Matt Czuchry Teases "Out of Control" Storyline on The Good Wife

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The battle for firm power will be decided on Tuesday's new episode of The Good Wife.

On the subsequent installment, the ongoing drama between Blake and Kalinda will be wrapped up, but Matt Czuchry says the conclusion of this feud will lead into another development involving his character's friendship with Kalinda.

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“There’s a new storyline that affect Kalinda and the rest of the cast,” Czuchry tells EW. “It’s kind of one of those focal points of the season that wraps one moment up, then snakes out of control by the end of the season.”

Remaining ambiguous about what's on tap, Czuchry adds:

"With the new information that comes out at the end of the investigation, he’s forced to make decisions about who he’s going to protect and how he’s going to keep his job. So there’s always a measure of how the decision that he makes could get him in trouble on either side."

What do you think, fans? Will Cary be back at Lockhart & Gardner by the end of the season? Do you want him to be?


Love Cary and Kalinda... Hope to see more of them.


Cary needs to stay with the DA office! Cary and Peter against Lockhart/Gardner for season 3 will be terrific! I'm not sure I like the potential hook-up with Cary and Kalinda. I'm beginning to lose interest with all of the different Kalinda rolls. This is the best TV that I’ve seen for a very long time!


I love watching Cary, but I like him better now that he isn't working for Lockhart-Gardner, he seems less self-centered. I really enjoy watching Cary/Kalinda/Blake in the story and hope that the producers keep that going.


I love Cary and im always find myself intregued whaen ever he is on screan as you just never know what he's going to say next, as for the ultimate question of whether he'll be back at LGB Id love to see him back but i'll be happy whatever to outcome. As for Blake and Kalinda, I'm not his biggest fan at all and i'd be more than happy if he just left!


@DW ... so it was ok for Carey to manipulate the partners and make inappropriate remarks about Alicia's competence and age while fishing for support with equity partners in his efforts to be the one to keep the job at Lockhart/Gardner, but it wasn't ok for Alicia to bring a new client and secure her position? Don't you find that hypocritical at least a little bit? To be quite honest, I don't like Carey very much. He's two-faced, manipulative and cocky but he's an excellent lawyer/prosecutor. He did win a few points with me in his dealing with Kalinda, though. I give him an A+ for that. I wouldn't want to see him going back to L/H&B because I think it adds the adrenalin to drama with him being on the other side. The Blake/Kalinda situation needs to wrap up, it's becoming a real drag. Blake is appalling, get rid of him. Would like to see more of Owen and I miss Jackie, too.


The national political scene is stressing me out so much I can't take the tension in TGW. Love the show, but taking a break from it even though Tuesday nights won't be the same.


I really like the Good Wife but after the Tea party thing I will not be watching. This show is not your soap box. Its a story and nothing else. you should sit on the fence now you will go away to bad.


I think Alicia has been snarly to Cary for quite a while. The constant eye-rolls, etc. We love Cary, he's the favorite at our house, and it would be okay if he went back to Lockhart-Gardner. But he has been spectacular at the SA's office and Cary has really thrived this year. I think he made those salary "demands" to Diane because he KNEW they would never be met. It continues to amaze how so many people think Alicia did no wrong in using her contacts to keep her job. Cary has every reason to resent her. And to her credit, she is no better or a worse a person than any other character on The Good Wife. Bottom line: we love Cary no matter where he is working.

Matt richenthal

@Tilly: Officially? No. But it's a top 20 show in the ratings and an Emmy nominee. It will be around for many years.


While I love Cary I would be pissed if Diane or Will gave in to his demands regarding Alicia. He was really snarky to her this week, besides I think he has really grown as a character with the DA.

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