Leighton Meester Roommate Advice: Don't Touch My $h!t!!

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Leighton Meester stars in The Roommate with Minka Kelly, opening this Friday.

If you were ever considering rooming with the Gossip Girl star in real life (we should be so lucky), there's one thing in particular she wants to make clear right off the bat.

As long as you abide by one simple request, things should work out really well between you. Watch her lay the ground rule down in this funny College Humor video ...

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its college humor yall, i knew something funny would have come up! nice one leigh


I fell over laughing; genius!


LMAO! hahah thts hilarious


LOL thats so funny, and should be a real PSO for college roomates!


she's hilarious!!:)

Gg girl

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah DONT TOUCH MY SHIT!!!!!!!


IA! Leighton is hilarious :) Dont touch her sh!t is the lesson of the day. LOL


Hahahaha this is so funny!!!! Even my brothers laughed. I love her. :)

Kimberly anne

Hahahahahahahaha I love Leighton. She was so serious in the beginning that I actually believed the cause she going to talk about was serious. She was hilarious in this video :)


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