Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "The Bad Seed"

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Welcome to the latest installment of the Pretty Little Liars Round Table. Our panel of experts fans is here to analyze "The Bad Seed," as this ABC Family hit took us behind the scenes of the Rosewood school play last night.

Below, Editor-in-Chief Matt Richenthal joins staff members Steve Marsi and Eric Hochberger to pick apart various scenes and developments. As always, feedback is encouraged...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: It's obvious, but it's obvious for a good reason: the shower scene with Caleb. Hanna's reaction to his naked bod was priceless!

Steve: The concluding scene. I sometimes feel like this show is far too glacial in its pace, but I was excited about the involvement of the police and where this may lead.

Eric: Gotta go with the flashback. I'm a sucker for any episode that does a solid job tying the past into the present.

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Are you on Team Ezra or Team Aria?
Matt: Ezra, no contest. How selfish and immature can Aria be?!? He was contemplating a new job that would help his dream of becoming a writer and all Aria could think about was not seeing him often in homeroom?!?

Steve: Ezra, all the way. He was thinking about the couple's future by pondering a job at the college. That way, he could focus on his book, get it published and maybe end up on a signing tour... that takes him to California!

Eric: I was on Team Ezra... but weren't you two moved by Aria's speech in his apartment? I found it very sweet.

Caleb and Hanna's kiss: Hot or not?
Matt: It would have been a lot hotter if it took place in the shower... I mean that literally. The water was likely far above room temperate.

Steve: Not! Not until Caleb cuts his hair, at least. I don't buy a relationship between a guy and a girl who could both wear pigtails.

Eric: Can I go with "luke warm?" Between Hanna's virginity and Aria/Ezra obeying the law/refraining from sex, I'm just anxious for a couple on this show to actually go all the way.

Less trustworthy: Jenna or Ian?
Matt: Ian. I don't think he pushed that girl, and I don't even think he killed Alison. But no way do I trust his motives for re-appearing and marrying Melissa so quickly.

Steve: It says a lot about how far Toby has come that he isn't even an option, doesn't it? I'll say Ian. The guy just seems like to think he's too cool for school. I hate people like that.

Eric: Jenna. She's blind! You can't trust her to drive, dress properly, cook...


I have to say that this comment " Eric: Jenna. She's blind! You can't trust her to drive, dress properly, cook..." is rude as hell. I have brother in law who is blind and dresses himself just fine and cooks for his family. Saying things like that is no different than joking about a fat girl wearing a tube top, not cool.


I just admired the scenes mainly between Caleb and Hannah. You can just sense their connection when Hannah was running through her lines at home and Caleb offered to help, he is definitely different in a compassionate way around her. Aria and Ezra, what makes me actually cope with this couple, regardless of their age difference, is the fact that their love for each other isn't the romanticized teenage kind. Technically, Ezra is the college boyfriend Aria would have had Ezra continued with his studies, yet he chose to teach. They have battled with this issue of the student-teacher title, and the writers portray Aria mature enough to mirror Ezra somewhat. I don't know if you guys grasped that, so we probably would not be bothered by that fact whenever they kiss. I still admire how Aria presents herself, and her arguments are always solid, except where as you guys mentioned, Ezra does want to have better opportunities, Aria should want that for him. That probably shows her teenage side and leans in favor for Ezra's point. Caleb handled that kiss with a level of maturity I admire in him. Hannah asked if she wasn't ready and Caleb's response was that it would be okay. In the beginning when Caleb was introduced, he came off shady, I thought he was going to be trouble for the girls, but he formed an attraction towards Hannah, and it made me like him more. We now understand what drives Caleb and that he could be compassionate. Hannah, in real was the only person that truly showed him compassion and he loves her for it.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
When the cops came to take away the girls and then Ian looking at them with his evil eyes. Are you on Team Ezra or Team Aria?
How about Team Ezar & Aria lol Caleb and Hanna's kiss: Hot or not?
Not:That hair of his just throws me off Less trustworthy: Jenna or Ian?
At this point I have to say Ian but maybe later on the show it could be Jenna!


I agree that you need to get some women on this panel to round out the opinions. And while I agree that the shower scene was the best, Ezra was in fact right, and Ian is way less trustworthy (though I've yet to see anyone mention that fact that the bag he hands to Jenna is the same one sitting on top of a pile of boxes in Spencer's livingroom two scenes prior so they might be equally as un-trustworhty). However, the Caleb-Hanna kiss scene was adorable, and so perfect. She needs alittle less goody-two-shoes in her life, and if anyone could help her cash in her v-card, its Caleb (long hair, short hair, or bald, the boy is hot).


OMG! The shower scene!!!


1. My favorite scene was the shower scene.
2. Team Ezria
3. Hanna and Caleb kiss was hot.
4. Ian is less trustworthy.


Asking three men about the hot factor of Hanna and Caleb borders on sacrilegious. They are smoldering together. He has just the right hint of bad to make your friends and mom question him, but just the right amount of caring and compassion to have taken full advantage of the shower scene if she wasn't such a good girl. And, Steve - HELLO! Long hair on men = yumminess. Sheesh. So much to learn. No matter how hard I try, I keep coming back to Ezra being a perv. He's into a 16 year old girl. Not good mojo.

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