Parenthood Review: "Amazing Andy and His Wonderful World of Bugs"

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Before we begin our review of Parenthood, I would just like to state that nothing tops last week's scene showcasing Adam Braverman as the cutest stoner in all the land. 

I love Adam for the patriarch that he is, but to see my future husband involuntarily let loose was a treat.  ILYAB.

I missed Camille this episode. Where was my voice of reason when Zeek pushed Seth against the car? And wasn't Zeek the one who called Seth a few episodes ago to tell him that he needs to call his son? I'm not pointing fingers, just saying...

Michael Emerson on Parenthood

Meanwhile, Michael Emerson guest-starred as an adult with Asberger's syndrome hired to perform a bug show for Max's birthday. 

I can't believe Adam and Kristina didn't realize that Andy had Asberger's right away. For people who are around it all day, every day, they're not as sharp as I thought they were. I called it as soon as Andy got out of his bug car. It was a good lesson for the Braverman family.

Zeek was psyched to learn that a person with Asberger's can fully function within society and even run their own business. "That's a nice rig," he said to Andy. "I bet you get the ladybugs with that one." 

After that, Zeek was fully committed to making sure Andy had enough space to set up his famous bug show. (P.S. Did anyone catch Kristina rocking the plush bug Andy gave her in their backyard?  At one point she was patting its back.)

And how about Adam's intro to "Amazing Andy And His Wonderful World Of Bugs?" When he sang his lines to the tune of "Three Blind Mice," it was like last week's episode all over again.  There are hearts popping up over my head.

It's great that Kristina was cool with Julia and Joel fornicating on her bathroom sink, all in the name of a baby. You best disinfect that area tonight, though, girl.

Red flags surround Gaby every time she's on an episode of Parenthood. Nothing good will ever come out of her and Crosby a) Flirting b) Having sex.  Crosby is engaged. True, he's going through a rough patch with Jasmine at the moment, but he's behaving way worse than Ross Gellar ever did. He totally wanted to kiss Gaby over margaritas, and when he saw Gaby talk Andy into starting the show fifteen minutes earlier, he decided he needed to bed her. 

Tsk tsk. 


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I really didn't care for the ''Amazing Andy '' character at all.I guess as a person with Asperger's Syndrome herself, the character was either exaggerated or worse yet,he didn't seem to have even the slightest awareness of himself.I know not everyone is conscience of everything they do,but most people do have some awarness of themselves.I wished the episode would of dilved in to how he felt about having Aspergers, though it wouldn't surprise me if Andy wasn't aware of the diagnosis or if he was told about it,he never thought about it. I just don't understand how he was able to take a suspossed shower in the Max's home and not feel uncomfortable about it.Personally I wouldn't care if he had Aspergers or not,I wouldd not have hired a man with little or no basic social awareness to entertain at a children's party. The character just sceeved me and wasn't a very good portrayl with someone with Asperger's.He just came of as unaware of anything,including himself.He might as well been comatose through out the whole episode.


I'm perfectly content with Max on the show. They find a way to focus on his disorder and still focus on everyone else. I don't feel they have a problem with balancing out their characters like most shows. I actually think it's interesting to see a family struggling with a child like him and anyone who knows or has to deal with children suffering from any form of Autism, truly appreciate such a storyline. Because reality is, you can't just "send the kid to boarding school" like some of the individuals suggested. As a woman saying this, no I don't fault Crosby. Yes, he's wrong for getting involved with this woman while his current situation isn't resolved but I can't really blame the guy. I've been increasingly annoyed with the entire Jasmine/Crosby relationship. She constantly treats him like he's a colossal screwup and like he's irresponsible and reckless even when he's proven himself not to be many times. She stifles him and nags him, and emsasculates him and it's disheartening to see. Nothing he does is ever good enough and that type of unbalanced relationship isn't even healthy. I personally wanted to root for an interracial couple where race never seemed to be an issue, but I can't even support the two of them as a couple because she treats him so horribly and it's painful to see. They want it to work out but it just isn't going to.


I totally agree with you!! Loved Kristina patting the plush bug, Adam singing that song while introducing Andy, Andy the bug man was indeed amazing and Joel & Julia doing it in the bath room and Kristina totally being fine with it was too hilarious and soooo cool!
And yes, I didn't like Gaby & Crosby. They shouldn't have crossed the line!!! Not fair to either Jasmine or Jabbar. I guess they now will break up for good (so that the writers can have us yawn over them and hoping they'll get back together after a LOT of drama drama drama)... Last but not least: I hope they will hire John Corbett as a special guest star, because I really like his Seth character. I secretly hope he'll stay and get a steady romance with his ex-wife but I know that's too good to be true in tv land. Too bad.


Please, send Max to boarding school. He is way too annoying and taking away from the show. I change the channel, alot because of that kid. (sorry)


It figures that I would strike a couple nerves with some of the females that watch this show. First, I don't think Lyla is in college. Second, she is the most attractive woman in the world. Third, she and Crosby connect on a different level than Crosby and Jasmine. Fourth, Jasmine and Crosby shouldn't be getting married anyway. The only reason they're together is for Jabaar, which (while respectable) is not the reason to get married. It's 2011... Finally, Jasmine is an over-controlling jackwagon who doesn't let Crosby live. She treats him like her kid...If she thinks of him as a "kid" they shouldn't be together. Lyla sees him for Crosby...


Not blame Crosby? No matter how difficult your relationship with your significant other is there is no one to blame but Crosby. When the going gets tough in a committed relationship you don't sleep with the first pretty face you see. Crosby cheated emotionally with Gaby long before he had sex with her. He crossed a boundary when he began sharing his personal issues with somone of the opposite sex, Gaby. Crosby has to take all the blame for his actions.


Love this show....EXCEPT...I hope I don't offend.......but the whole Max part of the show is frustrating to watch. Yes I know that's the new "popular" how ever you want to put it condition/disease. But my god while watching the show it's like the entire show revolves around this character. I'm over it/bored of it. Comes across like a spoiled brat and tiring to watch. Believe me if they put a another show in the same time slot...I'd be gone.


Yes, I love the show, it is my favorite. But, I agree and am disturbed that Camille is not in more shows. Isn't this called Parenthood? It seems like only the kids are in the segments and Zeek is there mostly alone. I want more shows with Camille and not just one liners, a big segment.


Uh, yes you can blame Crosby. He went out like a wimp when he felt the only way to salvage his manhood was to sleep with a college student who is just as vulnerable as him. Yes, she can tell you everything you want to hear but that does not mean she is worth losing everything. It is a prime example of why he is not considered the one to make decisions in his household, he never proves to make good decisions obviously. Now, he might ruin the relationship Gaby has with his brother's family. Tsk. Tsk. He don't think things through. Yes, he should stand up for himself and demand for him and Jasmine to be a team. No, he should not go sleep with another woman so soon because she did not want to talk to you for a few days. He should've never said "I can't marry a woman who". Women will take that and run with it anyday, no matter whose fault it is.


I loved how Zeke saw promise right away when he saw Andy. I guess Adam and Kristina never think that Max will turn out that way. He is their cute, fun loving, adorable boy (who throws tantrums!) and not some rude man. So for Adam to see what Zeke saw right away, that was a nice pay off. But yes, they should have clued in during that whole contract process that Adam had Asbergers. Michael Emerson was fantastic and should get a guest Emmy nod for this one! I love this show more and more each week, season 2 has been fantastic.

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