Josh Holloway Likely to Guest Star on Community Season Finale

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For its two-part season finale, Community will air some kind of sequel to last year's beloved paintball episode, "Modern Warfare."

Incredibly, though, this is NOT the most exciting piece of news regarding the installment: sources confirm to Entertainment Weekly that Josh Holloway is nearing a deal to guest star on episode.

Josh Holloway

According to the magazine, Holloway will portray a mysterious figure who appears on campus during the new game.

The role will mark Holloway's first gig since Lost disappointed those who anticipated a satisfying conclusion to its storylines concluded in May. Other former castmates have guest-starred on various shows since the series wrapped, most recently Jorge Garcia on Mr. Sunshine and Michael Emerson on Parenthood.


And by "the same" I mean how I feel right now. Loved it!


Oh. It was pretty damn satisfying. Though recently, while rewatching the series with my family
(Got the full box set), I came to the conclusion that maybe I was 95% satisfied (I didn't buy "The Whispers" explanation, Across the Sea was terrible, and I'm still not 100% certain who was in Christians body all the time, since at one time we saw him on the freighter) with the entire series, including the finale(people seem to forget that A LOT of stuff happened ON THE ISLAND those last 2 1/2 hours), because I had only invested about 1 year into the entire series. (I started watching the series the summer before Season 6 started). Though I can't see it myself, maybe the fact that others invested 6 years into Lost made them a little upset about the resolution (Not sure how I would have felt, but I'd say it would be the same [I've invested 10 full years into Smallville, though, so let's see what happens there]). I'd certainly like to see if there is a split. I'm sorry, what? This article is about Community? Ah. Yes. Let's hope they don't screw the finale up! I wouldn't want them to ruin my perception of the last Paintball episode I invested 22 minutes of my life into.

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