regular on the show.

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