Nikita Review: "Echoes"

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At first I thought she meant me, then Nikita perhaps, but now it makes perfect sense. Now the answer is obvious, she’s afraid of herself. - Amanda

Who is she?

That’s the question every Nikita viewer was asking for nearly all of "Echoes." The answer? herself. Alex was terrified of another version of herself; a version her father wanted and trained her to be. Excellent performances by Lyndsy Fonseca and Melinda Clarke this week.

Drugged Up

The Zetrov symbol, which was the sign of her father’s company, was shown throughout the hour. Alex’s father wanted her to reclaim his legacy, which we saw her hallucinogenic version of herself do, along with killing Nathan and her hallucinogenic baby.

Although I’m convinced Nathan is in no way part of Division, I find myself wondering how Nathan got a key. I would love Alex have the future that she of which she dreamed: married to Nathan, with a baby. Fortunately, Alex told Nikita she believes Nathan is in danger, and hopefully Nikita can relocate him before Division gets to him.

Finally, we find out how Nikita has been living, and where her money comes from. I wonder how she convinced this Whitfield guy to leave all of his cash to her. He must have left her a lot because Nikki requires a lot of dough to buy the ammunition she’s always packing.

Nikita was 100% right in being worried about Alex’s face when she shot Vlad. Alex is also now worried that she may be headed toward the cold killer version she saw herself as in her dream state. When she says she’s leaving, though, where does she plan on going? At least we know she won’t be headed back to Russia.

Back at Division... all I can say is: poor Birkhoff. The only way he can get his kicks is online, and even then he gets interrupted by Michael. How funny would a Division After Hours episode be? It’d be a kick to see what happens with Birkhoff and his online buddies, as well as Percy and Amanda. They had some serious chemistry in their scenes together this week.

Even though it was a hallucination, we got some Mikita action and, boy, did the sparks fly! Unfortunately, the installment ended with Michael chilling in Nikita’s house with a machine gun. Overall, I found myself wondering if new information was unfolding during hallucinations, or if the writers were just trying to make us think. Either way, it was a heck of an Inception-like episode that had my head spinning before the puzzle was placed together.

What did you think TV Fanatics?


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This show never upsets me, the writers have done a great job. The episode made me feel bad for Alex and I think that she will try to escape for good. I hope not she is such a great asset to the show. Nikita and Michael at the end, WTFFFF!!!! I think he might join Nikita and take down division. I really hate that hoe Amanda, she is the devil of division along with old man Percy. Now the only think that pisses me off is we gotta wait till April 7th, we just came back from a break. I really hate waiting especially when they leave us on cliff hangers. I really hate when CW does that they only end up losing viewers. God damn American Idol, that show has ruined many great shows in the past and it better not mess up Nikita and its time for it retire for good.


"Hi, it's Nikita. I'm out saving the world. Leave a message". Best. Line. Ever. Ever. The non-chalant delivery is what really sells it, though.


I loved this episode, so much


Excellent. Inceptionesque, Alex "waking up" and creating chaos and Amanda is so calm, doppelganger Alex, and the end with Michael's: "Ask me how I got here", hahaha. I love this show.


Actually, it is conflicting to tell whose team Michael plays for. He doesn't stand for what Percy represents, but he still stays to get his revenge for his family. You can tell he loves Nikita and cares for Alex, so he definitely knows that Alex could be working with Nikita now. I actually believed he would be at Alex's apartment instead, but the final scene was priceless. What is going to happen next? That's what I want to know, sooner rather than later, we need at least a promo for the next installment. Regarding the key from Nathan, we don't exactly know how he got a hold of it, or if Alex told him it's under the mat just in case. So I'm not too upset about that, I wanted a continuation of their relationship status since the week before, except that week dealt with Alex's past. I like how this series is unraveling. I actually liked the fact that Nikita was the voice of reason in Alex's hallucinations. Seriously though, does it mean that Nikita would have to relocate in the end?


I love this show! This was one of the best episodes. However, I feel like they haven't went into Michael's and Nikita's issues enough. They should both have more screen time together. Alex is a great character, but I also think that she has too much screen time and sometimes I forget that the show is actually about Nikita, not Alex. Plus it's also interesting that Alex is Russian, like the actual La Femme Nikita main character was.


so does michael know that alex is the mole? the way he stopped her before she could go to the secret exit looked like he knew where she was heading and wanted to stop her from exposing the secret exit...


Stand to be corrected guys, a bit excited for the next installment!!!


Okay since episode 17 wasn't yet announced, an article was located stating Echoes as the mid season finale. It was confirmed however that there would be an episode to air next week in contrast to what was said. I am just used to short episode previews and then a looong break, especially with dramatic revelations like the one where Nikita walked in to have Michael in her apartment, seemed like a cliffhanger episode.


Best. Episode. Ever!!! Mikita had a big part throughout the show! (even though it wasnt real) THEY KISSED!!! Ahh, my chin literally fell on the floor! While I was watching, my heart started racing and I got more and more eager of what was going to happen next. It was a complicated episode though. I didn't quite get the whole where-does-nikitas-money-come-from?- scenes. I was probably concentrating on alex and her hallucinations! Overall, this episode made my day! Elizabeth, what do you mean it's a mid-season finale? It has just been 3-4 episodes since the hiatus has ended!

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Michael: I need you to run a search. The name's Whitfield.
Birkhoff: Where do I know that name from?
Michael: I don't know, why don't you do the search?
Birkhoff: Always so pleasant when you're asking a favor.
Michael: A favor is when you have the option of saying no.

Amanda: Alex is hiding something about her past; she has been since the moment we recruited her.
Michael: Well this is your chance to find out; take a crowbar to her subconscious.
Amanda: Division agents don't get to keep secrets; not from me.