Jersey Shore Review: "The Great Depression"

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Coming into the third season of Jersey Shore, The Situation promised fun, hilarious times ahead. That was true last night more than ever before, with the absence of Sammi.

Sam's presence was still felt, of course, by the grieving Ronnie, who vows to win her back. This guy is seriously nuts. She makes you go postal and you want to win her back?

When Sammi does return, the same old drama will likely return, but last night's episode, despite being called "The Great Depression," was more laid back than recent ones.

Bros Talk

Mike and Ronnie talk about feelings. And say "bro" a lot.

A brief rundown of events:

Sammi breaks down as she tells her mother about her fight with Ronnie, while back in Seaside, The Situation consoles Ronnie, who is depressed without Sammi.

Moving on, thankfully, Vinny retaliates after Snooki and Deena start a prank war by hanging Snooki's beloved stuffed crocodile off the balcony. Snooki is pissed.

JWoww becomes disgusted after watching Vinny try to unclog the toilet, while Situation races against Pauly D, Snooki and Deena on the boardwalk to blow off steam.

Pauly D finds a pair of dirty underwear in the bathroom, which is gross, while Snooki tells Ronnie he's delusional after he promises again to win Sammi back.

The Situation attempts to hook up with Pauly D's ex-girlfriend, with mixed results. Snooki hits it off with a guy at the club, while Deena has a breakdown.

She considers leaving the shore house but it's Ronnie who talks her into staying. Hey, you gotta stand tall despite all the crap this place throws at you.

Vinny, Pauly D and Ronnie crash Snooki's hook-up session in the Smash Room, but later, Vinny ends up on the receiving end of that joke thanks to Mike.

Good episode. Lots of fun scenes, not as much domestic violence. It's hard to find that balance when you're Jersey Shore. Quotes and one-liners to come!

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Can I just throw out that the person who wrote this should not make it sound like it was all sam's fault. Wording things such as "she made you go crazy" make it seem like its only the girls fault when abuse happens. Ronnis is crazy. Does that make it sam's fault? No. Does it excuse her actions either? No. But Ronnie decided his actions not sam. You can't chose others actions but you can choose the way you react to them. He cheated on her and crawled in bed with her, but her dancing with a guy makes it ok for him to break her things? Also, just would like to point relationship violence is a cycle which is why he vows to win her back, not because he is "so in love with her" but because he misses the drama and enjoys playing the victim.