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Wow. Where to start reviewing the Lie to Me season finale?

Overall, "Killer App" had so much in it that I want to talk about. I will start with my nod to Paul James, who played Kyle. I have really enjoyed him in Greek and it was great to see him in something else.

Killer App Scene

With that small item is out of the way, let’s move on to the main aspects of the installment.

Lightman’s new hire: Ria pulled the kid off the streets a few episodes ago and now it looks like she may have someone to take under her wing when the show returns, as there was a clear connection between Lightman and the young recruit.  While I am sure our interview had nothing to do with the new character, it would be fun if it did.

Personal case for Gillian: Ria and Eli called her out on “doing that thing Lightman does” when they pointed out the case was a personal case on company time. However, unlike a lot of Lightman’s cases this one got very personal when Claire was murdered. Kelli Williams did such a great job with the tears in each scene. I really felt her pain. I really hope the Emmy voters watch this episode.

Wollowski's faith in Lightman: I have commented before how quickly Wollowski trusted Lightman, but when she was willing to walk away and not arrest Kyle, but left with “If you see him, tell him to turn himself in,” it showed me how completely she believes in him. Not many people trust Lightman that much.

Sex without having sex: Between Emily grunting when Liam was stretching her hamstrings to Wollowski and Lightman on the couch at the crime scene, I don’t think have ever seen this much sex without their being actual sex involved.

Lightman’s scariest dialogue ever: In what had to be the most powerful dialogue ever spoken by Lightman, he explained to Zach that prison would only take his freedom but that a mental hospital (and its pills) would take his mind, and that DR Foster would personal make sure of it. It struck home how much Lightman hated seeing Gillian in pain and the things Lightman was willing to do to help.

Lightman really loves Gillian: We have all known for a long time that there was something there but he actually said it out loud to Emily. While it may go back into the shadows, we can hope that now it’s been verbalized we will see more of it.

I was also happily surprised that they didn’t get into the debate about personal information on the Internet. I was really afraid they were going to when Lightman started his rant about “sifting through her laundry” when he first met Zach. Glad I was wrong.

Lastly, my inner-geek would not allow me to sleep if I didn’t mention the effect you might have noticed where the names popped up on his camera when he was walking around. It appears they were basing that on Augmented Reality software. Sadly, I don’t know much as much about AR as I would like (it is still very knew and growing), but I have seen enough that I recognized it as the basis for that gimmick in the show.

The Chicago Code takes over this time slot next week. Look for Lie to Me to return in the summer or the fall - and for TV Fanatic to follow it every step of the way.


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I'm not surprised. They have attacked too big a red-headed fish in the 3x13. Freedom has its limits. It's called money. ;)


First off, let me just say that I love reading your reviews...mostly because we seem to have a similar thought process. ;) I've always loved the Cal/Gillian moments, and this episode was filled with them. I love watching Tim's face whenever he and Kelli have 'tender' moment together, because it's like you can just see the adoration in his face.
Don't even get me started on Kelli's acting! She's the queen of tearing up...really touching and believable. I think that Cal and Gillian should get together, however I don't necessarily think that they should get together early in the show. I'm not sure how many seasons Lie To Me is planning on doing, but I think they should hold it off until at least the last season or so. I can live with just watching their little moments, as long as the end result is them getting together.:)
I really really really REALLY pray that Lie To Me has a fourth season...I heard rumours about it not continuing, but since then I've heard that they are continuing...I really hope they do! One of my favourite shows!


I hope they don't let Lightman and Gillian get together. The tension between a male and female lead always keeps the show interesting. David and Maddie never shoulda got together. Pam and Jim. etc... :)


they say it might be getting canceled and I'm crying about it...


Does anyone know the exact date on when it will return?


Best LIE TO ME episode to date! I really enjoyed the calmer more emotional Cal as he demonstrated his overwhelming, yet tender love for Gillian...a pure love. He seemed more composed while sharing his intellect with others which was more powerful to me. Having said that, I didn't like the scene with Wallowski ( sex with no sex) as that seemed to diminish his love for Gillian. The ending scene however, was epic as Cal admits his love for Gillian to Emily. Wonderful acting as that scene brought tears to my eyes. In addition to all of this, another show stopper for me was the stellar performance given by Kelli. What a superb actress. Overall, I have high hopes for season 4 as this show and the chemistry between Tim and Kelli is like food for my soul. Thank you for the support.


I absolutely love Lie to Me, and your notion that it will have a season 4 just warms my heart. I must have re-watched the scene where Cal admits his love for Gillian at least 10 times. In whatever capacity you are able to, please keep talking about Lie To Me and giving it what support you can. Thanks from all us Liehards out there!

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Lie to Me Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Claire: So this is my fault?
Lightman: Are you saying or are you asking?

Zach: Claire and I have been friends since freshman year, you can tell her she is safe.
Lightman: Define safe.