One Tree Hill Review: "Holding Out for a Hero"

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I am in no way condoning two gimmick episodes within a span of three weeks, but One Tree Hill kind of pulled off a cape and mask-based theme here with "Holding Out For a Hero."

It helped that the comic book stylings, spandex costumes and super hero names were relegated to only one storyline.  While I was worried early on that this whole super hero business came out of nowhere, and it wasn't going to be able to ever come together in the end, things changed when Haley got the phone call from the girl at the crisis center.  That “nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh Haley” really made it work.

OTH Heroes

Once Haley got on board as Baby Mama, the whole thing felt more sincere and I joined the crazy train with her and her partners in crime-fighting.  At the end of the day, Mrs. Scott was just trying to help out a kid that was getting made fun of, and if doing it in a caped green outfit was going to make Quinn and Brooke happy, then darn it that's what she wasn't what she was gonna do!

It seemed like everyone in Tree Hill was pretty restless following the big wedding.  Brooke and Quinn were in dire need of some excitement because the former was out of employment and the latter just recovered from getting shot, surviving a coma, stalking her shooter, and then having an all out horror movie type brawl with said shooter.  Wait... what?  Let's back up a second. 

Why the heck was Quinn in such need of excitement?  With Brooke it made sense, but Quinn should have just taken some time to relax!

Whatever the case may be, the girls had themselves some fun saving the adopted tranny (their words, not mine) from the Tree Hill High bullies, and the whole thing was worth it to see Nathan and Clay's reaction when they saw the ladies in the street-wearing spandex, capes and eye masks.

Speaking of being restless: Chase was pretty tired of getting people drunk all day at Tric, so he decided he needed to do something more with his life.  This larger storyline for the character tied in with the first episode in which Stephen Colletti was recognized as a regular cast member.* While I was pleased with the way the plot of Chuck as his little brother came together nicely in the end, as the little rascal finally warmed up to him, I am a bit worried about how they plan on working Chase into more stories in the future.  If it doesn't have to do with Mia or Alex, it might seem out of place at times.

(* Good for Stephen, by the way.  I have said before that I think he does a fantastic job on this show, and nothing has changed as of late.  I remember watching him back in the day on Laguna Beach and thinking he was an absolute stud.  I'm glad to see at least one good story to come out of reality television programming.)

Doing Some Good

Now Nathan, who continues to be the absolute rock of this town, wasn't as much restless as he was fed up.  He was sick of the bullying by Professor Kellerman, and even though he found some other students that couldn't stand the guy (led by Quinton Aaron of The Blind Side), it didn't help him in the classroom. 

Luckily, Clay stepped in to play the hero, as he gave Kellerman a lesson in real world business.  The speech by Clay about oral contracts, personal relationships, and hugs was great.  Don't get me wrong, it was moving, but you can't make every deal in business with a smile and a hug.  I know the point of the speech was to prove that the professor isn't always right - which he definitely got across - but it didn't all come together the way I feel it was supposed to.

Let's take a quick moment to recognize the great meta moment performed by Peter Riegert.  In Nathan's dream, Professor Kellerman proclaims "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son."  This is, of course, a famous line from the 1978 frat movie Animal House, in which Riegert played student Donald Schoenstein.  And then when Clay called Nathan out for quoting lines from Animal House?  Great stuff.

I guess I kind of buried the lead a bit here, but the Alex vs. Mia plot was my favorite of the episode.  These two actresses are fantastic, and the problems between their characters just feel so real.  As a proud member of Team Alex, I'm glad that she was pretty much portrayed as the good guy in this ya-ya cat fight.  At the end of it all, it was nice to see Mia give in and compliment the actress on also being a good singer.  While I don't see these two becoming the best of friends any time soon, it was a nice little moment between the worst of enemies.

So how did you enjoy the episode?  Was it a let down from last week's wedding spectacular?  And what do you see happening next in Tree Hill.  See you then... same OTH time... same OTH channel.


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I love you baby


does anyone know what them 3 super heros are named ?x

@ jamie-anne

Haley is baby mama Brooke is B-Dazzled and Quinn is Shutter Bug


I really liked the episode. At first when I saw the commercials for it I was thinking it wasn't going to be good, and wondering what in the world it had to do with OTH. Once I was able to finally sit down after working at DISH Network that night I really enjoyed it. I think that episode made me laugh more than anything I have watched lately. Having HD free for life with DISH I was able to enjoy it in HD so it was an awesome picture quality. I saw online some scenes for next week’s episode and that one looks like it will be just as funny. I can't wait.


I liked this episode to be honest. Quite like you, believe me, from the promos, I was VERY suspicious about the whole superhero nonsense stuff. What's more, I couldn't see for the heck of it how Haley would agree to something so stupid. But it was really next to perfect. I LOVED how they played it all, and didn't let Haley concede until the very end. Schwann has always kept his story lines as realistic as possible (minus the ghost part in season 8 premiere), so I was really glad he tuned it all in. I still feel Bethany is by far the most beautiful actor on the sets, the way she delivers her lines sometimes just gets to you. I love Sophia Bush too, don't get me wrong, but with Bethany, there's absolutely no over-acting, trying or seeming to act. I loved her in this episode! :) Clay and Quinn have reached a point where we couldn't care less about them. I had started out loving their storyline, to going to hate it and now just being indifferent. Millie/Skills/Mouth were cute, though Skills had pretty much nothing to do! Alex/Mia - didn't we all know they were going to peace out soon anyway? It was awesome watching them though! Nathan is getting boring, he should have been the one doing that speech, but then, the professor would probably have thrown him out so I understand. Plus, Clay wouldn't have gotten anything to do otherwise. The Chuck/Chase scene was probably the best part of the show next to the superhero thing. I absolutely LOVED it. Not only is Stephen a marvelous actor, so is that kid playing Chuck. Am glad they're finally coming up with interesting stuff for Chase, rather than just being an add-on on Mia or Alex's arm. I've repeated time and again that the guy is a brilliant actor, and since Peyton/Lucas gone, I would have preferred him as a lead than adding on more characters. I just plain love him. Some people do that to you! :) No mention of Peyton-Lucas by the way, nice surprise - and I don't mean that in a right or wrong way, just generally! :P Are they even coming back ever before the finale, or on the finale? Overall, decent episode! We've seen better, but we've seen worst. Hope they don't run out of story lines now except for the Brooke Baby thing! :P I loved the super women names by the way - awesome!


i think it was great how mouth and millie made up and got back on track and i think that the girls (super heros) made the episode very entertaining


I really liked this episode, at the end of the day it was fun filled episode that made me laugh and smile all the way through. I too thought that the cape thing could have gone wrong, but they deffinatly pulled it off. I liked the end when Brooke turned around and was wearing her glasses and chose not to reveal her alter ego :)

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