Nikita Review: "Coup de Grace"

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Fight for what you want. – Nikita

All I can say is this: thank God Percy wasn’t the one debriefing Alex and reviewing the mission tapes.

On "Coup de Grace this week, we saw another couple reunited, thanks to Nikita and Alex. If anyone knows about not giving up on someone you love, it’s Nikita. I wasn’t sure if she was right about letting Prince Eric talk to Lila, but since he said he trusted her with his life, Nikita allowed it. How big of a bitch was that wife? I’m glad Alex got a good punch in.

In a Museum

Unfortunately, every time Nikita reunites a couple, she looks like she’s been stabbed in the heart. Due to the death of Daniel, you can see she has an exceptional soft spot for people doing everything they can to protect their loved ones. I can imagine how much it hurt her to find out that man’s wife was having him killed just for money and status?

I just love how Alex lets Nikita know what’s going down all in code, right in front of Division, without their suspicion.

One second Alex asks Nikita “you okay?” and the next “you listen, bitch," all whilse Division views her as a hero. Earlier in the episode, I said to myself: You can tell by Michaels face when he looks at Alex that he knows she’s up to something. Sure enough, during the last scene of the episode, he saw Alex asking Nikita where she was. I wonder what he is going to do with that information?

All Mikita shippers, myself included, surely let out a sigh of relief when Michael gave Nikita the look we’ve missed. He had the opportunity to take her out and passed. I was really feeling their loaded looks at each other. Here’s hoping there’s still a chance for them. I did note that Fletcher wasn’t present tonight, as well.

What did you think TV Fanatics?


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can we get a forum for nikita? reason: because it'ssuch an awesome show which I hope will no tget cancelled like Life Unexpected! I have a feeling michael is in fact going to help nikita bring division down because he knows she is absolutely right about percy and all. Also well duh of course Alex's apartment is under survellaince ..I mean same as it was with daniel and nikita.


Oh and as IF Division wouldn't have Alex's apartment under surveillance!! That's what I thought would happen after Michael spoke to her on the phone they'd do a wide shot of Alex's empty apartment oops!


Nikita made a couple references to Michael being someone she cares for....asking Alex if he'd asked about vulnerable of her and also she says to the Prince that he'd chosen love over duty and she says something like she knows someone who would never do that. Then she makes a comment about Michael being "some prince" as in she's disappointed he's not the man she wants him to be....I love the Owen character but would love to see Michael and Nikita together and bringing Division down...although that's unlikely to happen lol


this was a great episode, amazing


thanks wikify, you've been very helpful. :)


Nikita was being a smart-ass when she didn't believe the Prince used to be a "medical" doctor, so the prince replied back with sarcasm and humor by saying he had a doctorate in something useless that a prince would more likely know, like the dance "the tango".


Guys, can someone explain me what the prince meant when he said:
"Yes, I'm a doctor of the tango"?
Thank you very much :)


Elva, I think it's because Alex reminds him of nikita..Also Mikita would be hawt. Really, we'd like to see that by the end of season 1. at least flahsbacks or scene. we know nikita loved daniel but I think she always had this soft spot for michael. alex - she's just awesome. problem is that michael realised something's up...hmmm will he protect her or tell percy. I personally think he'll protect her, but it depends howfar percy will go. i wish michael shoots percy in the head :D


I personally like the Mikita look too. I think that Michael will keep it a secret because he cares about Alex and when Percy finds out, Michael will join with Nikita to keep Alex safe.


This was one of the better and worse(r) episodes of Nikita. While i was very entertained (not always in a good way) an even-barely-concious person could tell you there were GLARINGLY HUGE holes and poor acting decisions all over the place. The good: 1) the plot was tight,
2) the pacing was very tight - a credit to the cutting room guys,
3) "Yes, I'm a doctor of the tango" - felt out of place but was still pretty funny,
4) Dialogue between the Prince and Nikita involving the Michael-Nikita relationship subtext along with Nikita's comment later of "some Prince, huh?" - was a nice way to squeeze in a little character in a basically all action episode. The bad/stupid: (which are myriad) 1) A black Georgian terrorist? Really? Is Section running out of Caucasian operatives? Is the show's casting director really that stupid? 2) Running/Fighting with broken off high-heels? I'm a guy and even I know that's ridiculous. Later, Nikita even jumps from a 10 foot scaffolding onto metal grating wearing those shoes. (As my gf said, "there must not be a single woman on the writing staff.") 3) You are a man of importance, someone takes down your bodyguards and you run TOWARDS the assassin - not away to escape? (that just defies all common sense... bad acting/choreography.) 4) Georgian terrorists switch to perfect English with an American accent after one sentence? Whatever happend to maintaining your cover? (For an espionage show, this show is not very espionagey.) 5) Terrorists taking off their mask in front of hostages? IE. Agents taking off their masks, visually exposing themselves to witnesses in an op? (What kind of spy/assassin/blackops show is this?) 6) Slice guys with a katana, turn your back and strike a pose, they drop when you slam the Tsuba into the Saya (hilt into the scabbard) = overused ultra-melodramtic ridiculously campy cheese. (Me, my gf, and 3 friends literally LOL'd & OMG'd.) 7) Naming Percy out loud in front of witnesses? Commmme On! That's just plain dumb. Alex whispers but the team leader practically yells Percy's name at one point. 8) Nikita does't pick up the phone when they were going to kill Lila but picks up when they threaten to break fingers? 'We' know why Nikita picked up, but to every character in the show this should have made ZERO sense. (That was a HUGE plot device FAIL.)

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Michael: Almost. She has a way of corrupting things from the inside. Like cancer.