Lights Out Review: "The Comeback"

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We got more of the same this week on Lights Out.

While "The Comeback" implied an episode devoted to boxing and Patrick’s training, it really only focused on the repetitive argument of whether or not Patrick is even allowed to make a return to the ring to save his family.

Coming Back?

It’s not that there needs to be endless rounds of flying fists to make this show good. A great story and characters are the basis for any intriguing and compelling show, while action simply enhances that drama.

Unfortunately, while I like the characters here, there is a flatness to some of the emotional scenes that make it hard for me to see them for more than their most basic of merits. It’s as if the show has predetermined that viewers should enjoy and connect with the characters before ever really getting to know them.

Theresa has long been on my nerves, but she really annoyed me this week. It’s obnoxious and grating to hear her constant whining and complaints against Patrick. It’s hard to see that she has any love for husband, even after all of the sacrifices and effort he has put into supporting and caring for his family.

Patrick might be able to take real punches, but he manages to take some emotionally stinging ones as well.

Theresa has only managed to tell Patrick what he can and can’t do, and has refused to really explain why he can’t fight again. When she snidely commented on whether he needed to fight or wanted to fight, I was so pleased when he proudly exclaimed, “Both.”

I even used to like Daniela because she showed so clearly cared about her father. But this episode had me feeling as if her dialogue was an echo of her mother’s. Blackmail for your father? I understand her concerns more because she is far younger, but that excuse only takes her so far.

If anything, Patrick is really in his own corner. Consider:

Johnny has mismanaged the savings and even sold his brother out. Barry K. Word and Hal Brennan are simply using Patrick for their own means. Theresa bluntly told Patrick that he is on his own and to leave the house.

If he was trying to avoid distractions on his return to the ring, I don’t know how Patrick can manage to do that with all of the baggage that seems to surround him.

I want Patrick to succeed simply to get the best of everyone and show how he truly is a champion. I’m still in his corner.

Lights Out has kept its slow pace, but it’s beginning to feel like a standstill. The show needs to focus more on boxing, less of the whining wife, and work to illustrate some character growth. Hopefully, it doesn’t remain so flat-footed and the second half of the season comes out swinging.


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Sp mckenna

@ LightsOutFan - I agree that television has become a war zone and it's become extremely hard for shows to stick around. Look at Terriers. That was a well crafted show that took its time, developed its characters, and hit its marks. It was cancelled. It is hard for serialized shows to compete with the likes of viewership towards shows like Housewives or even Jersey Shore. I enjoy Lights Out and I'm not looking for a bow wrapped ending for every episode. It's a unique brand of series with some relatively interesting characters. I'm just hoping to see a little more chemistry and pep from the characters. As for the wife, I'm simply disappointed that she refuses to support her husband on any level. So, even though I have a few complaints about Lights Out, it doesn't make it a bad show. It certainly has a lot to offer and overall, I look forward to seeing Patrick's comeback.


I agree with your review of the season so far! The show has an unusually slow pace. It reminds me of the pace from the show Mad Men, except that show left you guessing and hooked you into wanting to know more about the characters intentions and the plot. Im a fan of FX especially Rescue Me. That show took you into the world of fighting fires, and now FX is trying to get us hooked into the world of boxing, but if boxing is this dull in real life i don't see the point of making a show about it. All-in-all the show leaves me wanting more. Hopefully next week will prevail.


Ya know.. I really think you folks have to watch so many shows that you don't have the time to digest what the core substance of a serialized drama is REALLY about anymore. You can have McDonald's or you can have a 5 course meal. There's no case to be solved, no housewives to start or end a catfight, no shoot outs, no court victory by the good guys.. all in 60 minutes. It's too slow, the wife is a (fill in whatever bad word you wish), the opening credits are bad, the kids are brats, the fights don't look real, the MMA was insulted blah blah blah.. I have never seen a show nit-picked to death as this one. I'm glad FX will complete the season and if there's no Season 2 just goes to my point..Television is becoming a war zone, and quality programming can't win the battle.. Whateva..I'll wait for the reviews tomorrow on Justified, I'm sure they will be glowing and I'm sure it will get 5 million viewers (good show and cripes no competition for sure), and then I'll go back and read all the complaints about Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy and how slowwwwwwww and dullllllll and booooringggg it was and then wham the Season Finale blew the socks off everyone. yeahhhhhh Remember that???

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